Species under Malletia
n= 21
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Malletia abyssopolaris
Clarke, 1960
Western Atlantic and the Arctic
Malletia abyssorum
Verrill & Bush, 1898
Northwest Atlantic
Malletia angulata
Sowerby, 1888
Northwest Pacific
Malletia aoteana
(Marshall, 1978)
Southwest Pacific
Malletia bermudensis
Haas, 1949
Western Atlantic 0.77
Malletia chilensis
Moulins, 1832
Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific
Malletia concentrica
Thiele, 1912
Malletia cumingii
(Hanley, 1860)
Southeast Pacific and Southwest Atlantic 3
Malletia dilatata
(Philippi, 1844)
Western Atlantic
Malletia dunkeri
Smith, 1885
Northwest Pacific
Malletia faba
Dall, 1897
bean malletia Eastern Pacific
Malletia galatheae
Knudsen, 1970
Southwest Pacific
Malletia gigantea
(Smith, 1875)
Kerguelen malletia Endemic to Kerguelen
Malletia humilior
Prashad, 1932
Malletia inequalis
Dall, 1908
Southeast Pacific and Antarctic
Malletia magellanica
Smith, 1881
Southeast Pacific and Western Atlantic
Malletia obtusa
Sars, 1878
Mediterranean Sea 1.3
Malletia pallida
Smith, 1885
Malletia pellucida
Thiele, 1912
Antarctic Atlantic
Malletia polita
Verrill & Bush, 1898
Western Atlantic
Malletia veneriformis
Smith, 1885
Western Atlantic
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