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Country Year Collector Identifier Catalog No. Depth (m) Locality Source
Hawaii (USA)1986     Kalaupapa, Moloka'iSLB
Hawaii (USA)2000     Na Pali coast, Kaua'iSLB
Hawaii (USA)2005     Kihei, MauiSLB
Hawaii (USA)2006     Kalaupapa, Moloka'iSLB
Hawaii (USA)2007     Lana'iSLB
Hawaii (USA)2007     Kihei, MauiSLB
Hawaii (USA)2008     Midway AtollSLB
Hong Kong1986     SLB
Hong Kong1992     SLB
Hong Kong2003     SLB
Malaysia1958     Buntal, Sarawak, Malaysia.SLB
Puerto Rico1976     on shore in Guanajibo, between Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez.SLB
Puerto Rico1977     Parque Col√≥n in Barrio Espinal, Aguada.SLB
Puerto Rico1979     sector El Seco in Mayaguez.SLB
Puerto Rico1989     off La Parguera, at Punta Pitahaya, Cabo Rojo.SLB
Puerto Rico1997     sector La Boca, in Barceloneta.SLB
Viet Nam1934     2 km south of Nhatrang, Vietnam.SLB
Virgin Islands (US )1987     Tague Bay Reef, St. Croix.SLB
Virgin Islands (US )1988     Salt River, Colombus Landing, St. Croix.SLB
Virgin Islands (US )1991     Gallows Bay Side of Christianed Harbor, St. Croix.SLB

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