Species in the Strait of Georgia
Note: The list below is incomplete. You can assess the extent of its coverage by examining the references we used to assign species to this ecosystem. Note, however, that there are too many species of invertebrates for SeaLifeBase to provide you with complete species lists. You may be able to help us more on this list by sending us Internet sources or published references that we have not yet used for this ecosystem. We will encode this material, and credit you for providing it
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Abarenicola pacifica Pacific neopolitan lugworm Arenicolidae benthic native
Abietinaria greenei Fibre-optic hydroid Sertulariidae pelagic native
Acanthodoris hudsoni Hudson's horned dorid Onchidorididae benthic 2.000 TL native
Acanthodoris lutea Orange-peel doris Onchidorididae benthic 3.000 TL native
Acanthodoris nanaimoensis Wine-plumed doris Onchidorididae benthic 2.500 TL native
Acanthodoris pilosa Hairy spiny doris Onchidorididae benthic 2.000 TL native
Acantholithodes hispidus Fuzzy crab Lithodidae benthic 5.000 CW native
Acanthoptilum gracile White sea pen Virgulariidae sessile native
Acarnus erithacus Red volcano sponge Acarnidae sessile 4.000 H native
Achelia gracilipes Ammotheidae benthic native
Acidostoma hancocki Lysianassidae benthic native
Acila castrensis Divaricate nutclam Nuculidae benthic 1.500 TL native
Acmaea mitra Dunce cap limpet Acmaeidae benthopelagic 3.500 TL 2.0 native
Acrosiphonia coalita Green rope Acrosiphoniaceae sessile native
Adalaria jannae Janna's dorid Onchidorididae benthic 1.500 TL native
Adalaria proxima Yellow false doris Onchidorididae benthic 2.000 TL native
Admete gracilior Slender Admete Cancellariidae benthic native
Adontorhina cyclia Circle axinopsid Thyasiridae benthic native
Adontorhina sphaericosa Inflated axinopsid Thyasiridae benthic native
Aega symmetrica Aegidae host native
Aegina citrea Four tentacled jelly Aeginidae pelagic 5.000 WD native
Aegires albopunctatus Salt-and-pepper doris Aegiridae benthic 2.300 TL 3.0 native
Aeolidia papillosa Shag-rug aeolis Aeolidiidae benthic 10.000 TL 3.6 native
Aequorea victoria Water jellyfish Aequoreidae pelagic 7.000 WD 3.8 native
Agardhiella subulata Agardh's red weed Areschougiaceae sessile native
Agarum clathratum Sea colander Delesseriaceae benthic native
Agarum fimbriatum Fringed sea colander kelp Delesseriaceae benthic native
Aglaja ocelligera Spotted Aglaja Aglajidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Aglantha digitale Pink helmet Rhopalonematidae pelagic 4.000 WD native
Ahnfeltia fastigiata Wiry forked seaweed Ahnfeltiaceae benthic native
Ahnfeltia plicata Landlady's wig Ahnfeltiaceae sessile native
Alaria marginata Broad winged-kelp Alariaceae sessile native
Alcyonidium pedunculatum Smooth leather bryozoan Alcyonidiidae sessile native
Aldisa cooperi Cooper's Aldisa Cadlinidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Aldisa sanguinea Blood-spot doris Cadlinidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Aldisa tara King's Aldisa Cadlinidae benthic 2.700 TL native
Alia carinata Carinate dovesnail Columbellidae benthic 1.000 NG native
Allia nolani Paraonidae benthic native
Allorchestes angusta Hyalellidae benthic native
Alvania compacta Rissoidae benthic native
Alvania rosana Santa Rosa alvania Rissoidae demersal native
Alvania sanjuanensis Rissoidae demersal native
Amaeana occidentalis Terebellidae benthic native
Amage anops Ampharetidae benthic native
Amathia gracilis Creeping bryozoan Vesiculariidae sessile native
Americhelidium rectipalmum Oedicerotidae benthic native
Americhelidium shoemakeri Oedicerotidae benthic native
Americhelidium variabilum Oedicerotidae benthic native
Americorophium salmonis Corophiidae benthic native
Ampelisca brevisimulata Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca careyi Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca cristata Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca fageri Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca hancocki Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca lobata Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca pugetica Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampelisca unsocalae Ampeliscidae benthic native
Ampharete finmarchica Ampharetidae benthic native
Ampharete labrops Ampharetidae benthic native
Amphicteis glabra Ampharetidae benthic native
Amphicteis mucronata Ampharetidae benthic native
Amphicteis scaphobranchiata Ampharetidae sessile native
Amphiglena pacifica Sabellidae benthic native
Amphiodia occidentalis Long-armed brittle star Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiodia periercta Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiodia urtica Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphioplus macraspis Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphioplus strongyloplax Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphipholis pugetana Black and white brittle star Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphipholis squamata Dwarf brittle star Amphiuridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Amphiporus angulatus Chevron amphiporus Amphiporidae benthic native
Amphiporus bimaculatus Chevron ribbon worm Amphiporidae benthic 15.000 TL native
Amphiporus californicus Amphiporidae benthic native
Amphiporus formidabilis White ribbon worm Amphiporidae benthic native
Amphiporus imparispinosus Pink-fronted ribbon worm Amphiporidae benthic native
Amphissa bicolor Two-tone Amphissa Columbellidae demersal native
Amphissa columbiana Wrinkled Amphissa Columbellidae benthic 2.500 NG native
Amphissa reticulata Reticulate Amphissa Columbellidae native
Amphissa versicolor Variegate Amphissa Columbellidae benthic 1.500 SHH native
Amphiura carchara Amphiuridae benthic native
Ampithoe lacertosa Sea lettuce sea flea Ampithoidae benthic native
Amplisiphonia pacifica Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Analipus japonicus Fir needle Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Ancula gibbosa Atlantic ancula Goniodorididae benthic 2.500 TL native
Anidolyta spongotheras Capshell Tylodinidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Anisodoris lentiginosa Mottled pale sea-lemon Discodorididae benthic 18.000 TL native
Anisodoris nobilis Pacific sea-lemon Discodorididae benthic 20.000 TL native
Anisogammarus pugettensis Anisogammaridae benthic native
Anonyx laticoxae Uristidae benthic native
Anoplodactylus erectus Phoxichilidiidae benthic native
Anoplodactylus viridintestinalis Phoxichilidiidae benthic native
Antalis pretiosa Wampum tuskshell Dentaliidae benthic native
Antho graceae Red-brown encrusting sponge Microcionidae sessile native
Antho karykina Bright red sponge Microcionidae sessile native
Anthopleura artemisia Moonglow anemone Actiniidae sessile 7.500 WD native
Anthopleura elegantissima Clonal anemone Actiniidae sessile 8.000 WD native
Anthopleura xanthogrammica Giant green anemone Actiniidae sessile 30.000 H native
Anthothela pacifica Dwarf white gorgonian Anthothelidae sessile native
Aoroides columbiae Aoridae benthic native
Aoroides exilis Aoridae benthic native
Aoroides inermis Aoridae benthic native
Aoroides intermedius Aoridae benthic native
Aoroides spinosus Aoridae benthic native
Aphelochaeta marioni Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Aphelochaeta monilaris Cirratulidae benthic native
Aphelochaeta multifilis Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Aphelochaeta secunda Cirratulidae benthic native
Aphrocallistes vastus Cloud sponge Aphrocallistidae sessile 90.000 H native
Aphrodita japonica Aphroditidae benthic native
Aphrodita negligens Dishevelled sea-mouse Aphroditidae benthic native
Aphrodita parva Aphroditidae benthic native
Apistobranchus ornatus Apistobranchidae benthic native
Aplidiopsis pannosum Pale mushroom compound tunicate Polyclinidae sessile 4.000 COLD native
Aplidium californicum California sea pork Polyclinidae sessile 2.000 COLD native
Aplidium solidum Red Sea pork Polyclinidae sessile 0.300 TL native
Apomatus geniculata Pearl-topped calcareous worm Serpulidae sessile native
Apomatus timsii Pearl-topped calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Apostichopus californicus California sea cucumber Stichopodidae benthic 7.500 TL native
Apostichopus leukothele Giant orange sea cucumber Stichopodidae benthic native
Arcteobia spinelytris Polynoidae benthic native
Arctonoe fragilis Fragile ruffled scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Arctonoe pulchra Polynoidae benthic native
Arctonoe vittata Red-banded commensal scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Arctonula arctica Romancheinidae sessile native
Arcuatula senhousia Green mussel Mytilidae benthic 4.000 TL native
Ardea herodias Great blue heron Ardeidae others 130.000 TL 4.4 native
Argulus borealis Flounder fish louse Argillite benthic native
Argulus pugettensis Surfperch fish louse Argillite benthic native
Arhynchite californicus Echiuridae benthic native
Arhynchite pugettensis Echiuridae benthic native
Aricidea lopezi Paraonidae benthic native
Aricidea minuta Paraonidae benthic 2.0 native
Aricidea neosuecica Paraonidae demersal native
Aricidea pacifica Paraonidae demersal native
Aricidea pseudoarticulata Paraonidae benthic native
Aricidea quadrilobata Paraonidae demersal native
Aricidea simplex Paraonidae demersal native
Aristias pacificus Aristiidae benthic native
Armandia brevis Opheliidae benthic native
Armina californica California armina Arminidae benthic 7.000 TL 3.6 native
Artacama coniferi Terebellidae benthic native
Artacamella hancocki Terebellidae sessile native
Aruga holmesi Lysianassidae benthic native
Asabellides lineata Ampharetidae benthic native
Asabellides oculata Ampharetidae benthic native
Asbestopluma occidentalis Pipecleaner sponge Cladorhizidae sessile native
Ascidia callosa Sea blister Ascidiidae sessile 2.900 TL native
Ascidia ceratodes California sea squirt Ascidiidae sessile native
Ascidia columbiana Sea blisters Ascidiidae sessile 5.000 TL native
Ascidia paratropa Glassy tunicate Ascidiidae sessile 15.000 H native
Asclerocheilus beringianus Scalibregmatidae benthic native
Astarte elliptica Elliptical Astarte Astartidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Astarte esquimalti Wavy-line Astarte Astartidae benthic 1.800 SHL native
Astyris gausapata Shaggy dovesnail Columbellidae benthic native
Atolla parva Atollidae pelagic 6.300 WD native
Atolla wyvillei Wyville's crownjelly Atollidae pelagic 15.000 WD native
Atylus collingi Dexaminidae benthic native
Atylus georgianus Dexaminidae benthic native
Aulactinia incubans Incubating anemone Actiniidae sessile native
Aurelia labiata Pacific moon jelly Ulmaridae benthopelagic 40.000 WD 3.8 native
Autolytus magnus Noble necklace-worm Syllidae benthic native
Autolytus verrilli Syllidae benthic native
Axinopsida serricata Lenticular axinopsid Thyasiridae benthic 0.800 SHL native
Axiothella rubrocincta Maldanidae demersal native
Baeonectes improvisus Eurycopidae native
Balanophyllia elegans Orange stony coral Dendrophylliidae reef-associated 2.500 WD native
Balanus crenatus Crenate barnacle Balanidae sessile 2.000 WD 2.0 native
Balanus glandula Common acorn barnacle Balanidae sessile native
Balanus nubilus Balanidae sessile native
Balanus rostratus Rostrate barnacle Balanidae sessile native
Bankia setacea Feathery shipworm Teredinidae benthic 0.700 SHL native
Barantolla americana Capitellidae benthic native
Barentsia benedeni Pedicellinidae sessile 0.050 TL native
Bathymedon caino Oedicerotidae benthic native
Bathymedon flebilis Oedicerotidae benthic native
Bathymedon nepos Oedicerotidae benthic native
Bathypera feminalba Tiny white tunicate Pyuridae sessile 2.000 TL native
Benthoctopus leioderma Smoothskin octopus Octopodidae benthic native
Berthella californica California sidegill slug Pleurobranchidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Berthella strongi Strong's sidegill Pleurobranchidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Betapista dekkerae Terebellidae benthic native
Bientalophora cylindrica Entalophoridae sessile native
Bittium attenuatum Slender bittium Cerithiidae benthic 1.500 SHH native
Bittium eschrichtii Threaded bittium Cerithiidae benthic 2.000 NG native
Bittium munitum Cerithiidae demersal native
Bittium sanjuanense Cerithiidae demersal native
Boccardia polybranchia Spionidae benthic native
Boccardia pugettensis Spionidae benthic native
Boccardiella hamata Spionidae benthic native
Bolinopsis infundibulum Northern comb jelly Bolinopsidae pelagic 15.000 H 3.4 native
Boltenia echinata Spiny-tipped tunicate Pyuridae sessile 2.000 WD native
Boltenia villosa Spiny-headed sea squirt Pyuridae sessile 2.500 WD native
Bopyroides hippolytes Shrimp parasitic isopod Bopyridae host native
Boreotrophon multicostatus Ribbed trophon Muricidae benthic native
Boreotrophon orpheus Threaded trophon Muricidae benthic 2.500 NG native
