Species under Stichopus
n= 16
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Stichopus anapinusus
(Lampert, 1885)
Indo-West Pacific
Stichopus chloronotus
Brandt, 1835
Greenfish Indo-Pacific, excluding Persian Gulf and Hawaii 40
Stichopus ellipes
H. L .Clark, 1938
Indo-West Pacific
Stichopus flaccus
Liao, 1980
Northwest Pacific
Stichopus herrmanni
Semper, 1868
Curryfish herrmanni Indo-West Pacific 55
Stichopus horrens
Selenka, 1867
Selenka's sea cucumber Indo-Pacific 90
Stichopus ludwigi
Erwe, 1919
Eastern Indian Ocean
Stichopus monotuberculatus
(Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
Stichopus naso
Semper, 1868
Indo-West Pacific
Stichopus noctivagus
Cherbonnier, 1980
Night-wandering sea cucumber Western Central Pacific 20
Stichopus ocellatus
Massin, Zulfigar, Hwai & Boss, 2002
Ocellated sea cucumber Indo-West Pacific 33
Stichopus paradoxus
Lampert, 1885
Stichopus pseudohorrens
Cherbonnier, 1967
Western Indian Ocean
Stichopus quadrifasciatus
Massin, 1999
Western Central Pacific
Stichopus rubermaculosus
Massin, Zulfigar, Hwai & Boss, 2002
Western Central Pacific
Stichopus vastus
Sluiter, 1887
Zebrafish Indo-West Pacific 31
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