Species under Littoraria
n= 16
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Littoraria angulifera
(Lamarck, 1822)
Mangrove periwinkle Western Central Pacific and Atlantic Ocean 4.1
Littoraria ardouiniana
(Heude, 1885)
Northwest Pacific
Littoraria articulata
(Philippi, 1846)
Northwest Pacific
Littoraria carinifera
(Menke, 1830)
Carinate periwinkle Western Central Pacific
Littoraria cingulata
(Philippi, 1846)
Eastern Indian Ocean
Littoraria coccinea
(Gmelin, 1791)
Scarlet periwinkle Pacific Ocean
Littoraria flammea
Philippi, 1847
Northwest Pacific
Littoraria intermedia
(Philippi, 1846)
Littoraria irrorata
(Say, 1822)
Marsh periwinkle Western Atlantic 2.92
Littoraria melanostoma
(Gray, 1839)
Northwest Pacific
Littoraria nebulosa
(Lamarck, 1822)
Cloudy periwinkle Western Central Atlantic 2.8
Littoraria pallescens
(Philippi, 1846)
Littoraria pintado
(Wood, 1828)
Dotted periwinkle Pacific
Littoraria subvittata
Reid, 1986
Estuarine periwinkle Indo-West Pacific. Inland
Littoraria tessellata
(Philippi, 1847)
Western Central Atlantic 2.3
Littoraria undulata
(Gray, 1839)
Undulate periwinkle Indo-Pacific 2
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