Botrylloides violaceus Purple colonial tunicate Styelidae sessile native
Botryllus schlosseri Golden star tunicate Styelidae sessile 5.000 TL native
Botryocladia pseudodichotoma Sea grapes Rhodymeniaceae benthic native
Brachyramphus marmoratus Marbled murrelet Alcidae others 25.000 TL 4.2 native
Brada sachalina Flabelligeridae benthic native
Branchioglossum woodii Delesseriaceae benthic native
Brania brevipharyngea Syllidae benthic native
Brisaster latifrons Northern heart urchin Schizasteridae benthic native
Bryopsis corticulans Bryopsidaceae benthic native
Buccinum plectrum Sinuous whelk Buccinidae benthic 6.000 NG native
Bucephala albeola Bufflehead Anatidae others 39.000 TL 3.4 native
Bucephala clangula Common goldeneye Anatidae others 49.000 TL 3.8 native
Bugula californica Moss animal Bugulidae sessile 10.000 COLD native
Bugula pacifica Bugulidae sessile native
Byblis millsi Ampeliscidae benthic native
Byblis mulleni Ampeliscidae benthic native
Byblis pearcyi Ampeliscidae benthic native
Byblis veleronis Ampeliscidae benthic native
Bythotiara huntsmani Tunicate siphon hydroid Bythotiaridae pelagic native
Cadlina flavomaculata Yellow-spot Cadlina Chromodorididae benthic 1.500 TL native
Cadlina luteomarginata Yellow-edge Cadlina Chromodorididae benthic 4.500 TL 3.0 native
Cadlina modesta Modest Cadlina Chromodorididae benthic 3.300 TL native
Caecognathia sanctaecrucis Gnathiidae benthic native
Caecum crebricinctum Many-named Caecum Caecidae reef-associated native
Calcigorgia spiculifera Pink gorgonian Acanthogorgiidae sessile 25.000 H native
Calidris alba Sanderling Scolopacidae others 22.000 TL 3.5 native
Calidris alpina Dunlin Scolopacidae others 23.000 TL 3.3 native
Calidris mauri Western sandpiper Scolopacidae others 18.000 TL 4.6 native
Calidris minutilla Least sandpiper Scolopacidae others 17.000 TL 3.2 native
Calliarthron tuberculosum Corallinaceae benthic native
Calliopius columbianus Calliopiidae benthic native
Calliopius pacificus Calliopiidae benthic native
Calliostoma annulatum Purple-ringed topsnail Calliostomatidae benthic 3.000 SHD 3.2 native
Calliostoma canaliculatum Channeled topsnail Calliostomatidae benthic 3.500 SHH native
Calliostoma ligatum Blue topsnail Calliostomatidae benthic 2.500 SHD 3.5 native
Calliostoma variegatum Variegate topsnail Calliostomatidae benthic 2.500 SHH native
Callithamnion pikeanum Beauty bush Ceramiaceae benthic native
Callophyllis haenophylla Kallymeniaceae benthic native
Callophyllis linearis Kallymeniaceae benthic native
Calocarides spinulicauda Spiny-tailed lobster shrimp Axiidae benthic native
Calyptraea fastigiata Pacific Chinese-hat Calyptraeidae sessile 2.500 NG native
Campylaspis biplicata Nannastacidae demersal native
Campylaspis canaliculata Nannastacidae demersal native
Campylaspis crispa Nannastacidae demersal native
Campylaspis hartae Nannastacidae demersal native
Campylaspis rubromaculata Nannastacidae demersal native
Cancer gracilis Graceful rock crab Cancridae benthic 10.000 CW 4.5 native
Cancer productus Red rock crab Cancridae benthic 20.000 CW 3.3 native
Capitella capitata Capitellidae benthic 8.000 TL 2.0 native
Caprella alaskana Alaskan skeleton shrimp Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella ferrea Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella gracilior Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella irregularis Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella laeviuscula Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella mendax Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella pustulata Caprellidae benthic native
Caprella striata Caprellidae benthic native
Cardiomya californica Cuspidariidae benthic native
Cardiomya pectinata Pectinate Cardiomya Cuspidariidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Cardiomya planetica Fine-rib Cardiomya Cuspidariidae benthic native
Caryophyllia alaskensis Tan cup coral Caryophylliidae reef-associated native
Catablema nodulosa Pandeidae pelagic 2.000 WD native
Catriona columbiana Red-tentacle cuthona Tergipedidae benthic 1.500 TL native
Caulibugula californica Parasol bryozoan Bugulidae sessile native
Caulleriella bioculata Cirratulidae benthic native
Caulleriella hamata Cirratulidae benthic native
Cauloramphus echinus Hincksinidae sessile native
Cauloramphus spiniferum Hincksinidae sessile native
Cellaria diffusa Spindly rabbit-ear bryozoan Cellariidae sessile native
Celleporella hyalina Cosmopolitan Celleporella Hippothoidae sessile native
Cephalophoxoides homilis Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Ceradocus spinicaudus Maeridae benthic native
Ceramaster arcticus Arctic cookie star Goniasteridae benthic 11.000 WD native
Ceramaster patagonicus Orange cookie star Goniasteridae benthic 20.000 WD native
Ceramium californicum Ceramiaceae benthic native
Ceramium codicola Staghorn felt Ceramiaceae benthic native
Ceramium pacificum Hairy pottery seaweed Ceramiaceae benthic native
Ceratonereis paucidentata Nereididae benthic native
Ceratostoma foliatum Leafy hornmouth Muricidae benthic 9.000 SHL 3.2 native
Cerebratulus albifrons Lineidae benthic native
Cerebratulus californiensis Light-edged ribbon worm Lineidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Cerebratulus herculeus Lineidae benthic native
Cerebratulus longiceps Lineidae benthic 30.000 TL native
Cerebratulus montgomeryi Rose ribbon worm Lineidae benthic native
Cerithiopsis stejnegeri Cerithiopsidae benthic native
Cerithium munitum Cerithiidae benthic native
Chaetoderma robustum Chaetodermidae benthic native
Chaetomorpha linum Floating chaetomorpha Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Chaetopterus variopedatus Fairy tubeworm Chaetopteridae benthic 2.0 native
Chaetozone spinosa Cirratulidae benthic native
Cheilonereis cyclurus Red-and-white-banded sea-nymph Nereididae benthic native
Cheirimedeia zotea Isaeidae benthic native
Chelyosoma columbianum Transparent disc-top tunicate Corellidae sessile native
Chelyosoma productum Disc-top tunicate Corellidae sessile native
Chione californiensis California venus Veneridae benthic native
Chionoecetes bairdi Tanner crab Oregoniidae benthic 15.000 CW 3.1 native
Chiridota albatrossii Chiridotidae benthic 25.000 TL native
Chirimia biceps Maldanidae demersal native
Chlamys behringiana Bering scallop Pectinidae benthic native
Chlamys hastata Spiny scallop Pectinidae benthic 8.300 SHH native
Chlamys rubida Reddish scallop Pectinidae benthic 7.000 SHD native
Chondracanthus exasperatus Turkish towel Gigartinaceae benthic native
Chondrochelia savignyi Leptocheliidae benthic native
Chone albocincta Sabellidae benthic native
Chone aurantiaca Orange feather-duster Sabellidae benthic native
Chone ecaudata Sabellidae benthic native
Chone magna Sabellidae benthic native
Chone minuta Minute feather-duster Sabellidae benthic native
Chone mollis Sabellidae benthic native
Choreocolax polysiphoniae Choreocolacaceae benthic native
Chorilia longipes Longhorn decorator crab Epialtidae benthic native
Chromopleustes lineatus Pleustidae benthic native
Chromopleustes oculatus Black-and-white sea flea Pleustidae benthic native
Chrysaora fuscescens Brown jellyfish Pelagiidae pelagic 30.000 WD native
Chrysopetalum occidentale Chrysopetalidae benthic native
Chthamalus dalli Small acorn barnacle Chthamalidae host native
Cidarina cidaris Adam spiny margarite Trochidae benthic 4.000 SHH native
Ciliatocardium ciliatum Hairy cockle Cardiidae benthic 7.000 SHL native
Ciona savignyi Yellow-spotted sea squirt Cionidae sessile 15.000 TL native
Circeis armoricana Serpulidae sessile native
Circeis spirillum Serpulidae sessile native
Cirolana harfordi Scavenging isopod Cirolanidae benthic native
Cirolana joanneae Cirolanidae benthic native
Cirratulus spectabilis Cirratulidae benthic native
Cirrophorus branchiatus Paraonidae benthic 2.0 native
Clangula hyemalis Long-tailed duck Anatidae others 51.000 TL 3.4 native
Clavelina huntsmani Lightbulb tunicate Clavelinidae sessile 50.000 COLD native
Clinocardium blandum Low-rib cockle Cardiidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Clinocardium nuttallii Nuttall cockle Cardiidae benthic 14.000 SHL 2.0 native
Cliona californiana California boring horny sponge Clionaidae sessile native
Cliona lobata Lobate boring horny sponge Clionaidae sessile native
Clymenella torquata Bamboo worm Maldanidae sessile native
Clymenura columbiana Maldanidae benthic native
Clymenura gracilis Maldanidae benthic native
Clytia gregaria Gregarious jellyfish Campanulariidae pelagic 2.000 WD native
Clytia johnstoni Campanulariidae benthic native
Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis Shiny Red Sea squirt Styelidae sessile 5.000 WD native
Coanicardita ventricosa Stout Cyclocardia Carditidae benthic native
Codium setchellii Spongy cushion Codiaceae benthic native
Colpomenia bullosa Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Colpomenia peregrina Oyster thief Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Colpomenia sinuosa Scytosiphonaceae epiphytic native
Compsomyax subdiaphana Milky venus Veneridae benthic 8.500 SHL native
Conchocele bisecta Giant cleftclam Thyasiridae benthic 11.000 SHL native
Constantinea simplex Cup and saucer seaweed Dumontiaceae benthic native
Constantinea subulifera Giant cup and saucer seaweed Dumontiaceae benthic native
Corella inflata Brooding transparent tunicate Corellidae sessile native
Corella willmeriana Solitary tunicate Corellidae sessile 7.500 H native
Corophium salmonis Corophiidae benthic native
Corynactis californica Strawberry corallimorpharian Corallimorphidae sessile 2.500 WD native
Cossura modica Cossuridae benthic native
Costaria costata Seersucker kelp Laminariaceae sessile native
Costazia ventricosa Rusty bryozoan Celleporidae sessile native
Crangon alaskensis Alaska shrimp Crangonidae benthic native
Crangon alba Stout Crangon Crangonidae benthic native
Crangon dalli Ridged Crangon Crangonidae benthic native
Crangon nigricauda Blacktail bay shrimp Crangonidae benthic native
Craniella arb Tetillidae sessile 20.000 WD native
Craniella spinosa Spiny tennis ball sponge Tetillidae sessile 7.800 H native
Craniella villosa Tennis ball sponge Tetillidae sessile native
Cranopsis cucullata Hood puncturella Fissurellidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Cranopsis multistriata Many-rib puncturella Fissurellidae demersal native
Crassadoma gigantea Giant rock-scallop Pectinidae benthic 25.000 SHH 2.0 native
Crassicardia crebricostata Many-rib Cyclocardia Carditidae benthic native
Crenella decussata Cross-sculpture Crenella Mytilidae benthic native
Crepidula nummaria Western white slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic 4.000 NG native
Crepidula perforans White slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic 3.800 NG native
Crepipatella dorsata Pacific half-slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Crepipatella lingulata Calyptraeidae benthic native
Cribrilina annulata Cribrilinidae sessile native
Cribrinopsis fernaldi Chevron-tentacle anemone Actiniidae sessile 25.000 H native
Crisia occidentalis Crisiidae sessile native
Crossaster papposus Rose seastar Solasteridae benthic 30.000 WD 3.4 native
Crucigera irregularis Irregular calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Crucigera zygophora Yolk-bearer calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Cryptobranchia concentrica Ringed blind limpet Lepetidae benthic native
Cryptochiton stelleri Giant Pacific chiton Acanthochitonidae benthic 32.500 TL native
Cryptolithodes sitchensis Umbrella crab Lithodidae benthic 7.500 CW native
Cryptolithodes typicus Butterfly crab Lithodidae benthic 7.500 CW native
Cryptomya californica California softshell Myidae benthic 2.800 SHL native
Cryptonatica aleutica Aleutian moonsnail Naticidae benthic native
Cryptonemia obovata Halymeniaceae benthic native
Cryptopleura lobulifera Hidden-ribbed red seaweed Delesseriaceae benthic native
Cryptopleura ruprechtiana Ruffled red seaweed Delesseriaceae benthic native
Cryptosiphonia woodii Dark branching-tube seaweed Dumontiaceae benthic native
Cucumaria miniata Orange sea cucumber Cucumariidae benthic 25.000 TL native
Cucumaria pallida Pale sea cucumber Cucumariidae benthic 26.000 TL native
Cucumaria piperata Salt and pepper sea cucumber Cucumariidae benthic 6.000 TL native
Cucumaria pseudocurata Tar spot sea cucumber Cucumariidae benthic native
Cucumaria vegae Tiny black sea cucumber Cucumariidae benthic native
Cumagloia andersonii Hairy seaweed Liagoraceae benthic native
Cumella californica Nannastacidae demersal native
Cumella morion Nannastacidae demersal native
Cuspidaria apodema Cuspidariidae benthic native
Cyclocardia ovata Ovate Cyclocardia Carditidae benthic native
Cyclopecten alaskensis Propeamussiidae benthic native
Cyclosalpa bakeri Salpidae pelagic native
Cyclostremella concordia Pyramidellidae benthic native
Cystodytes lobatus Lobed tunicate Polycitoridae sessile native
