Species under Histioteuthis
n= 17
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Histioteuthis arcturi
(Robson, 1948)
Arcturus jewel squid Southeast Pacific and Atlantic Ocean 20.4
Histioteuthis atlantica
(Hoyle, 1885)
Southern Ocean
Histioteuthis berryi
Voss, 1969
Eastern Pacific Ocean
Histioteuthis bonnellii
(FĂ©russac, 1834)
Umbrella squid Indo-Pacific, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea 33
Histioteuthis celetaria
(Voss, 1960)
Elegant jewel squid Atlantic Ocean 8.7
Histioteuthis cerasina
Nesis, 1971
Southeast Pacific
Histioteuthis corona
(Voss & Voss, 1962)
Atlantic Ocean 18.8
Histioteuthis elongata
(Voss & Voss, 1962)
Elongate jewel squid Northern Atlantic and the Mediterranean 20
Histioteuthis eltaninae
Voss, 1969
Southern Ocean
Histioteuthis heteropsis
(Berry, 1913)
Eastern Pacific
Histioteuthis inermis
(Taki, 1964)
Northwest Pacific
Histioteuthis macrohista
Voss, 1969
Deep-webbed jewel squid Southern Pacific and Southeast Atlantic
Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis
(Chun, 1910)
Pearly jewel squid Indo-West Pacific and Atlantic Ocean 11.4
Histioteuthis miranda
(Berry, 1918)
Histioteuthis oceani
(Robson, 1948)
Central Pacific
Histioteuthis pacifica
(Voss, 1962)
Western Indian Ocean
Histioteuthis reversa
(Verrill, 1880)
Elongate jewell squid Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea 20
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