Species under Etisus
n= 15
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Etisus anaglyptus
Milne Edwards, 1834
Etisus australis
(Ward, 1936)
Eastern Indian Ocean
Etisus bargibanti
Crosnier, 1987
Western Central Pacific
Etisus bifrontalis
(Edmondson, 1935)
Etisus demani
Odhner, 1925
Etisus dentatus
(Herbst, 1785)
Spiny spooner Indo-Pacific 12
Etisus electra
(Herbst, 1801)
Etisus frontalis
(Dana, 1852)
Etisus laboutei
Crosnier, 1987
Western Central Pacific
Etisus laevimanus
Randall, 1840
Smooth spooner Indo-Pacific 8
Etisus maculatus
(Stimpson, 1860)
Blackfinger rubble crab Western Atlantic Ocean
Etisus punctatus
Hombron & Jacquinot, 1846
Eastern Central Pacific
Etisus splendidus
Rathbun, 1906
Splendid spooner Indo-Pacific, from Red Sea eastwards to Hawaii and French Polynesia 15
Etisus utilis
Jacquinot, 1852
Sawedged spooner Indo-West Pacific, reaching eastwards to New Caledonia 15
Etisus villosus
Clark & Galil, 1995
Western Central Pacific
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