Cystoseira geminata Northern bladder chain Cystoseiraceae sessile native
Cystoseira osmundacea Bladder chain Cystoseiraceae sessile native
Decamastus gracilis Capitellidae benthic native
Deepstaria enigmatica Ulmaridae bathypelagic 50.000 WD native
Deflexilodes enigmaticus Oedicerotidae benthic native
Deflexilodes norvegicus Oedicerotidae benthic native
Deflexilodes similis Oedicerotidae benthic native
Delectopecten vancouverensis Vancouver scallop Pectinidae sessile 0.600 SHL native
Delectopecten vitreus Vitreous scallop Pectinidae reef-associated 2.000 SHH 2.0 native
Delesseria decipiens Winged rib Delesseriaceae benthic native
Demonax rugosus Sabellidae benthic native
Dendraster excentricus Eccentric sand dollar Dendrasteridae benthic 100.000 WD native
Dendrobeania curvirostrata Bugulidae sessile native
Dendrobeania lichenoides Leaf crust bryozoan Bugulidae sessile native
Dendrobeania murrayana Fan bryozoan Bugulidae sessile native
Dendrodoa abbotti Styelidae sessile native
Dendronotus albus White frond-aeolis Dendronotidae benthic 3.500 TL native
Dendronotus dalli Dall's Dendronotus Dendronotidae benthic 13.600 TL native
Dendronotus diversicolor Multicolor frond-aeolis Dendronotidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Dendronotus frondosus Frond-aeolis Dendronotidae benthic 3.000 TL native
Dendronotus iris Giant frond-aeolis Dendronotidae pelagic 20.000 TL 3.6 native
Dendronotus subramosus Stubby frond-aeolis Dendronotidae benthic 3.300 TL native
Dentalium agassizi Dentaliidae benthic native
Derbesia marina Derbesiaceae sessile native
Dermasterias imbricata Leather star Poraniidae benthic 30.000 WD 3.9 native
Desdimelita californica Melitidae benthic native
Desdimelita desdichada Melitidae benthic native
Desmarestia aculeata Wiry acid weed Desmarestiaceae sessile native
Desmarestia latifrons Desmarestiaceae sessile native
Desmarestia ligulata Broad acid weed Desmarestiaceae sessile native
Desmarestia ligulata var. ligulata Desmarestiaceae sessile native
Desmarestia munda Desmarestiaceae sessile native
Desmarestia viridis Stringy acid weed Desmarestiaceae sessile native
Desmophyllum pertusum Spider hazards Caryophylliidae reef-associated native
Diaperoecia californica Southern staghorn bryozoan Diaperoeciidae sessile 15.000 COLD native
Diaphorodoris lirulatocauda Ridge-tailed dorid Onchidorididae benthic 1.200 TL native
Diasterope pilosa Cylindroleberididae native
Diastylis alaskensis Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis aspera Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis bidentata Diastylidae benthic native
Diastylis dalli Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis hirsuta Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis koreana Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis nucella Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis paraspinulosa Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis quadriplicata Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis santamariensis Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis sentosa Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylis tumida Diastylidae benthic native
Diastylis umatillensis Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylopsis dawsoni Diastylidae demersal native
Diastylopsis tenuis Diastylidae demersal native
Diaulula sandiegensis Ringed doris Discodorididae benthic 8.000 TL 3.0 native
Dictyota binghamiae Mermaid's gloves Dictyotaceae sessile native
Didemnum carnulentum Pacific white crust Didemnidae sessile 12.500 COLD native
Dilsea californica Leathery strap seaweed Dumontiaceae benthic native
Diodora aspera Keyhole limpet Fissurellidae benthic 7.500 TL 2.7 native
Diopatra ornata Ornate tube worm Onuphidae benthic 1.800 WD native
Diplodonta impolita Rough diplodon Ungulinidae benthic 3.600 SHL native
Diplodonta orbella Orb diplodon Ungulinidae benthic native
Diplosolen obelium Plagioeciidae sessile native
Diplosoma listerianum Gray encrusting compound tunicate Didemnidae sessile 0.080 TL native
Dipolydora giardi Spionidae benthic native
Dirona albolineata White-line dirona Dironidae benthic 18.000 TL native
Dirona aurantia Golden Dirona Dironidae benthic 12.000 TL native
Discorsopagurus schmitti Tubeworm hermit Paguridae benthic native
Discurria insessa Kelp limpet Lottiidae benthic 2.000 NG 2.0 native
Disporella separata Purple encrusting bryozoan Lichenoporidae sessile native
Distaplia occidentalis Mushroom tunicate Holozoidae sessile 10.000 COLD native
Distaplia smithi Stalked compound tunicate Holozoidae sessile native
Distichoptilum gracile Protoptilidae native
Dodecaceria concharum Coralline-encased filament-worm Cirratulidae benthic native
Dodecaceria fewkesi Colonial tube worm Cirratulidae benthic 3.800 TL native
Doris montereyensis Monterey sea-lemon Dorididae benthic 15.000 TL 3.0 native
Doris odhneri White night doris Dorididae benthic 20.000 TL 3.0 native
Dorvillea annulata Dorvilleidae benthic native
Dorvillea japonica Dorvilleidae benthic native
Dorvillea longicornis Dorvilleidae benthic native
Doryteuthis opalescens Opalescent inshore squid Loliginidae pelagic 19.200 ML 3.7 native
Doto columbiana British Columbia Doto Dotidae benthic 1.200 TL native
Doto kya Dark doto Dotidae benthic 1.000 TL 4.4 native
Drilonereis falcata Oenonidae benthic native
Drilonereis longa Oenonidae benthic native
Drilonereis nuda Oenonidae benthic native
Dulichia rhabdoplastis Podoceridae benthic native
Dulichia spinosissima Podoceridae benthic native
Dyopedos arcticus Podoceridae benthic native
Dyopedos normani Podoceridae benthic native
Dysidea fragilis Brittle horny sponge Dysideidae sessile native
Ectopleura crocea Pink-mouth hydroid Tubulariidae sessile 15.000 H native
Ectopleura marina Solitary pink-mouth hydroid Tubulariidae pelagic native
Egregia menziesii Feather boa kelp Alariaceae sessile native
Eisenia arborea Palm kelp Alariaceae sessile native
Elachista fucicola Chordariaceae sessile native
Elassochirus gilli Pacific red hermit Paguridae benthic native
Elassochirus tenuimanus Widehand hermit Paguridae benthic 3.000 CL native
Elysia hedgpethi Hedgpeth's sapsucker Plakobranchidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Emplectonema buergeri Mottled ribbon worm Emplectonematidae benthic 100.000 TL native
Emplectonema gracile Green ribbon worm Emplectonematidae benthic native
Emplectonema purpuratum Leopard ribbon worm Emplectonematidae benthic native
Endocladia muricata Nail brush seaweed Endocladiaceae benthic native
Ennucula tenuis Smooth nutclam Nuculidae benthic 1.000 DL native
Enteroctopus dofleini North Pacific giant octopus Enteroctopodidae benthic 300.000 TL 3.3 native
Entodesma navicula Rock entodesma Lyonsiidae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Eobrolgus chumashi Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Eogammarus confervicolus Anisogammaridae benthic native
Eogammarus oclairi Anisogammaridae benthic native
Eperetmus typus Curtained jelly Olindiidae pelagic 4.500 WD native
Epiactis lisbethae Giant brooding anemone Actiniidae sessile native
Epiactis prolifera Brooding anemone Actiniidae sessile 5.000 WD native
Epiactis ritteri Sandy anemone Actiniidae sessile native
Epidiopatra hupferiana Onuphidae benthic native
Epitonium indianorum Epitoniidae benthic 3.500 NG native
Epizoanthus scotinus Orange zoanthid Epizoanthidae sessile 2.000 WD native
Ericthonius punctatus Ischyroceridae benthic 2.0 native
Ericthonius rubricornis Ischyroceridae benthic native
Erythrotrichia carnea Erythrotrichiaceae epiphytic native
Eteone californica Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eteone pacifica Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eteone spilotus Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eteone tuberculata Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eualus avinus Beaked eualid Hippolytidae benthic native
Eualus berkeleyorum Berkeley eualid Hippolytidae benthic native
Eualus herdmani Herdman eualid Hippolytidae benthic native
Eualus lineatus Striped eulid Hippolytidae benthic native
Eualus pusiolus Doll eualid Hippolytidae benthic 3.1 native
Eualus subtilis Pygmy eualid Hippolytidae benthic native
Eualus suckleyi Shortscale eualid Hippolytidae benthic native
Eubranchus sanjuanensis San Juan aeolid Eubranchidae benthic 0.600 TL native
Euchone arenae Sabellidae benthic native
Euchone incolor Sabellidae sessile native
Euclymene reticulata Maldanidae demersal native
Euclymene zonalis Maldanidae benthic native
Eudendrium californicum California stickhydroid Eudendriidae pelagic native
Eudistoma molle Red-dotted compound tunicate Polycitoridae sessile 10.000 WD native
Eudistylia polymorpha Feather duster worm Sabellidae benthic 27.500 H native
Eudistylia vancouveri Northern feather-duster worm Sabellidae benthic 45.000 TL native
Eudorella pacifica Leuconidae demersal native
Eudorellopsis integra Leuconidae benthic native
Eudorellopsis longirostris Leuconidae demersal native
Eulalia levicornuta Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eulalia quadrioculata Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eulalia sanguinea Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eulalia viridis Greenleaf worm Phyllodocidae benthic 3.2 native
Eumida longicornuta Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eumida tubiformis Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eunice valens White-banded bobbit worm Eunicidae benthic native
Eunoe depressa Depressed scale worm Polynoidae benthic native
Eunoe oerstedi Multi-pronged scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Eunoe senta Thorny scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Eupentacta pseudoquinquesemita False white sea cucumber Sclerodactylidae benthic native
Eupentacta quinquesemita Stiff-footed sea cucumber Sclerodactylidae benthic 10.000 TL native
Euphilomedes carcharodonta Philomedidae pelagic native
Euphilomedes longiseta Philomedidae pelagic native
Euphilomedes producta Philomedidae pelagic native
Euphrosine arctia Euphrosinidae benthic native
Euphrosine bicirrata Euphrosinidae benthic native
Euphrosine multibranchiata Multi-branched porcupine-worm Euphrosinidae benthic native
Euplokamis dunlapae Oval sea gooseberry Euplokamididae pelagic native
Eupolymnia heterobranchia Terebellidae benthic native
Eurylepta leoparda Euryleptidae benthic native
Eurystomella bilabiata Derby hat bryozoan Eurystomellidae sessile native
Eusirus columbianus Eusiridae benthic native
Eusirus cuspidatus Eusiridae benthic native
Eusirus propinquus Eusiridae benthic native
Euspira pallida Pale moonsnail Naticidae benthic 4.200 DL native
Eusyllis assimilis Syllidae benthic native
Eusyllis habei Syllidae benthic native
Eusyllis japonica Syllidae benthic native
Eutonina indicans Aggregating jelly Campanulinidae pelagic 3.500 WD native
Evasterias troscheli Mottled star Asteriidae benthic 30.000 WD native
Exogone lourei Syllidae benthic native
Exogone molesta Syllidae benthic native
Exogone occidentalis Syllidae benthic native
Eyakia robusta Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Fabia subquadrata Grooved mussel crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Farlowia mollis Tattered strap seaweed Dumontiaceae benthic native
Fartulum occidentale Caecidae demersal native
Fenestrulina malusii Microporellidae sessile native
Flabelligera infundibularis Sheathed bristle-cage worm Flabelligeridae benthic native
Flabellina pricei Smooth-tooth aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 2.500 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina salmonacea Salmon aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 7.500 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina trilineata Threeline aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 3.600 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina trophina Predaceous aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 5.000 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina verrucosa Red-finger aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 6.000 TL 4.0 native
Florometra serratissima Common feather star Antedonidae sessile 25.000 H native
Flustrellidra corniculata Spiny leather bryozoan Flustrellidridae sessile native
Foxiphalus cognatus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Foxiphalus falciformis Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Foxiphalus obtusidens Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Foxiphalus similis Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Foxiphalus slatteryi Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Foxiphalus xiximeus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Fryeella gardneri Arched red seaweed Faucheaceae benthic native
Fucus distichus Rockweed Fucaceae sessile native
Fusitriton oregonensis Oregon triton Cymatiidae benthic 15.000 SHH native
Galathowenia oculata Oweniidae benthic native
Gammaropsis barnardi Photidae benthic native
