Species under Chiridota
n= 22
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Chiridota abyssicola
von Marenzeller, 1893
To be filled
Chiridota albatrossi
Edwards, 1907
White-dotted sea cucumber Northeast Pacific
Chiridota albatrossii
Edwards, 1907
Eastern Pacific 25
Chiridota aponocrita
To be filled
Chiridota carnleyensis
Mortensen, 1925
Southwest Pacific
Chiridota discolor
Eschscholtz, 1829
Arctic and Northern Pacific
Chiridota durbanensis
Thandar, 1996
To be filled
Chiridota hawaiiensis
Fisher, 1907
Eastern Central Pacific
Chiridota heheva
Pawson & Vance, 2004
Western Central Atlantic
Chiridota hydrothermica
Smirnov & Gebruk, 2000
Central Pacific 26
Chiridota intermedia
Bedford, 1898
Western Central Pacific
Chiridota laevis
(Fabricius, 1829)
Arctic, Northeast Pacific and Northern Atlantic
Chiridota liberata
Sluiter, 1887
Western Central Pacific
Chiridota orientalis
Semper, 1868
To be filled 9
Chiridota pacifica
Eastern Pacific
Chiridota pisanii
Ludwig, 1887
Red spotted worm sea cucumber Southern Ocean
Chiridota rigida
Semper, 1868
Indo-Pacific 5
Chiridota rotifera
(Pourtales, 1851)
Western Atlantic 10
Chiridota smirnovi
Massin, 1996
To be filled
Chiridota stuhlmanni
Lampert, 1896
Western Indian Ocean 6.80000019073486
Chiridota uniserialis
Fisher, 1907
To be filled
Chiridota violacea
Müller, 1850
To be filled
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