Species under Melampus
n= 21
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Melampus albus
Gassies, 1865
Western Pacific
Melampus bidentatus
Say, 1822
eastern melampus Western Atlantic 2
Melampus bullaoides
(Montagu, 1808)
bubble melampus Western Atlantic 1.5
Melampus coffea
(Linnaeus, 1758)
coffee melampus Western Atlantic 2.3
Melampus cristatus
Pfeiffer, 1855
Western Central Pacific
Melampus edentulus
Martens, 1865
Western Atlantic
Melampus fasciatus
(Deshayes, 1830)
Western Central Pacific
Melampus flavus
(Gmelin, 1849)
Central Pacific
Melampus floridanus
Pfeiffer, 1856
Florida melampus Western Atlantic 0.8
Melampus lividus
(Deshayes, 1830)
Eastern Central Pacific
Melampus luteus
(Quoy & Gaimard, 1832)
Pacific Ocean
Melampus massauensis
Pfeiffer, 1858
Western Indian Ocean
Melampus monile
(BruguiƩre, 1789)
Caribbean melampus Atlantic Ocean 1.6
Melampus morrisoni
Martins, 1996
clark's melampus Western Atlantic 1.77
Melampus nucleolus
Martens, 1856
Western Central Pacific
Melampus olivaceus
Carpenter, 1856
California melampus Eastern Pacific
Melampus paranus
(Morrison, 1951)
Western Atlantic 0.7
Melampus parvulus
Pfeiffer, 1856
Western Central Pacific
Melampus pascus
Odhner, 1922
Southeast Pacific
Melampus sincaporensis
Pfeiffer, 1865
Western Central Pacific
Melampus striatus
(Pease, 1861)
land snail Indo-Pacific
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