Gammaropsis ellisi Photidae benthic native
Gammaropsis thompsoni Photidae benthic native
Gari californica California sunsetclam Psammobiidae benthic 14.900 SHL native
Garveia annulata Orange hydroid Bougainvilliidae pelagic 15.000 H native
Gastropteron pacificum Pacific stomach wing Gastropteridae pelagic 4.000 TL native
Gattyana ciliata Ciliated scale worm Polynoidae benthic native
Gattyana treadwelli Polynoidae benthic native
Geitodoris heathi Gritty doris Discodorididae benthic 4.300 TL 3.0 native
Gelidium corneum Gelidiaceae benthic native
Gelidium coulteri Gelidiaceae benthic native
Genetyllis castanea Phyllodocidae benthic native
Geodia mesotriaena Armoured ball sponge Geodiidae sessile native
Gephyreaster swifti Gunpowder star Goniasteridae benthic 42.000 WD 4.1 native
Gersemia rubiformis Sea strawberry Nephtheidae sessile 10.000 H native
Glans carpenteri Carpenter carditid Carditidae sessile 1.000 SHL native
Glebocarcinus oregonensis Pygmy rock crab Cancridae benthic 4.000 CW native
Glycera americana American bloodworm Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera gigantea Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera robusta Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera siphonostoma Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera tesselata Glyceridae benthic native
Glycinde armigera Goniadidae benthic native
Glycinde picta Goniadidae benthic native
Glycinde polygnatha Goniadidae benthic native
Glycymeris septentrionalis Northern bittersweet Glycymerididae benthic 4.500 TL native
Glycymeris subobsoleta Glycymerididae benthic native
Gnathia steveni Gnathiidae reef-associated native
Gnathia tridens Gnathiidae reef-associated native
Gnathia trilobata Gnathiidae reef-associated native
Gnathopleustes pugettensis Pleustidae benthic native
Gnorimosphaeroma oregonensis Stubby isopod Sphaeromatidae benthic native
Golfingia vulgaris Brown peanut worm Golfingiidae benthic 0.400 TRKL native
Goniada annulata Goniadidae benthic native
Goniada maculata Spotted chevron worm Goniadidae benthic native
Gonimophyllum skottsbergii Delesseriaceae benthic native
Gonionemus vertens Clinging jellyfish Olindiidae pelagic 2.500 WD 3.0 native
Gorgonocephalus eucnemis Common basket star Gorgonocephalidae benthic 76.000 WD native
Gracilariopsis longissima Gracilariaceae sessile native
Grania incerta Enchytraeidae benthic native
Granulina margaritula Pear marginella Cystiscidae benthic native
Grateloupia doryphora Dasyaceae sessile native
Grateloupia lanceolata Narrow iodine seaweed Dasyaceae benthic native
Griffithsia pacifica Ceramiaceae benthic native
Grubeopolynoe tuta Polynoidae benthic native
Guernea reduncans Dexaminidae benthic native
Gymnogongrus chiton Thin forked seaweed Phyllophoraceae benthic native
Gyptis brunnea Hesionidae benthic native
Gyptis lobatus Hesionidae benthic native
Gyptis plurisetis Hesionidae benthic native
Haeckelia rubra Haeckeliidae pelagic 1.000 H native
Haematopus bachmani Black oystercatcher Charadriidae others 4.1 native
Halcampa decemtentaculata Ten-tentacle burrowing anemone Halcampidae sessile native
Halecium beanii Thornbush hydroid Haleciidae sessile native
Halecium densum Dense bushy hydroid Haleciidae pelagic native
Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald eagle Accipitridae others 100.000 TL 4.8 native
Halichondria panicea Bread-crumb sponge Halichondriidae sessile 60.000 WD native
Halichondria sitiens Green-tinged sponge Halichondriidae sessile native
Haliclystus salpinx Trumpet stalked jellyfish Haliclystidae benthopelagic 3.000 WD native
Haliotis kamtschatkana Pinto abalone Haliotidae benthic 17.500 SHL native
Halipteris californica Short sea whip Halipteridae sessile native
Halipteris willemoesi Willemoes's white sea pen Halipteridae sessile native
Halocynthia aurantium Pacific sea peach Pyuridae sessile 15.000 H native
Halocynthia igaboja Bristly tunicate Pyuridae sessile 0.100 TL native
Halosaccion glandiforme Sea sacs Palmariaceae benthic native
Halosydna brevisetosa Short-scaled worm Polynoidae benthic native
Halosydna johnsoni Polynoidae benthic native
Halosydna parva Polynoidae benthic native
Hamatoscalpellum columbianum Scalpellidae sessile native
Haminoea vesicula Blister glassy-bubble Haminoeidae benthic 2.400 TL native
Hapalogaster mertensii Hairy crab Lithodidae benthic native
Haplogloia andersonii Hairy brown seaweed Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Haplosyllis spongiphila Syllidae benthic native
Harmothoe extenuata Yellow and brown scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Harmothoe hirsuta Polynoidae benthic native
Harmothoe imbricata Fifteen-scaled worm Polynoidae benthic 3.3 native
Harmothoe multisetosa Polynoidae benthic native
Harpiniopsis fulgens Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Hemigrapsus nudus Purple shore crab Varunidae benthic native
Hemigrapsus oregonensis Yellow shore crab Varunidae benthic native
Hemilamprops californicus Lampropidae demersal native
Hemipodus borealis Glyceridae benthic native
Henricia aspera Sandpaper Henricia Echinasteridae benthic native
Henricia leviuscula Pacific blood star Echinasteridae benthic 20.000 WD native
Henricia sanguinolenta Blood sea star Echinasteridae benthic 15.000 WD native
Heptacarpus brevirostris Stout coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus decorus Elegant coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus kincaidi Kincaid coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus pugettensis Puget coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus sitchensis Sitka coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus stimpsoni Stimpson coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus stylus Stiletto coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus tenuissimus Slender coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Heptacarpus tridens Threespine coastal shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Hermissenda crassicornis Hermissenda Facelinidae benthic 7.000 TL 3.6 native
Herposiphonia plumula Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Hesperibalanus hesperius Crab barnacle Archaeobalanidae benthic native
Hesperonoe adventor Polynoidae benthic native
Hesperonoe complanata Polynoidae benthic native
Hesperonoe laevis Polynoidae benthic native
Heterochone calyx Fingered goblet sponge Aphrocallistidae sessile native
Heteromastus filobranchus Capitellidae benthic native
Heterophoxus affinis Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Heterophoxus conlanae Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Heterophoxus ellisi Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Heterophoxus oculatus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Heteropodarke heteromorpha Hesionidae benthic native
Heteropora alaskensis Delicate staghorn bryozoan Heteroporidae sessile native
Heteropora pacifica Northern staghorn bryozoan Heteroporidae sessile 15.000 COLD native
Hiatella arctica Arctic hiatella Hiatellidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Hippasteria spinosa Spiny red star Goniasteridae benthic 34.000 WD 3.5 native
Hippodiplosia insculpta Fluted bryozoan Schizoporellidae sessile 12.500 H native
Hippolyte clarki Kelp humpback shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Hippomedon coecus Lysianassidae benthic native
Hippomedon columbianus Lysianassidae benthic native
Hippomedon denticulatus Lysianassidae benthic 2.0 native
Hippomedon zetesimus Lysianassidae benthic native
Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin duck Anatidae others 46.000 TL 3.6 native
Hollenbergia subulata Ceramiaceae benthic native
Hololepida magna Giant fleshy scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Homalopoma luridum Dark dwarf-turban Colloniidae benthic 1.000 SHH native
Homaxinella amphispicula Tough yellow branching sponge Suberitidae sessile native
Humilaria kennerleyi Kennerley venus Veneridae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Hyale frequens Hyalidae benthic native
Hyas lyratus Pacific lyre crab Oregoniidae benthic native
Hyboscolex pacificus Scalibregmatidae benthic native
Hydrallmania distans Loose spiral hydroid Sertulariidae pelagic native
Ianiropsis kincaidi Janiridae benthic native
Ianiropsis tridens Janiridae benthic native
Idanthyrsus armatus Sabellariidae sessile native
Idanthyrsus ornamentatus Sabellariidae sessile native
Idanthyrsus saxicavus Stone-cave sandmason tubeworm Sabellariidae sessile native
Idarcturus hedgpethi Arcturidae native
Idotea montereyensis Monterey isopod Idoteidae benthic native
Idotea resecata Eelgrass isopod Idoteidae benthic native
Idotea rufescens Idoteidae pelagic native
Idotea stenops Feather boa isopod Idoteidae benthic native
Idotea urotoma Idoteidae pelagic native
Ilyanassa obsoleta Eastern mudsnail Nassariidae demersal 3.820 DL native
Iphimedia rickettsi Iphimediidae benthic native
Iridaea cordata Iridea Gigartinaceae sessile 50.000 TL native
Iridaea cordata var. cordata Gigartinaceae benthic native
Isocirrus longiceps Maldanidae benthic native
Isodictya rigida Orange finger sponge Isodictyidae sessile native
Janczewskia gardneri Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Janiralata occidentalis Janiridae benthic native
Janiralata solasteri Janiridae benthic native
Janolus fuscus White-and-orange-tipped nudibranch Janolidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Janthina janthina Janthina Janthinidae pelagic 3.700 DL native
Jasmineira pacifica Sabellidae sessile native
Jassa shawi Ischyroceridae benthic native
Jassa staudei Ischyroceridae benthic native
Joeropsis dubia Joeropsididae benthic native
Kaburakia excelsa Giant flatworm Stylochidae benthic native
Katharina tunicata Black katy Mopaliidae benthic 13.000 TL 2.0 native
Keenocardium californiense Aleutian cockle Cardiidae benthic 7.500 SHH native
Kellia suborbicularis Suborbicular kellyclam Lasaeidae benthic 1.300 SHL native
Kinorhynchus iliocryptus Pycnophyidae benthic native
Kronborgia pugettensis Pink parasitic flatworm Fecampiidae benthic native
Kurtzia arteaga Beaded mangelia Conidae demersal native
Kurtziella plumbea Violet-band mangelia Conidae demersal native
Labidochirus splendescens Splendid hermit Paguridae benthic native
Lacuna porrecta Littorinidae benthic native
Lacuna unifasciata One-band lacuna Littorinidae native
Lacuna variegata Variegate lacuna Littorinidae benthic 1.600 SHH native
Lacuna vincta Northern lacuna Littorinidae benthic 1.300 DL 2.0 native
Lafoea dumosa Robust tree hydroid Lafoeidae sessile native
Laminaria setchellii Split kelp Laminariaceae sessile native
Lamprops carinata Lampropidae demersal native
Lanassa gracilis Terebellidae benthic native
Lanice conchilega Sand mason worm Terebellidae sessile 30.000 TL 2.0 native
Laonice pugettensis Spionidae benthic native
Laqueus californianus California lamp shell Laqueidae benthic native
Larus glaucescens Glaucous-winged gull Laridae others 70.000 TL 4.5 native
Larus philadelphia Bonaparte's gull Laridae others 36.000 TL 3.9 native
Latisipho hallii Shrew whelk Buccinidae benthic native
Leathesia difformis Sea cauliflower Chordariaceae sessile native
Lebbeus groenlandicus Spiny lebbeid Thoridae benthic native
Leitoscoloplos pugettensis Orbiniidae demersal native
Lepeta caeca Northern blind limpet Lepetidae benthic 1.800 DL native
Lepidasthenia berkeleyae Polynoidae benthic native
Lepidasthenia longicirrata Snow-speckled scaleworm Polynoidae benthic native
Lepidepecreum garthi Tryphosidae benthic native
Lepidepecreum gurjanovae Tryphosidae benthic native
Lepidochitona dentiens Gould's baby chiton Callochitonidae benthic native
Lepidonotus squamatus Twelve scaled worm Polynoidae benthic 3.3 native
Lepidozona cooperi Cooper's chiton Callochitonidae benthic 4.400 TL native
Lepidozona interstincta Smooth lepidozona Callochitonidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Lepidozona mertensii Merton's chiton Callochitonidae benthic 5.100 TL native
Lepidozona trifida Three-rib chiton Callochitonidae benthic native
Leptasterias hexactis Delicate six-rayed star Asteriidae benthic 7.500 WD 3.4 native
Leptogyra alaskana Mollu demersal native
Leptostylis abditis Diastylidae demersal native
Leptosynapta clarki Burrowing sea cucumber Synaptidae benthic native
Leptosynapta transgressor Synaptidae benthic native
Leptychaster pacificus Pale star Astropectinidae benthic 9.000 WD native
Lessoniopsis littoralis Strap kelp Lessoniaceae sessile native
Lethasterias nanimensis Black-spined sea star Asteriidae benthic native
Leucandra heathi Bristly case sponge Grantiidae sessile 10.000 H native
Leucandra taylori Taylor's calcareous sponge Grantiidae sessile native
Leucilla nuttingi Stalked vase sponge Amphoriscidae sessile native
Leucon armatus Leuconidae demersal native
Leucon falcicosta Leuconidae demersal native
Leucon magnadentata Leuconidae demersal native
Leucon subnasica Leuconidae demersal native
Leucon varians Leuconidae demersal native
