Species under Branchiostoma
n= 25
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Branchiostoma africae
Hubbs, 1927
Eastern Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma arabiae
Webb, 1957
Western Indian Ocean 4.05
Branchiostoma bazarutense
Gilchrist, 1923
East Africa (Ref
Branchiostoma belcheri
Gray, 1847
Indo-West Pacific 5.5
Branchiostoma bennetti
Boschung & Gunter, 1966
Western Central Atlantic 3.37
Branchiostoma bermudae
Hubbs, 1922
Western Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma californiense
Andrews, 1893
Eastern Central Pacific and Western Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma capense
Gilchrist, 1902
South Africa
Branchiostoma caribaeum
Sundevall, 1853
Western Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma elongatum
Sundevall, 1852
Southeast Pacific
Branchiostoma floridae
Hubbs, 1922
Western Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma gambiense
Webb, 1958
Southeast North Atlantic
Branchiostoma indicum
(Willey, 1901)
Eastern Indian Ocean
Branchiostoma japonicum
(Willey, 1897)
Japanese lancelet Northwest Pacific 5
Branchiostoma lanceolatum
(Pallas, 1774)
Northeast Atlantic, Western Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean
Branchiostoma leonense
Webb, 1956
Eastern Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma longirostrum
Boschung, 1983
Shellhash lancelet Western Central Pacific
Branchiostoma malayanum
Webb, 1956
Indo-West Pacific 3.7
Branchiostoma minucauda
Whitley, 1932
Indo-West Pacific 5.5
Branchiostoma mortonense
Kelly, 1966
Indo-West Pacific 2.9
Branchiostoma nigeriense
Webb, 1955
Eastern Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma platae
Hubbs, 1922
Southwest Atlantic
Branchiostoma senegalense
Webb, 1955
Eastern Central Atlantic
Branchiostoma tattersalli
Hubbs, 1922
Indo-West Pacific
Branchiostoma virginiae
Hubbs, 1922
Atlantic Ocean
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