Species under Macoma
n= 58
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Macoma acolasta
Dall, 1921
Morsel macoma East Pacific
Macoma angusta
Smith, 1915
Western Atlantic 1.65
Macoma aurora
(Hanley, 1844)
Western Atlantic
Macoma balthica
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Baltic macoma Arctic, Northern Atlantic, Northeast Pacific and the Mediterranean Sea 3.8
Macoma baltica
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Northeast Atlantic
Macoma biota
Arruda & Domaneschi, 2005
Western Atlantic 5.32
Macoma brevifrons
(Say, 1834)
Short macoma North America 3.6
Macoma brota
Dall, 1916
Heavy macoma Northeast Pacific and the Arctic 7.5
Macoma calcarea
(Gmelin, 1791)
Chalky macoma Arctic, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean 6
Macoma candida
(Lamarck, 1818)
Indo-West Pacific
Macoma carlottensis
Whiteaves, 1880
Charlotte macoma Northeast Pacific 2.5
Macoma cerina
Adams, 1845
Waxy macoma North America
Macoma cleryana
(d'Orbigny, 1846)
Western Atlantic 3.4
Macoma constricta
(Bruguiere, 1792)
Constricted macoma Western Central Atlantic
Macoma crassula
(Deshayes, 1855)
Thick macoma Northern Atlantic, Arctic and Northwest Pacific
Macoma cumana
(Costa, 1829)
Mediterranean Sea
Macoma dexioptera
Baxter, 1977
Rightwing macoma East Pacific
Macoma elimata
Dunnill & Coan, 1968
Beveled macoma Pacific Ocean 3.5
Macoma expansa
Carpenter, 1864
Expanded macoma Pacific Ocean 5
Macoma extenuata
Dall, 1900
Slender macoma North America 1.4
Macoma fallax
Bertin, 1878
Western Pacific
Macoma galathea
(Lamarck, 1818)
Western Pacific
Macoma golikovi
Scarlato & Kafanov, 1988
Arctic and Northern Pacific
Macoma incongrua
(Martens, 1865)
Incongruous macoma Northern Pacific
Macoma inconspicua
Macoma indentata
Carpenter, 1864
Indented macoma East Pacific
Macoma indifferens
Sowerby, 1914
Western Pacific
Macoma inornata
(Hanley, 1844)
Southwest Atlantic and Southeast Pacific
Macoma inquinata
(Deshayes, 1855)
Pointed macoma Northeast Pacific 6.3
Macoma irus
(Hanley, 1845)
Northwest Pacific
Macoma lama
Bartsch, 1929
Aleutian macoma Northeast Pacific 4.5
Macoma limula
Dall, 1895
Little-file macoma North America
Macoma lipara
Dall, 1916
Sleek macoma Pacific Ocean 7.5
Macoma litoralis
(Krauss, 1848)
Western Indian Ocean
Macoma loveni
(Jensen, 1905)
Inflated macoma
Macoma lucerna
(Hanley, 1844)
Western Pacific
Macoma melo
(Sowerby, 1866)
Mediterranean macoma Mediterranean Sea
Macoma middendorffi
Dall, 1884
Middendorff macoma East Pacific
Macoma mitchelli
Dall, 1895
Matagorda macoma North America 1.9
Macoma moesta
(Deshayes, 1855)
Flat macoma Eastern Pacific, Arctic and Northern Atlantic 3
Macoma moluccensis
(Martens, 1865)
Western Pacific
Macoma nasuta
(Conrad, 1837)
Bent-nose macoma Northeast Pacific 7.5
Macoma nipponica
(Tokunaga, 1906)
Northwest Pacific
Macoma nobilis
(Hanley, 1844)
Western Pacific
Macoma obliqua
(Sowerby, 1817)
Oval macoma Northeast Pacific 5
Macoma petalum
(Valenciennes, 1821)
Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific 1.6
Macoma phenax
Dall, 1900
Cheating macoma North America 1.8
Macoma praetexta
(Martens, 1865)
Marten's Macoma Northwest Pacific
Macoma pseudomera
Dall & Simpson, 1901
Mera macoma Western Atlantic 2
Macoma pulleyi
Boyer, 1969
Delta macoma North America
Macoma secta
(Conrad, 1837)
White-sand macoma Northeast Pacific 10
Macoma sectior
Oyama, 1950
Northwest Pacific
Macoma simplex
(d'Orbigny, 1853)
Western Atlantic 1.1
Macoma tageliformis
Dall, 1900
Tagelus macoma North America 3.8
Macoma tenta
(Say, 1834)
Elongate macoma Western Central Atlantic 2.5
Macoma torelli
(Jensen, 1905)
Triangular macoma Northern Atlantic and the Arctic
Macoma uruguayensis
(Smith, 1885)
Western Atlantic 2.2
Macoma yoldiformis
Carpenter, 1864
Yoldia macoma Northeast Pacific 2.5
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