Species under Mastigoteuthis
n= 14
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Mastigoteuthis agassizii
Verrill, 1881
Agassizi’s whiplash squid Southwest Pacific and Atlantic Ocean 10
Mastigoteuthis atlantica
Joubin, 1933
Northeast Atlantic
Mastigoteuthis dentata
Hoyle, 1904
Eastern Pacific
Mastigoteuthis flammea
Chun, 1908
Eastern Central Atlantic
Mastigoteuthis glaukopsis
Chun, 1908
glaucous / blue whiplash squid Indo-Pacific and Eastern Central Atlantic 11.2
Mastigoteuthis grimaldii
(Joubin, 1895)
Western Atlantic
Mastigoteuthis inermis
Rancurel, 1972
Eastern Central Atlantic
Mastigoteuthis iselini
MacDonald & Clench, 1934
Atlantic Ocean
Mastigoteuthis magna
Joubin, 1913
big whiplash squid Southwest Pacific and Atlantic Ocean 16
Mastigoteuthis microlucens
Young, Lindgren & Vecchione, 2008
Eastern Central Pacific 21.5
Mastigoteuthis psychrophila
Nesis, 1977
Southwest Pacific and Antarctic Indian Ocean
Mastigoteuthis pyrodes
Young, 1972
Eastern Pacific
Mastigoteuthis schmidti
Degner, 1925
Northeast Atlantic
Mastigoteuthis tyroi
Salcedo-Vargas, 1997
Western Indian Ocean 1.5
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