Species under Paphia
n= 14
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Paphia alapapilionis
Roding, 1798
Butterfly venus Indo-Pacific
Paphia amabilis
(Philippi, 1847)
Lovely venus Western Pacific
Paphia aurea
(Gmelin, 1791)
Golden carpet shell Mediterranean Sea
Paphia euglypta
(Philippi, 1847)
Western Pacific
Paphia exarata
(Philippi, 1846 in 1842-1851)
Indo-West Pacific
Paphia japonica
(Gmelin, 1791)
Paphia litarata
(Philippi, 1848)
Western Central Pacific
Paphia lucens
(Locard, 1886)
Mediterranean Sea
Paphia papilionacea
Lamarck, 1818
Northwest Pacific
Paphia rhomboides
(Pennant, 1777)
Mediterranean Sea
Paphia schnelliana
(Dunker, 1866)
Western Central Pacific
Paphia semirugata
(Philippi, 1847)
Semigrooved venus Indo-West Pacific 7.5
Paphia textile
(Gmelin, 1791)
Textile venus Indo-West Pacific and the Mediterranean Sea 8
Paphia undulata
(Born, 1778)
Undulate venus Indo-West Pacific 6.5
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