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EU Awards €7.92 Million to EcoScope to Promote Ecocentric Fisheries Management

The EcoScope consortium was granted a sum close to €8 million for the development of an effective and efficient ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management. The four-year project aims to restore sustainable fisheries for balanced food security and healthy seas.

EcoScope addresses ecosystem degradation and anthropogenic impact that cause fisheries to be unsustainably exploited in European seas.

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Zeller, D., T. Cashion, M. Palomares and D. Pauly. 2017. Global marine fisheries discards: A synthesis of reconstructed data. . Fish and Fisheries.

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Torres, M.A., Y. Vila, L. Silva, J.J. Acosta, F. Ramos, M.L.D. Palomares, I. Sobrino.. 2017. Length-weight relationships for 22 crustaceans and cephalopods from the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Spain). Aquatic Living Resources 30(12):1-6

Vallejo, B. Jr., J. Conejar-Espedido, L. Manubag, K.C.C. Artiaga, A.M. Damatican II, I.C.V.J. Imper. 2017. First record of the Charru mussel Mytella charruana d’Orbignyi, 1846 (Bivalvia: Mytulidae) from Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippines. BioInvasions Records 6(1):49-55

Mustika, P.L.K., K. Welters, G.E. Ryan, C. D’Lima, P. Sorongon-Yap, S. Jutapruet and C. Peter. 2016. A rapid assessment of wildlife tourism risk posed to cetaceans in Asia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

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