Leucosolenia eleanor Lacy ball sponge Leucosoleniidae sessile native
Leucosolenia nautilia Spaghetti sponge Leucosoleniidae sessile native
Leucothea pulchra Orange-tipped sea gooseberry Leucotheidae pelagic native
Leucothoe spinicarpa Leucothoidae benthic native
Leukoma staminea Pacific littleneck Veneridae benthic 7.500 SHL 2.0 native
Levinsenia oculata Paraonidae demersal native
Limacia cockerelli Cockerell's dorid Polyceridae benthic 2.600 TL native
Limacina helicina Helicid pteropod Limacinidae pelagic 1.300 SHD native
Limneria prolongata Elongate lamellaria Velutinidae benthic 2.000 SHL native
Limnodriloides barnardi Tubificidae reef-associated 1.600 BL native
Limnodriloides victoriensis Tubificidae benthic native
Limnoria algarum Limnoriidae benthic native
Limnoria lignorum Gribble Limnoriidae benthic native
Lineus flavescens Lineidae benthic 12.000 TL native
Lineus ruber Red ribbon worm Lineidae benthic native
Lineus rubescens Lineidae benthic native
Lirabuccinum dirum Dire whelk Buccinidae benthic 5.000 SHH native
Lirularia lirulata Lirulate margarite Trochidae demersal native
Lirularia parcipicta Few-spot lirularia Trochidae benthic native
Lirularia succincta Girdled lirularia Trochidae benthic native
Lithothamnion glaciale Corallinaceae benthic native
Littorina scutulata Checkered periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 1.500 SHH native
Littorina sitkana Sitka periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 2.200 NG native
Loimia medusa Medusa worm Terebellidae reef-associated 25.000 BL 2.0 native
Lomentaria hakodatensis Lomentariaceae benthic native
Lopholithodes foraminatus Brown box crab Lithodidae benthic native
Lopholithodes mandtii Puget sound king crab Lithodidae benthic 22.500 CW native
Lophopanopeus bellus Blackclaw crestleg crab Panopeidae benthic native
Lottia digitalis Ribbed limpet Lottiidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Lottia instabilis Unstable limpet Lottiidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Lottia limatula File limpet Lottiidae benthic 2.0 native
Lottia pelta Shield limpet Lottiidae benthic 5.400 SHL native
Lucinisca nuttalli Nuttall lucine Lucinidae benthic native
Lucinoma annulata Ringed lucine Lucinidae benthic 8.200 SHL native
Luidia foliolata Gray sand star Luidiidae benthic 60.000 WD 3.4 native
Lumbrineris californiensis Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris cruzensis Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris inflata Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris japonica Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris limicola Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris similabris Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris zonata Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lyonsia bracteata Scaly lyonsia Lyonsiidae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Lyonsia californica California lyonsia Lyonsiidae benthic 3.800 SHL native
Macoma balthica Baltic macoma Tellinidae benthic 3.800 SHL native
Macoma brota Heavy macoma Tellinidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Macoma carlottensis Charlotte macoma Tellinidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Macoma elimata Beveled macoma Tellinidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Macoma expansa Expanded macoma Tellinidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Macoma incongrua Incongruous macoma Tellinidae benthic native
Macoma inconspicua Tellinidae benthic native
Macoma inquinata Pointed macoma Tellinidae benthic 6.300 SHL native
Macoma lama Aleutian macoma Tellinidae benthic 4.500 SHL native
Macoma lipara Sleek macoma Tellinidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Macoma loveni Inflated macoma Tellinidae benthic native
Macoma nasuta Bent-nose macoma Tellinidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Macoma obliqua Oval macoma Tellinidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Macoma yoldiformis Yoldia macoma Tellinidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Macrocystis integrifolia Small giant kelp Lessoniaceae sessile native
Macrocystis pyrifera Giant kelp Lessoniaceae sessile 5,000.000 TL native
Mactromeris polynyma Arctic surfclam Mactridae benthic 16.000 SHL native
Maera danae Pink beach hopper Maeridae benthic native
Maera jerrica Maeridae benthic native
Maera loveni Maeridae benthic native
Maera simile Maeridae benthic native
Magallana gigas Giant cupped oyster Ostreidae benthic 45.000 SHL 2.0 native
Magelona hobsonae Magelonidae benthic native
Magelona longicornis Magelonidae benthic native
Magelona sacculata Magelonidae benthic native
Malmgreniella bansei Polynoidae benthic native
Manayunkia aestuarina Sabellidae sessile native
Mandibulophoxus mayi Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Margarites helicinus Spiral margarite Trochidae benthic 1.100 DL native
Margarites pupillus Little margarite Trochidae benthic 1.700 NG native
Margarites rhodia Trochidae benthic native
Marsenina rhombica Rhombic lamellaria Lamellariidae benthic native
Mastocarpus jardinii Bushy Turkish washcloth Phyllophoraceae benthic native
Mastocarpus papillatus Turkish washcloth Phyllophoraceae benthic native
Mayerella banksia Protellidae benthic native
Mazzaella oregona Mottled Turkish washcloth Gigartinaceae benthic native
Mazzaella splendens Iridescent seaweed Gigartinaceae benthic native
Mediaster aequalis Red Sea star Goniasteridae benthic 20.000 WD 3.2 native
Mediomastus ambiseta Capitellidae benthic native
Mediomastus californiensis Capitellidae benthic native
Megalomma splendida Sabellidae benthic native
Megamoera bowmani Melitidae benthic native
Megamoera subtener Melitidae benthic native
Megayoldia martyria Oblique yoldia Yoldiidae benthic native
Megayoldia thraciaeformis Broad yoldia Yoldiidae benthic 6.500 TL native
Meiodorvillea minuta Dorvilleidae benthic native
Melanitta fusca Velvet scoter Anatidae others 59.000 TL 3.3 native
Melanitta perspicillata Surf scoter Anatidae others 54.000 TL 3.5 native
Melibe leonina Lion nudibranch Tethyidae pelagic 9.000 TL native
Melicertum octocostatum Eight-strand jelly Melicertidae pelagic 1.400 WD 3.7 native
Melinna elisabethae Ampharetidae benthic native
Melinna heterodonta Ampharetidae benthic native
Melinna oculata Ampharetidae benthic native
Melita sulca Melitidae benthic native
Melobesia marginata Corallinaceae benthic native
Melobesia mediocris Surfgrass coralline seaweed Corallinaceae benthic native
Melphidippa amorita Melphidippidae benthic native
Melphisana bola Melphidippidae benthic native
Membranipora membranacea Kelp encrusting bryozoan Membraniporidae sessile 5.000 WD native
Membranipora villosa Kelp-encrusting bryozoan Membraniporidae sessile native
Membranoptera platyphylla Feather-veined red seaweed Delesseriaceae benthic native
Mendicula ferruginosa Rusty axinopsid Thyasiridae benthic 0.200 DL native
Mesocentrotus franciscanus Red Sea urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic native
Mesochaetopterus taylori Chaetopteridae sessile native
Mesocrangon munitella Miniature spinyhead Crangonidae benthic native
Metacaprella anomala Caprellidae benthic native
Metacaprella kennerlyi Caprellidae benthic native
Metacarcinus magister Dungeness crab Cancridae benthic 22.500 CW 3.5 native
Metacrangon munita Coastal spinyhead Crangonidae benthic native
Metandrocarpa taylori Taylor's social tunicate Styelidae sessile 20.000 COLD native
Metaphoxus frequens Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Metaphoxus fultoni Phoxocephalidae benthic 2.7 native
Metasychis disparidentatus Maldanidae demersal native
Metopa dawsoni Stenothoidae benthic native
Metridium farcimen Gigantic anemone Metridiidae sessile 10.000 WD native
Metridium senile Clonal plumose anemone Metridiidae sessile 5.000 WD native
Microciona primitiva Microcionidae sessile native
Microcladia borealis Coarse sea lace Ceramiaceae benthic native
Microcladia coulteri Delicate sea lace Ceramiaceae benthic native
Microclymene caudata Maldanidae benthic native
Microjassa litotes Ischyroceridae benthic native
Micromaldane ornithochaeta Maldanidae sessile native
Microphthalmus sczelkowii Hesionidae benthic native
Micropodarke dubia Hesionidae benthic native
Microporella californica Microporellidae sessile native
Microporella vibraculifera Microporellidae sessile native
Microporina borealis Stick bryozoan Calpensiidae sessile 7.000 H native
Micrura alaskensis Lineidae benthic 60.000 TL native
Micrura pardalis Lineidae benthic native
Micrura verrilli Purple ribbon worm Lineidae benthic native
Micrura wilsoni Lineidae benthic native
Mimulus foliatus Foliate kelp crab Epialtidae benthic 7.500 CW 2.0 native
Mitrella tuberosa Columbellidae demersal native
Mitrocoma cellularia Cross jelly Mitrocomidae pelagic 9.000 WD native
Modiolus modiolus Northern horsemussel Mytilidae benthic 18.000 TL native
Modiolus rectus Straight horsemussel Mytilidae sessile 23.000 TL native
Mohnia freilei Buccinidae demersal native
Molgula napiformis Molgulidae sessile native
Molgula pacifica Globular ascidian Molgulidae sessile native
Molpadia intermedia Molpadiidae benthic native
Monocorophium acherusicum Corophiidae benthic 2.0 native
Monocorophium carlottensis Corophiidae benthic native
Monocorophium insidiosum Corophiidae benthic 2.0 native
Monoculodes brevirostris Oedicerotidae benthic native
Monoculodes diamesus Oedicerotidae benthic native
Monoculodes glyconica Oedicerotidae benthic native
Monoculodes perditus Oedicerotidae benthic native
Monoculodes recandesco Oedicerotidae benthic native
Monoculodes zernovi Oedicerotidae benthic native
Monticellina tesselata Cirratulidae benthic native
Mopalia ciliata Hairy chiton Mopaliidae benthic 5.100 TL native
Mopalia egretta Egret-plumped mopalia Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia hindsii Hind's Mopalia Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia kennerleyi Northern hairy chiton Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia lignosa Woody chiton Mopaliidae benthic 7.600 TL 2.0 native
Mopalia muscosa Mossy chiton Mopaliidae benthic 8.900 TL native
Mopalia sinuata Dwarf hairy mopalia Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia spectabilis Red-flecked mopalia Mopaliidae benthic 5.700 TL native
Mopalia swanii Swan's mopalia Mopaliidae benthic 5.100 TL native
Mopalia vespertina Smooth mopalia Mopaliidae benthic native
Munida quadrispina Pinch bug Munididae benthic 12.500 TL native
Munna chromatocephala Munnidae benthic native
Munna ubiquita Munnidae benthic native
Munnogonium tillerae Paramunnidae benthic native
Musculus cultellus Mytilidae benthic native
Musculus discors Discordant mussel Mytilidae benthic 5.500 TL native
Musculus taylori Taylor dwarf-mussel Mytilidae benthic 0.800 TL native
Mya arenaria Softshell clam Myidae benthic 10.000 TL 2.3 native
Mya truncata Truncate softshell Myidae benthic 8.000 SHL native
Mycale adhaerens Smooth scallop sponge Mycalidae sessile 1.000 H native
Myriochele gracilis Oweniidae benthic native
Mysella tumida Lasaeidae benthic native
Mytilicola orientalis Oyster redworm Mytilicolidae host native
Mytilimeria nuttalli Bladderclam Lyonsiidae benthic 4.600 SHL native
Mytilus californianus California mussel Mytilidae benthic 25.500 TL 2.0 native
Mytilus edulis Blue mussel Mytilidae benthic 11.000 SHL 2.0 native
Mytilus galloprovincialis Mediterranean mussel Mytilidae benthic 16.500 SHL 2.7 introduced
Mytilus trossulus Foolish mussel Mytilidae benthic 9.000 TL native
Myxicola aesthetica Petit slime-tube feather-duster Sabellidae benthic native
Myxicola infundibulum Sabellid worm Sabellidae sessile 9.000 TL native
Myxilla incrustans Rough scallop sponge Myxillidae sessile 1.000 H native
Myxilla lacunosa Sulphur horny sponge Myxillidae reef-associated 12.500 H native
Naineris grubei Orbiniidae benthic native
Naineris uncinata Orbiniidae benthic native
Nanomia bijuga Tailed jelly Agalmatidae pelagic native
Nassarius fossatus Channeled nassa Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius fraterculus Japanese nassa Nassariidae benthic introduced
Nassarius mendicus Lean Western nassa Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius rhinetes California nassa Nassariidae reef-associated native
Neaeromya compressa Compressed montacutid Lasaeidae benthic native
Neaeromya rugifera Wrinkled montacutid Lasaeidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Neanthes brandti Nereididae benthic native
Nebalia pugettensis Nebaliidae demersal native
Nellobia eusoma Bonelliidae benthic native
Nemalion helminthoides Sea noodle Liagoraceae epiphytic native
Nemocardium centifilosum Hundred-line cockle Cardiidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Neocrangon communis Twospine crangon Crangonidae benthic native
Neoesperiopsis digitata Glove sponge Isodictyidae sessile 15.000 H native
Neorhodomela larix Black pine Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Neosabellaria cementarium Cemented sandmason tubeworm Sabellariidae sessile native
