Ecosystems where Callinectes sapidus occurs
n = 50
Ecosystem Type Status Ref.
Adriatic Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 94552
Atlantic Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf native 367
Bahamian Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Bermuda Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Black Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf Introduced 367
Black Sea - province Sea/Bay/Gulf Introduced 367
Caribbean Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 367
Carolinian Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 94658
Chesapeake Bay Sea/Bay/Gulf native 94658
Chiapas-Nicaragua Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Cold Temperate Northeast Pacific sea/bay/gulf Native 367
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic sea/bay/gulf Native 94658
Eastern Brazil Sea/Bay/Gulf native 96405
Eastern Caribbean Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
German Bight Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 3700
Greater Antilles Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Guianan Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Gulf of Mexico Sea/Bay/Gulf native 8720
Lusitanian sea/bay/gulf Introduced 367
Mediterranean Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf Introduced 367
Nicoya Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
North Brazil Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
North Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf Introduced 367
Northeastern Brazil Sea/Bay/Gulf native 96405
Northern and Central Red Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 74480
Northern European Seas Sea/Bay/Gulf Introduced 367
Northern Gulf of Mexico Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 8720
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 78677
Pacific Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf Introduced 367
Panama Bight Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Puget Sound Sea/Bay/Gulf native 78677
Puget Trough/Georgia Basin Sea/Bay/Gulf native 78677
Rio de la Plata Sea/Bay/Gulf native 109246
Rio Grande Sea/Bay/Gulf native 96405
Salish Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 78677
Southeastern Brazil Sea/Bay/Gulf native 96405
Southern Caribbean Sea/Bay/Gulf native 367
Southwestern Caribbean Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
Temperate Northern Atlantic sea/bay/gulf Introduced 367
Temperate Northern Pacific sea/bay/gulf Introduced 367
Temperate South America sea/bay/gulf native 96405
Tropical Atlantic sea/bay/gulf Native 367
Tropical East Pacific sea/bay/gulf Native 367
Tropical Eastern Pacific sea/bay/gulf Native 367
Tropical Northwestern Atlantic sea/bay/gulf native 367
Tropical Southwestern Atlantic sea/bay/gulf native 96405
Virginian Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 94658
Warm Temperate Northwest Atlantic sea/bay/gulf Native 8720
Warm Temperate Southwestern Atlantic sea/bay/gulf native 96405
Western Caribbean Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 367
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