Species under Calappa
n= 20
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Calappa bilineata
Ng, Lai & Aungtonya, 2002
Eastern Indian Ocean
Calappa calappa
(Linnaeus, 1758)
giant box crab Indo-Pacific 13
Calappa capellonis
(Laurie, 1906)
Indo-West Pacific
Calappa clypeata
Borradaile, 1903
Indo-West Pacific
Calappa convexa
Saussure, 1853
shame faced crab Southeast Pacific
Calappa flammea
(Herbst, 1794)
flame box crab Western Atlantic Ocean
Calappa galloides
Stimpson, 1859
Atlantic Ocean 6
Calappa gallus
(Herbst, 1803)
rough box crab Atlantic and Indo-Pacific 6
Calappa granulata
(Linnaeus, 1767)
shamefaced crab Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean 10
Calappa hepatica
(Linnaeus, 1758)
reef box crab Indo-Pacific 8
Calappa lophos
(Herbst, 1785)
common box crab Indo-Pacific 10
Calappa nitida
Holthuis, 1958
ornamented boxcrab To be filled
Calappa ocellata
Holthuis, 1958
ocellated box crab Western Atlantic Ocean
Calappa pelii
Herklots, 1851
spiny box crab Eastern Atlantic 7.59999990463257
Calappa philargius
(Linnaeus, 1758)
spectacled box crab Indo-Pacific 12
Calappa rubroguttata
Herklots, 1851
spotted box crab Eastern Atlantic 10.8
Calappa sebastieni
Galil, 1997
Eastern Central Pacific
Calappa sulcata
Rathbun, 1898
yellow box crab Western Atlantic Ocean
Calappa tortugae
Rathbun, 1933
Western Atlantic Ocean
Calappa woodmasoni
Alcock, 1896
Western Central Pacific
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