Neotrypaea californiensis Bay ghost shrimp Callianassidae benthic 11.500 TL 2.4 native
Neoturris breviconis Blob-top jelly Pandeidae pelagic 4.500 H native
Nephasoma diaphanes Golfingiidae benthic native
Nephasoma minutum Golfingiidae benthic 1.500 TRKL native
Nephtys assignis Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys brachycephala Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys caecoides Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys californiensis Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys cornuta Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys discors Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys ferruginea Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys punctata Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys rickettsi Nephtyidae benthic native
Neptunea lyrata Lyre whelk Buccinidae benthic 16.500 SHH native
Neptunea phoenicea Phoenician whelk Buccinidae benthic 11.000 SHH native
Neptunea tabulata Tabled whelk Buccinidae benthic 11.000 NG native
Nereimyra punctata Hesionidae benthic native
Nereis procera Little pileworm sea-nymph Nereididae benthic native
Nereis vexillosa Pile worm Nereididae benthic native
Nereocystis luetkeana Lessoniaceae sessile native
Neverita lewisii Lewis's moonsnail Naticidae benthic 14.000 SHH native
Nicomache personata Maldanidae benthic native
Ninoe gemmea Lumbrineridae benthic native
Nipponotrophon stuarti Winged trophon Muricidae benthic 6.000 NG native
Nitidiscala indianorum Money wentletrap Epitoniidae benthic native
Niveotectura funiculata Corded white limpet Lottiidae benthic native
Nothria occidentalis Onuphidae benthic native
Notocirrus californiensis Oenonidae benthic native
Notomastus hemipodus Capitellidae benthic native
Notomastus lineatus Capitellidae benthic native
Notomastus tenuis Capitellidae benthic native
Notomastus variegatus Capitellidae benthic native
Notoproctus pacificus Maldanidae demersal native
Nucella canaliculata Channeled dogwinkle Muricidae benthic 4.000 NG native
Nucella lamellosa Frilled dogwinkle Muricidae benthic 8.000 SHH native
Nucella lima File dogwinkle Muricidae benthic 3.000 NG native
Nuculana leonina Nuculanidae benthic native
Nutricola lordi Lord dwarf-venus Veneridae benthic 1.000 SHL native
Nutricola ovalis Oval dwarf-venus Veneridae benthic native
Nutricola tantilla Purple dwarf-venus Veneridae benthic 0.600 SHL native
Nuttallia obscurata Purple mahogany-clam Psammobiidae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Nymphon pixellae Giant sea spider Nymphonidae benthic native
Nymphon stipulum Nymphonidae benthic native
Ocenebra interfossa Muricidae benthic native
Ocenebra sclera Muricidae benthic native
Ocinebrina interfossa Sculptured rocksnail Muricidae benthic 2.000 SHH native
Ocinebrina lurida Lurid rocksnail Muricidae benthic 3.800 SHH native
Octopus rubescens East Pacific red octopus Octopodidae benthic 45.000 TL 3.9 native
Odonthalia floccosa Sea brush Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Odonthalia washingtoniensis Toothed-twig seaweed Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Odontosyllis parva Syllidae benthic native
Odontosyllis phosphorea Syllidae benthic native
Odostomia avellana Pyramidellidae host native
Odostomia barkleyensis Pyramidellidae host native
Odostomia columbiana Small snail parasite Pyramidellidae host native
Odostomia cypria Pyramidellidae host native
Odostomia oregonensis Pyramidellidae host native
Odostomia quadrae Pyramidellidae host native
Odostomia tenuisculpta Pyramidellidae host native
Oedignathus inermis Paxillose crab Lithodidae benthic native
Oenopota crebricostata Conidae benthic native
Oenopota excurvata Conidae benthic native
Oenopota fidicula Conidae benthic native
Okenia vancouverensis Vancouver okenia Goniodorididae benthic 1.800 TL native
Olivella baetica Beatic dwarf olive Olividae benthic native
Olivella biplicata Purple dwarf olive Olividae benthic native
Ommastrephes bartramii Neon flying squid Ommastrephidae benthopelagic 45.000 ML 4.4 native
Onchidella borealis Northwest onchidella Onchidiidae demersal native
Onchidoris bilamellata Barnacle-eating onchidoris Onchidorididae benthic 3.800 TL native
Onchidoris muricata Fuzzy onchidoris Onchidorididae benthic 1.400 TL native
Onuphis elegans Onuphidae benthic native
Onuphis geophiliformis Onuphidae benthic native
Opalia borealis Boreal wentletrap Epitoniidae benthic 33.000 DL native
Ophelina acuminata Opheliidae benthic 6.000 TL 2.0 native
Ophelina groenlandica Opheliidae benthic native
Ophiodermella inermis Gray snakeskin-snail Conidae benthic native
Ophiodromus pugettensis Bat star commensal worm Hesionidae benthic native
Ophiopholis aculeata Daisy brittle star Ophiactidae benthic native
Ophiothrix koreana Ophiotrichidae benthic native
Ophiothrix spiculata Pacific spiny brittlestar Ophiotrichidae benthic 38.000 WD native
Ophiura leptoctenia Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura luetkenii Gray brittle star Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophlitaspongia pennata Red encrusting sponge Microcionidae sessile 1.200 H native
Opisa tridentata Opisidae benthic native
Opisthodonta uraga Syllidae benthic native
Oplorhiza gracilis Campanulinidae native
Opuntiella californica Prickly pear seaweed Areschougiaceae benthic native
Oradarea longimana Calliopiidae benthic native
Orbinia felix Orbiniidae benthic native
Orchomenella obtusa Lysianassidae benthic 1.200 NG 2.0 native
Oregonia bifurca Splitnose crab Oregoniidae benthic native
Oregonia gracilis Graceful decorator crab Oregoniidae benthic 7.500 CW native
Orthasterias koehleri Rainbow star Asteriidae benthic 38.000 WD 4.4 native
Orthopagurus minimus Toothshell hermit Paguridae benthic native
Osmundea spectabilis Sea laurel Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Ostrea conchaphila Olympia oyster Ostreidae benthic 9.000 SHD 2.0 error
Owenia collaris Oweniidae benthic native
Owenia fusiformis Tubeworm Oweniidae benthic 10.000 TL 2.0 native
Pachycerianthus fimbriatus Tube-dwelling anemone Cerianthidae sessile 30.000 H native
Pachycheles pubescens Pubescent porcelain crab Porcellanidae benthic native
Pachycheles rudis Thickclaw porcelain crab Porcellanidae benthic native
Paguristes turgidus Orange hairy hermit Diogenidae benthic native
Paguristes ulreyi Furry hermit Diogenidae benthic 2.500 CL native
Pagurus aleuticus Aleutican hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus armatus Armed hermit Paguridae benthic 1.900 CL native
Pagurus beringanus Bering hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus caurinus Greenmark hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus dalli Whiteknee hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus granosimanus Grainyhand hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus hemphilli Maroon hermit Paguridae benthic 1.400 CL native
Pagurus hirsutiusculus Hairy hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus kennerlyi Bluespine hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus ochotensis Alaskan hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus quaylei Quayle's hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus samuelis Blueband hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus setosus Setose hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus stevensae Stevens hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus tanneri Longhand hermit Paguridae benthic native
Pakynus barnardi Pakynidae benthic native
Paleanotus bellis Chrysopetalidae benthic native
Palio dubia Dubious dorid Polyceridae benthic 1.200 TL native
Palmaria callophylloides Callophyllis-like dulse Palmariaceae benthic native
Palmaria mollis Thin dulse Palmariaceae benthic native
Pandalopsis dispar Sidestriped shrimp Pandalidae benthopelagic native
Pandalopsis lucidirimicola Sparkling shrimp Pandalidae benthic native
Pandalus borealis Northern shrimp Pandalidae benthopelagic 12.000 TL 3.1 native
Pandalus danae Dock shrimp Pandalidae benthic native
Pandalus eous Alaskan pink shrimp Pandalidae benthic native
Pandalus goniurus Humpy shrimp Pandalidae benthic 14.200 TL 3.2 native
Pandalus hypsinotus Coonstriped shrimp Pandalidae benthic 20.900 TL native
Pandalus jordani Ocean shrimp Pandalidae benthic 3.000 CL 3.2 native
Pandalus platyceros Spot shrimp Pandalidae benthic 30.000 TL 3.7 native
Pandalus stenolepis Roughpatch shrimp Pandalidae benthic native
Pandalus tridens Yellowleg pandalid Pandalidae benthic native
Pandora bilirata Bilirate pandora Pandoridae benthic 1.500 SHL native
Pandora filosa Threaded pandora Pandoridae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Pandora wardiana Giant pandora Pandoridae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Panomya ampla Ample roughmya Hiatellidae benthic 7.000 SHL native
Panopea abrupta Pacific geoduck clam Hiatellidae benthic 2.0 native
Paracalliopiella pratti Calliopiidae benthic native
Paracaudina chilensis Caudinidae benthic native
Paracrangon echinata Horned shrimp Crangonidae benthic native
Paracyathus stearnsii Brown cup coral Caryophylliidae reef-associated 3.800 WD native
Paradexiospira vitrea Serpulidae sessile native
Paradoxostoma fraseri Paradoxostomatidae benthic native
Paragorgia arborea Bubble gum coral Paragorgiidae reef-associated native
Parametaphoxus quaylei Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Parametopella ninis Stenothoidae benthic native
Paramicrodeutopus schmitti Aoridae benthic native
Paranais litoralis Naididae demersal 0.450 TL native
Paranaitis polynoides Phyllodocidae benthic native
Parandalia fauveli Pilargidae benthic native
Paranemertes californica Emplectonematidae benthic native
Paraonella platybranchia Paraonidae benthic native
Parapagurodes hartae Brilliant hermit Paguridae benthic native
Paraphoxus communis Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Paraphoxus gracilis Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Paraphoxus pacificus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Parapleustes americanus Pleustidae benthic native
Parapleustes pugettensis Pleustidae benthic native
Paraprionospio pinnata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Parasabella media Parasol feather-duster Sabellidae benthic native
Parasagitta elegans Sagittidae pelagic 3.000 BL 3.1 native
Parougia caeca Dorvilleidae benthic native
Parvilucina tenuisculpta Fine-line lucine Lucinidae benthic 1.500 SHL native
Pasiphaea pacifica Pacific glass shrimp Pasiphaeidae benthic CL native
Patinopecten caurinus Giant Pacific sea scallop Pectinidae benthic 28.000 SHL 2.5 native
Patiria miniata Bat star Asterinidae benthic 20.000 WD 3.3 native
Peachia quinquecapitata Twelve-tentacled parasitic anemone Haloclavidae sessile native
Pectinaria californiensis Pectinariidae benthic native
Pectinaria granulata Tusk coneworm Pectinariidae benthic native
Pelvetiopsis limitata Little rockweed Fucaceae sessile native
Penares cortius Spotted gray sponge Geodiidae sessile native
Penitella penita Flap-tip piddock Pholadidae benthic 7.200 SHL native
Penitella richardsoni Monterey piddock Pholadidae benthic native
Pentamera lissoplaca Phyllophoridae benthic native
Pentamera populifera Phyllophoridae benthic native
Pentamera pseudocalcigera Phyllophoridae benthic native
Peramphithoe humeralis Kelp-dwelling sea flea Ampithoidae benthic native
Peramphithoe lindbergi Ampithoidae benthic native
Peramphithoe plea Ampithoidae benthic native
Periphylla periphylla Merchant-cap Periphyllidae pelagic 35.000 WD 3.3 native
Perophora annectens Yellow social tunicate Perophoridae sessile native
Perotripus brevis Phtisicidae native
Petricola carditoides Hearty petricola Veneridae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Petrolisthes cinctipes Flat porcelain crab Porcellanidae benthic native
Petrolisthes eriomerus Flattop crab Porcellanidae benthic native
Phacellophora camtschatica Fried egg jellyfish Ulmaridae benthopelagic 60.000 WD 4.0 native
Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 90.000 TL 4.4 native
Phalacrocorax pelagicus Pelagic cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 68.000 TL 4.2 native
Phascolosoma agassizii Agassiz'z peanut worm Phascolosomatidae benthic 4.000 TRKL native
Pherusa capulata Flabelligeridae benthic native
Pherusa inflata Flabelligeridae benthic native
Pherusa negligens Flabelligeridae benthic native
Pherusa neopapillata Flabelligeridae benthic native
Pherusa papillata Flabelligeridae benthic native
Phidolopora pacifica Lattice-work bryozoan Reteporidae sessile native
Philomedes dentata Philomedidae benthic native
Pholoe glabra Pholoidae benthic native
Pholoides asperus Pholoidae benthic native
Phoronis ijimai Horseshoe worm Phoronidae benthic native
Phoronis muelleri Phoronidae sessile 12.000 TL 2.0 native
Phoronis ovalis Phoronidae benthic 1.500 TL native
Phoronis psammophila Phoronids Phoronidae sessile 19.000 TL native
