Species under Philocheras
n= 16
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Philocheras acutirostratus
(Yaldwin, 1960)
Southeast Pacific and Southwest Atlantic
Philocheras bispinosus
Northeast Atlantic
Philocheras breviflagella
Komai, 2001
Eastern Central Pacific
Philocheras echinulatus
(Sars, 1861)
Northeast Atlantic
Philocheras fasciatus
(Risso, 1816)
Northeast Atlantic
Philocheras gardenensis
Han & Keesing, 2018
Eastern Indian Ocean
Philocheras gorei
(Dardeau, 1980)
Western Central Atlantic
Philocheras incisus
(Kemp, 1916)
Indo-West Pacific
Philocheras japonicus
(Doflein, 1902)
Western Pacific
Philocheras lowisi
(Kemp, 1916)
Indo-West Pacific
Philocheras monacanthus
(Holthuis, 1961)
Philocheras nikiforovi
(Burukovsky, 1990)
Southeast Pacific
Philocheras parvirostris
(Kemp, 1916)
Indo-West Pacific
Philocheras pilosus
(Kemp, 1916)
Indo-West Pacific
Philocheras sculptus
(Bell, 1847)
Mediterranean Sea
Philocheras trispinosus
(Hailstone, 1835)
Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean
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