Species under Thyone
n= 27
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Thyone anomala
Oestergren, 1898
Western Central Pacific 3.70000004768372
Thyone articulata
Vaney, 1908
To be filled
Thyone basescoi
Cherbonnier, 1972
To be filled
Thyone benti
Deichmann, 1937
Bent sea cucumber Eastern Pacific 15
Thyone bicornis
Ohshima, 1915
Western Central Pacific
Thyone briareus
(Lesueur, 1824)
Western Central Atlantic
Thyone cherbonnieri
Reys, 1960
Mediterranean Sea 4.69999980926514
Thyone cognata
(Lampert, 1885)
Western Atlantic
Thyone dura
Koehler & Vaney, 1908
To be filled
Thyone fusus
(Müller, 1776)
Mediterranean Sea
Thyone fusus mediterranea
Madsen, 1941
To be filled 20
Thyone gadeana
Perrier, 1898
Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Thyone herberti
Thandar & Rajpal, 1999
Western Indian Ocean 2.70000004768372
Thyone hirta
Cherbonnier, 1970
To be filled 2.70000004768372
Thyone infusca
Cherbonnier, 1954
To be filled 2.5
Thyone montoucheti
Tommasi, 1971
To be filled
Thyone muricata
To be filled
Thyone okeni
Bell, 1884
To be filled
Thyone papuensis
Théel, 1886
Indo-West Pacific
Thyone pawsoni
Western Central Atlantic
Thyone pedata
Semper, 1868
Northwest Pacific
Thyone profusus
Cherbonnier & Feral, 1981
Western Central Pacific
Thyone propinqua
Cherbonnier, 1970
To be filled 2
Thyone pseudofusus
Deichmann, 1930
Western Central Atlantic
Thyone roscovita
Herouard, 1889
Northeast Atlantic
Thyone spinifera
Liao, 1995
Northwest Pacific
Thyone tanyspeira
Pawson & Miller, 1988
To be filled 2.59999990463257
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