Phoronopsis albomaculata Phoronidae sessile native
Phoronopsis harmeri Large green phoronid Phoronidae sessile native
Photis bifurcata Photidae benthic native
Photis brevipes Photidae benthic native
Photis conchicola Photidae benthic native
Photis lacia Photidae benthic native
Photis macinerneyi Photidae benthic native
Photis oligochaeta Photidae benthic native
Photis pachydactyla Photidae benthic native
Photis parvidons Photidae benthic native
Photis viuda Photidae benthic native
Phoxichilidium femoratum Phoxichilidiidae benthic 4.4 native
Phycodrys isabellae Delesseriaceae benthic native
Phyllaplysia taylori Zebra leafslug Notarchidae benthic 8.000 TL 2.0 native
Phyllochaetopterus claparedii Tangled-straw three-section tubeworm Chaetopteridae benthic native
Phyllochaetopterus limicolus Chaetopteridae benthic native
Phyllochaetopterus prolifica Chaetopterid worm Chaetopteridae benthic 30.000 H native
Phyllodoce citrina Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce cuspidata Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce groenlandica Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce hartmanae Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce longipes Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllolithodes papillosus Flatspine triangle crab Lithodidae benthic 7.500 CW native
Phylloplana viridis Green flatworm Leptoplanidae benthic native
Phylo felix Orbiniidae benthic native
Phylo nudus Orbiniidae demersal native
Phymatolithon calcareum Corallinaceae sessile native
Pilargis berkeleyae Pilargidae benthic native
Pilargis maculata Pilargidae benthic native
Pileolaria militaris Serpulidae sessile native
Pinnixa eburna Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa faba Mantle pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa littoralis Gaper pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa occidentalis Western pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa schmitti Schmitt pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pionosyllis gigantea Giant red necklace-worm Syllidae benthic native
Pionosyllis magnifica Syllidae benthic native
Piromis hospitis Flabelligeridae benthic native
Pisaster brevispinus Short spined sea star Asteriidae benthic 60.000 WD 3.8 native
Pisaster giganteus Giant spined star Asteriidae benthic 56.000 WD 3.4 native
Pisaster ochraceus Purple star Asteriidae benthic 35.000 WD 3.4 native
Pisione remota Pisionidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista brevibranchiata Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista maculata Fiber tube worm Terebellidae benthic 7.500 H native
Pista moorei Terebellidae benthic native
Pista pacifica Fringed-hood spaghetti-worm Terebellidae benthic native
Placetron wosnessenskii Scaled crab Lithodidae benthic native
Placiphorella rufa Red veiled chiton Mopaliidae benthic native
Placiphorella velata Veiled Pacific chiton Mopaliidae benthic 5.800 TL native
Platynereis bicanaliculata Nereididae benthic native
Platyodon cancellatus Boring softshell Myidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Platysiphonia clevelandii Sarcomeniaceae benthic native
Pleonosporium vancouverianum Ceramiaceae benthic native
Pleurobrachia bachei Pleurobrachiidae pelagic 1.000 WD 3.8 native
Pleurogonium californiense Paramunnidae benthic native
Pleurogonium rubicundum Paramunnidae benthic native
Pleurophycus gardneri Broad-rib kelp Laminariaceae sessile native
Pleusirus secorrus Pleustidae native
Pleusymtes subglaber Pleustidae native
Plumularia setacea Little seabristle Plumulariidae sessile 25.000 TL native
Pluvialis squatarola Grey plover Charadriidae others 28.000 TL 3.6 native
Podarkeopsis perkinsi Hesionidae benthic native
Pododesmus macrochisma Green falsejingle Anomiidae benthic 9.000 SHD native
Poecilochaetus johnsoni Poecilochaetidae benthic native
Pollicipes polymerus Leaf barnacle Pollicipedidae sessile 8.000 TL native
Polycheria osborni Dexaminidae benthic native
Polycirrus californicus Terebellidae benthic native
Polydora cardalia Spionidae benthic native
Polydora cornuta Whip mudworm Spionidae benthic native
Polydora limicola Spionidae benthic native
Polydora pygidialis Spionidae benthic native
Polydora socialis Spionidae benthic native
Polydora websteri Oyster mudworm Spionidae benthic native
Polygireulima rutila Auburn eulima Eulimidae benthic native
Polymastia pachymastia Black-orange spud sponge Polymastiidae sessile native
Polymastia pacifica Aggregated nipple sponge Polymastiidae sessile 2.000 H native
Polyneura latissima Network red seaweed Delesseriaceae benthic native
Polynoe canadensis Polynoidae benthic native
Polyorchis penicillatus Penicillate jellyfish Polyorchidae pelagic 10.000 TL native
Polysiphonia pacifica Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Pontogeneia rostrata Eusiridae benthic native
Poraniopsis inflata Spiny sea star Echinasteridae benthic 15.000 WD native
Porella porifera Bryocryptellidae sessile native
Poromya trosti Poromyidae benthic native
Porphyra gardneri Kelp-fringing nori Bangiaceae benthic native
Porphyra nereocystis Bull-kelp nori Bangiaceae benthic native
Porphyra perforata Bangiaceae benthic native
Postelsia palmaeformis Sea palm Lessoniaceae sessile native
Potamilla intermedia Sabellidae benthic native
Potamilla myriops Sabellidae benthic native
Potamilla occelata Sabellidae benthic native
Prachynella lodo Lysianassidae native
Prasiola meridionalis Short sea lettuce Prasiolaceae benthic native
Praxillella pacifica Maldanidae demersal native
Prionospio pygmaea Spionidae benthic native
Prochaetoderma clenchi Prochaetodermatidae benthic native
Prochaetoderma yongei Prochaetodermatidae benthic native
Prosphaerosyllis brandhorsti Syllidae benthic native
Protodorvillea gracilis Dorvilleidae benthic native
Protolaeospira eximia Serpulidae sessile native
Protomedeia articulata Isaeidae benthic native
Protomedeia fasciata Isaeidae benthic native
Protomedeia prudens Isaeidae benthic native
Protothaca tenerrima Thin-shell littleneck Veneridae benthic native
Protula pacifica White-crowned calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Pseudione galacanthae Squat lobster parasitic isopod Bopyridae host native
Pseudobradya crassipes Ectinosomatidae benthic native
Pseudochitinopoma occidentalis Western calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Pseudocnus lubricus Cucumariidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Pseudopolydora paucibranchiata Elkhorn slough spionid Spionidae benthic native
Pseudosuberites montiniger Peachball sponge Suberitidae sessile 30.000 H native
Pseudotanais oculatus Pseudotanaidae benthic native
Psolidium bidiscum Pale creeping pedal sea cucumber Psolidae benthic 3.000 TL native
Psolus chitinoides Slipper sea cucumber Psolidae benthic 12.500 TL native
Pteraster militaris Wrinkled sea star Pterasteridae benthic 15.000 WD 3.2 native
Pteraster tesselatus Tesselated slime star Pterasteridae benthic 24.000 WD 3.0 native
Pterosiphonia bipinnata Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Pterosiphonia dendroidea Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Pterosiphonia gracilis Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Pterygophora californica Old growth kelp Alariaceae sessile native
Ptilosarcus gurneyi Orange sea pen Pennatulidae sessile 46.000 H native
Pugettia gracilis Graceful kelp crab Epialtidae benthic native
Pugettia producta Northern kelp crab Epialtidae benthic 9.300 CW native
Pugettia richii Cryptic kelp crab Epialtidae benthic 3.000 CW native
Puncturella cooperi Fissurellidae demersal native
Puncturella galeata Helmet puncturella Fissurellidae benthic native
Pycnoclavella stanleyi Social tunicate Pycnoclavellidae sessile 20.000 TL native
Pycnogonum rickettsi Pycnogonidae benthic native
Pycnophyes sanjuanensis Pycnophyidae benthic native
Pycnopodia helianthoides Sunflower star Asteriidae benthic 90.000 WD native
Pyura haustor Warty tunicate Pyuridae sessile 7.500 WD native
Pyura mirabilis Aladdin's lamp tunicate Pyuridae sessile native
Quasicorambe pacifica Frost-spot corambe Corambidae benthic 1.500 TL native
Ralfsia fungiformis Ralfsiaceae sessile native
Ramellogammarus vancouverensis Anisogammaridae native
Reginella furcata Cribrilinidae sessile native
Rhabdocalyptus dawsoni Boot sponge Rossellidae sessile 150.000 H native
Rhabdus rectius Straight tuskshell Rhabdidae benthic native
Rhachotropis barnardi Eusiridae benthic native
Rhachotropis clemens Eusiridae benthic native
Rhachotropis conlanae Eusiridae benthic native
Rhachotropis oculata Eusiridae benthic native
Rhepoxynius abronius Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius barnardi Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius bicuspidatus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius boreovariatus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius daboius Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius pallidus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius tridentatus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius variatus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhepoxynius vigitegus Phoxocephalidae benthic native
Rhinolithodes wosnessenskii Rhinoceros crab Lithodidae benthic native
Rhizocaulus verticillatus Horsetail hydroid Campanulariidae sessile native
Rhizorhagium roseum Creeping orange hydroid Bougainvilliidae sessile native
Rhodine bitorquata Maldanidae demersal native
Rhodoptilum plumosum Plumose red braid Dasyaceae benthic native
Rhodymenia californica Rhodymeniaceae benthic native
Rhodymenia pacifica Pacific rose seaweed Rhodymeniaceae benthic native
Rhynchospio glutaea Spionidae benthic native
Rhynchozoon rostratum Yellow encrusting bryozoan Phidoloporidae sessile native
Rhynocrangon alata Saddleback shrimp Crangonidae benthic native
Rhynohalicella halona Pardaliscidae native
Rictaxis punctocaelatus Spotted rictaxis Acteonidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Rissoina newcombei Rissoidae benthic native
Ritterella pulchra Orange compound tunicate Polyclinidae sessile native
Rochefortia compressa Compressed mysella Lasaeidae benthic native
Rochefortia grippi Elliptical mysella Lasaeidae benthic native
Rochefortia tumida Robust mysella Lasaeidae benthic 0.500 SHL native
Rocinela americana Aegidae host native
Rocinela angustata Aegidae host native
Rocinela belliceps Aegidae host native
Rocinela propodialis Pink parasitic isopod Aegidae host native
Romaleon antennarium California red rock crab Cancridae benthic 15.000 CW native
Romaleon branneri Furrowed rock crab Cancridae benthic 7.500 CW native
Rossia pacifica North Pacific bobtail Sepiolidae benthic 8.000 ML 3.8 native
Rostanga pulchra Red sponge nudibranch Discodorididae benthic 0.900 DL 3.0 native
Ruditapes philippinarum Japanese carpet shell Veneridae benthic 8.000 SHL 2.0 native
Rutiderma lomae Rutidermatidae native
Sahlingia subintegra Erythrotrichiaceae epiphytic native
Salmacina tribranchiata Fragile tube worm Serpulidae sessile native
Salpa aspera Salpidae pelagic native
Salpa fusiformis Common salp Salpidae pelagic-neritic 5.200 TL native
Salpa maxima Salpidae pelagic 10.000 TL native
Samytha californiensis Ampharetidae benthic native
Sarcodiotheca furcata Furcated fleshy red seaweed Areschougiaceae benthic native
Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii Succulent seaweed Areschougiaceae benthic native
Sargassum muticum Jap weed Sargassaceae sessile native
Sarsia tubulosa Clapper hydroid Corynidae pelagic 1.800 H 3.4 native
Saxicavella pacifica Elongate saxicave Hiatellidae benthic native
Saxidomus gigantea Washington butterclam Veneridae benthic 13.000 SHL native
Scabrotrophon maltzani Muricidae benthic 2.500 NG native
Schistocomus hiltoni Ampharetidae benthic native
Schisturella cocula Uristidae native
Schizobranchia insignis Split-branch feather-duster Sabellidae benthic native
Schizoporella cornuta Schizoporellidae sessile native
Schizoporella unicornis Orange encrusting bryozoan Schizoporellidae sessile native
Schizymenia pacifica Schizymeniaceae benthic native
Scinaia confusa Fleshy bush seaweed Galaxauraceae benthic native
Scintillona bellerophon Sea-cucumber galeommatid Galeommatidae benthic native
Scionella estevanica Terebellidae benthic native
Scionella japonica Terebellidae benthic native
Scleroconcha trituberculata Philomedidae benthic native
Scleroplax granulata Burrow pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Scolelepis foliosa Spionidae benthic native
Scoloplos acmeceps Orbiniidae benthic native
Scrupocellaria californica Scrupocellariidae sessile native
Scyra acutifrons Sharpnose crab Epialtidae benthic 3.800 CW native
Scytosiphon lomentaria Beanweed Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Semele rubropicta Rose-painted semele Semelidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Semibalanus balanoides Northern rock barnacle Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Semibalanus cariosus Thatched barnacle Archaeobalanidae benthic native
