Species under Bohadschia
n= 14
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Bohadschia argus
(Jaeger, 1833)
Leopard fish Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea, but excluding Hawaii 60
Bohadschia atra
Massin, Rasolofonirina, Conand & Samyn, 1999
Indian Ocean 40
Bohadschia bivittata
(Mitsukuri, 1912)
Two-ribboned sea cucumber Western Central Pacific 25
Bohadschia cousteaui
Cherbonnier, 1954
Western Indian Ocean
Bohadschia koellikeri
(Semper, 1868)
Mottled sea cucumber Indo-West Pacific 40
Bohadschia maculisparsa
Cherbonnier & FĂ©ral, 1984
Western Central Pacific 50
Bohadschia marmorata
(Jaeger, 1833)
Chalky cucumber Indo-West Pacific, except the Hawaiian Islands 40
Bohadschia mitsioensis
Cherbonnier, 1988
Western Indian Ocean
Bohadschia paradoxa
(Selenka, 1867)
Western Central Pacific
Bohadschia similis
(Semper, 1868)
Brownspotted sandfish Indo-Pacific, excluding Hawaii 26
Bohadschia steinitzi
Cherbonnier, 1963
Western Indian Ocean
Bohadschia subrubra
(Quoy & Gaimard, 1834)
Western Indian Ocean 40
Bohadschia tenuissima
(Semper, 1868)
Western Central Pacific
Bohadschia vitiensis
(Semper, 1868)
Brown sandfish Widespread in the Indo-Pacific 50
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