Species under Palaemon
n= 27
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Palaemon adspersus
Rathke, 1837
Baltic prawn Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea 8
Palaemon affinis
Milne Edwards, 1837
All subantarctic seas
Palaemon concinnus
Dana, 1852
Mangrove prawn Indo-Pacific
Palaemon debilis
Dana, 1852
Feeble shrimp Indo-Pacific
Palaemon elegans
Rathke, 1837
Rockpool prawn Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean and Black Sea 6
Palaemon floridanus
Chace, 1942
Florida grass shrimp Western Central Atlantic
Palaemon gladiator
Holthuis, 1950
Southeast Pacific
Palaemon gracilis
(Smith, 1871)
Eastern Pacific
Palaemon gravieri
(Yu, 1930)
Chinese ditch prawn Northwest Pacific
Palaemon hancocki
Holthuis, 1950
To be filled
Palaemon khori
De Grave & Al-Maslamani, 2006
Western Indian Ocean
Palaemon longirostris
Milne-Edwards, 1837
Delta prawn Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean 7
Palaemon macrodactylus
Rathbun, 1902
Oriental shrimp Indo-West Pacific 7.3
Palaemon maculatus
(Thallwitz, 1891)
Zaire prawn Eastern Atlantic 4.3
Palaemon modestus
(Heller, 1862)
Siberian prawn Northwest Pacific
Palaemon northropi
(Rankin, 1898)
Crossbanded grass shrimp Western Atlantic and the Arctic
Palaemon ortmanni
Rathbun, 1902
Gladiator prawn Northwest Pacific
Palaemon pacificus
(Stimpson, 1860)
Pacific grass shrimp Indo-Pacific
Palaemon paucidens
de Haan, 1844
Lake prawn Northwest Pacific
Palaemon ritteri
Holmes, 1895
Barred grass shrimp Arctic, Eastern Pacific and Western Central Atlantic
Palaemon semmelinkii
(De Man, 1881)
Indo-West Pacific
Palaemon serratus
(Pennant, 1777)
Common prawn Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Black Sea 11
Palaemon serrifer
(Stimpson, 1860)
Carpenter prawn Indo-West Pacific
Palaemon sewelli
(Kemp, 1925)
Indo-West Pacific
Palaemon styliferus
Milne-Edwards, 1840
Roshna prawn Indo-Pacific
Palaemon tenuidactylus
Liu, Liang & Yan, 1990
Indo-West Pacific
Palaemon xiphias
Risso, 1816
Posidonia prawn Eastern Central Atlantic and the Mediterranean 6.5
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