Semisuberites cribrosa Vase sponge Esperiopsidae reef-associated 30.000 H native
Serpula columbiana Red trumpet calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Serpula vermicularis Serpulid worm Serpulidae benthic 10.000 TL native
Serripes groenlandicus Greenland smoothcockle Cardiidae benthic 11.000 SHL native
Sertularella tricuspidata Sertulariidae benthic native
Sigambra bassi Pilargidae benthic native
Sigambra setosa Pilargidae benthic native
Sigambra tentaculata Pilargidae benthic native
Simomactra falcata Hooked surfclam Mactridae benthic 9.000 SHL native
Sinelobus stanfordi Tanaididae benthic native
Siphonenteron bilineatum Lineidae benthic 20.000 TL 3.1 native
Siphonosoma ingens Sipunculidae benthic native
Sipunculus norvegicus Sipunculidae benthic native
Smithora naiadum Red fringe Erythrotrichiaceae benthic native
Solamen columbianum British Columbia crenella Mytilidae benthic 1.100 TL native
Solariella peramabilis Lovely solarelle Trochidae benthic 2.000 NG native
Solaster dawsoni Morning sun star Solasteridae benthic 51.000 WD 4.0 native
Solaster endeca Northern sun star Solasteridae benthic 40.000 WD 3.0 native
Solaster paxillatus Orange sunstar Solasteridae benthic 38.000 WD 3.6 native
Solaster stimpsoni Striped sun star Solasteridae benthic 51.000 WD 3.2 native
Solen sicarius Sickle jackknife Solenidae benthic 12.500 SHL native
Solidobalanus engbergi Hydrocoral barnacle Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Sosane occidentalis Ampharetidae benthic native
Sosanopsis wireni Ampharetidae benthic native
Sparlingia pertusa Red eyelet silk Rhodymeniaceae benthic native
Sphacelaria subfusca Sphacelariaceae sessile native
Sphaerodoropsis minuta Sphaerodoridae benthic native
Sphaerodoropsis sphaerulifer Sphaerodoridae benthic native
Sphaerodorum papillifer Sphaerodoridae benthic native
Sphaerosyllis californiensis Syllidae benthic native
Spio butleri Spionidae benthic native
Spio cirrifera Spionidae benthic native
Spiochaetopterus costarum Glassy tube worm Chaetopteridae sessile native
Spiophanes berkeleyorum Spionidae benthic native
Spiophanes bombyx Bee spionid Spionidae benthic 6.000 TL 2.0 native
Spiophanes duplex Spionidae benthic native
Spiophanes kroyeri Spionidae benthic 3.000 TL native
Spirontocaris arcuata Rathbun blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Spirontocaris holmesi Slender blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Spirontocaris lamellicornis Dana's blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Spirontocaris ochotensis Oval blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Spirontocaris prionota Deep blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Spirontocaris sica Offshore blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Spirontocaris snyderi Snyder blade shrimp Thoridae benthic native
Staurocalyptus dowlingi Round lipped boot sponge Rossellidae sessile native
Stelletta clarella Thick white prickly sponge Ancorinidae sessile native
Stenogramme interrupta Midrib seaweed Phyllophoraceae benthic native
Sternaspis fossor Sternaspidae benthic native
Sthenelais berkeleyi Sigalionidae benthic native
Sthenelais fusca Sigalionidae benthic native
Sthenelais tertiaglabra Sigalionidae benthic native
Sthenelais verruculosa Sigalionidae benthic native
Stomotoca atra Hanging stomach jelly Pandeidae pelagic 2.500 WD 4.0 native
Stomphia coccinea Swimming anemone Actinostolidae sessile 12.500 WD native
Stomphia didemon Cowardly anemone Actinostolidae sessile 21.000 H native
Streblosoma bairdi Terebellidae sessile native
Streblospio benedicti Bar-gilled mudworm Spionidae benthic native
Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis Northern sea urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic 10.000 WD 2.4 native
Strongylocentrotus pallidus Pale urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic native
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus purple urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic 8.500 WD native
Styela clava Clubbed tunicate Styelidae sessile 12.000 TL native
Styela gibbsii Peanut sea squirt Styelidae sessile 15.000 H native
Styela montereyensis Stalked sea squirt Styelidae sessile 25.000 H native
Stylaster campylecus White branching hydrocoral Stylasteridae benthic native
Stylaster norvegicus Pink branching hydrocoral Stylasteridae benthic native
Stylasterias forreri Fish-eating star Asteriidae benthic 50.000 WD 4.5 native
Stylochus californicus Stylochidae native
Stylochus exiguus Stylochidae benthic native
Stylonema alsidii Stylonemataceae epiphytic native
Syllides fulva Syllidae benthic native
Syllides longocirratus Syllidae benthic native
Syllides reishi Syllidae benthic native
Syllis armillaris Syllidae benthic native
Syllis elongata Syllidae benthic native
Syllis heterochaeta Syllidae benthic native
Syllis sclerolaema Syllidae benthic native
Syllis variegata Syllidae benthic native
Synidotea angulata Idoteidae benthic native
Synidotea media Idoteidae benthic native
Synidotea nebulosa Idoteidae benthic native
Synidotea nodulosa Idoteidae benthic native
Synidotea pettiboneae Idoteidae benthic native
Synidotea picta Idoteidae benthic native
Synoicum parfustis Peach-coloured compound tunicate Polyclinidae sessile native
Syringoderma abyssicola Syringodermataceae sessile native
Syrrhoe longifrons Synopiidae benthic native
Tachyrhynchus lacteolus Milky turretsnail Turritellidae demersal native
Tanystylum occidentalis Ammotheidae benthic native
Tectidrilus diversus Naididae benthic native
Tectura fenestrata Fenestrate limpet Lottiidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Tectura paleacea Surfgrass limpet Lottiidae benthic 1.000 NG native
Tectura persona Mask limpet Lottiidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Tectura scutum Plate limpet Lottiidae benthic 2.0 native
Tegula funebralis Black turban snail Tegulidae benthic 3.000 SHD native
Tegula pulligo Dusky tegula Tegulidae benthic 3.800 SHD native
Tellina bodegensis Bodega tellin Tellinidae benthic 6.000 SHL native
Tellina carpenteri Carpenter tellin Tellinidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Tellina modesta Plain tellin Tellinidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Tellina nuculoides Salmon tellin Tellinidae benthic 2.000 SHL native
Telmessus cheiragonus Helmet crab Cheiragonidae benthic 10.000 CW native
Tenonia priops Polynoidae benthic native
Terebellides californica Trichobranchidae benthic native
Terebellides reishi Trichobranchidae sessile native
Terebratalia transversa Lampshell Laqueidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Terebratulina unguicula Snake's head lamp shell Cancellothyrididae benthic native
Tethya californiana Orange rough ball Tethyidae sessile native
Tetrastemma nigrifrons White-lined ribbon worm Tetrastemmatidae benthic native
Thalia democratica Salp Salpidae pelagic 1.800 TL native
Tharyx dorsobranchialis Cirratulidae benthic native
Tharyx parvus Cirratulidae benthic native
Thelepus crispus Terebellid worm Terebellidae benthic 30.000 TL native
Thelepus hamatus Terebellidae benthic native
Thelepus setosus Spaghetti worm Terebellidae benthic native
Thetys vagina Virgin salpa Salpidae pelagic 12.000 TL native
Thracia trapezoides Trapezoid thracia Thraciidae benthic 6.500 SHL native
Thuiaria distans Sertulariidae demersal native
Thuiaria tenera Sertulariidae demersal native
Thuiaria thuja Bottlebrush hydroid Sertulariidae sessile native
Thyasira flexuosa Flexuose cleftclam Thyasiridae benthic 1.200 SHL 2.0 native
Thyone benti Bent sea cucumber Phyllophoridae benthic 15.000 TL native
Thyonidium kurilensis Sclerodactylidae benthic 20.000 TL native
Thysanocardia nigra Golfingiidae benthic 10.000 TRKL native
Tiron biocellata Synopiidae benthic native
Tochuina tetraquetra Giant orange tochui Tritoniidae benthic 30.000 TL 4.4 native
Tomopteris pacifica Tailed Pacific transparent-worm Tomopteridae benthic native
Tomopteris septentrionalis Tail-less Pacific transparent-worm Tomopteridae benthic native
Tonicella insignis White-line chiton Callochitonidae benthic 3.800 TL native
Tonicella lineata Lined chiton Callochitonidae benthic 5.080 TL 2.0 native
Tonicella undocaerulea Blue-line chiton Tonicellidae benthic native
Tonicella venusta Lovely chiton Callochitonidae benthic native
Trachypleustes trevori Pleustidae native
Traskorchestia traskiana Splash-zone beach hopper Talitridae benthic native
Travisia brevis Opheliidae demersal native
Travisia pupa Opheliidae demersal native
Tresus capax Fat gaper Mactridae benthic 18.000 SHL native
Tresus nuttallii Pacific gaper Mactridae benthic 25.400 SHL 2.0 native
Tricellaria erecta Scrupocellariidae sessile native
Tricellaria occidentalis Scrupocellariidae sessile native
Trichotropis cancellata Cancellate hairysnail Capulidae benthic 3.000 SHH native
Trididemnum alexi Speckled compound tunicate Didemnidae sessile native
Trididemnum opacum Didemnidae sessile native
Triopha catalinae Sea-clown triopha Polyceridae benthic 7.000 TL native
Triopha maculata Maculated triopha Polyceridae benthic 18.000 TL native
Tritella laevis Protellidae benthic native
Tritella pilimana Protellidae benthic native
Triticella elongata Triticellidae sessile native
Triticella pedicellata Triticellidae sessile native
Tritonia diomedea Rosy tritonia Tritoniidae benthic 21.500 TL native
Tritonia festiva Diamondback tritonia Tritoniidae benthic 2.000 TL 3.6 native
Trochochaeta multisetosa Trochochaetidae benthic native
Trophonopsis lasius Muricidae benthic native
Trypanosyllis ingens Purple-stub necklace-worm Syllidae benthic native
Trypostega claviculata Trypostegidae sessile native
Tubificoides bakeri Tubificidae benthic native
Tubificoides brownae Tubificidae benthic native
Tubificoides diazi Tubificidae benthic native
Tubificoides wasselli Tubificidae benthic native
Tubulanus albocinctus White-ringed ribbon worm Tubulanidae benthic native
Tubulanus capistratus Tubulanidae benthic native
Tubulanus cingulatus Tubulanidae benthic native
Tubulanus frenatus Tubulanidae benthic 50.000 TL native
Tubulanus pellucidus Tubulanidae benthic 0.250 TL native
Tubulanus polymorphus Orange ribbon worm Tubulanidae benthic 300.000 TL native
Tubulanus sexlineatus Six-lined ribbon worm Tubulanidae benthic 50.000 TL native
Tubularia indivisa Tall tubularia Tubulariidae sessile native
Tubulipora pacifica Tubuliporidae sessile native
Tubulipora tuba Tubuliporidae sessile native
Turbonilla aurantia Pyramidellidae demersal native
Turbonilla chocolata Pyramidellidae demersal native
Turbonilla lyalli Pyramidellidae demersal native
Turbonilla pugetensis Pyramidellidae demersal native
Typosyllis aciculata Syllidae benthic native
Typosyllis alternata Syllidae benthic native
Typosyllis cornuta Syllidae benthic native
Typosyllis harti Syllidae benthic native
Typosyllis hyalina Syllidae benthic native
Ulva intestinalis Hollow green nori Ulvaceae sessile 20.000 H native
Ulva lactuca Sea lettuce Ulvaceae sessile 100.000 TL native
Ulva linza Flat-tube sea lettuce Ulvaceae sessile native
Upogebia pugettensis Blue mud shrimp Upogebiidae benthic 15.000 TL 2.0 native
Urospora penicilliformis Green hair Acrosiphoniaceae sessile native
Urothoe denticulata Urothoidae benthic native
Urticina columbiana Crusty red anemone Actiniidae sessile 35.000 WD native
Urticina coriacea Leathery anemone Actiniidae sessile 15.000 WD native
Urticina crassicornis Mottled anemone Actiniidae sessile 20.000 WD 3.6 native
Urticina lofotensis Spotted red anemone Actiniidae sessile 10.000 WD native
Urticina piscivora Velvety red anemone Actiniidae sessile 20.000 WD native
Vargula americana Cypridinidae pelagic native
Vaunthompsonia pacifica Bodotriidae demersal native
Velutina laevigata Velutinidae demersal native
Velutina rubra Red lamellaria Velutinidae benthic native
Velutina velutina Smooth lamellaria Velutinidae benthic 2.750 DL native
Vermetus compactus Northern compact wormsnail Vermetidae benthic native
Vermiliopsis infundibulum Serpulidae sessile native
Vitreolina columbiana Eulimidae demersal native
Watersipora subovoidea Black and red encrusting bryozoan Watersiporidae sessile native
Wecomedon wecomus Lysianassidae benthic native
Xestospongia hispida Hard gnarled clump sponge Petrosiidae sessile native
Xestospongia trindanea Petrosiidae sessile native
Xylophaga washingtona Washington woodeater benthic native
Yoldia beringiana Yoldiidae benthic native
Yoldia seminuda Oblique-lined yoldia Yoldiidae benthic 4.000 TL native
Zalophus californianus California sea lion Otariidae bathydemersal 240.000 TL 4.5 native
Zeuxo normani Tanaididae benthic native
Zirfaea pilsbryi Pilsbry piddock Pholadidae benthic native
Zostera japonica Intertidal seagrass Zosteraceae sessile native
Zostera marina Eel-grass Zosteraceae sessile native
Zygeupolia rubens Lineidae benthic native
Zygonemertes virescens Amphiporidae benthic 3.3 native
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