Species under Beania
n= 19
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Beania bilaminata
(Hincks, 1881)
Southwest Pacific
Beania challengeri
Hastings, 1943
Southeast Pacific and Antarctic Indian Ocean
Beania costata
(Busk, 1876)
meshed costate Beania Southeast Pacific, Southwest Atlantic and Antarctic
Beania cribrimorpha
Gordon, 1984
Southwest Pacific
Beania cylindrica
(Hincks, 1886)
Mediterranean Sea
Beania discodermiae
(Ortmann, 1890)
Pacific Ocean
Beania elongata
(Hincks, 1885)
Southwest Pacific
Beania erecta
Waters, 1904
Beania fragilis
(Ridley, 1881)
Southwest Atlantic
Beania gigantavicularis
Gordon, 1984
Southwest Pacific
Beania hirtissima
(Heller, 1867)
Eastern Central Pacific and the Mediterranean
Beania inermis
(Busk, 1852)
meshed spine-less Beania Southern Ocean
Beania klugei
Cook, 1968
Western Central Atlantic
Beania magellanica
(Busk, 1852)
two-headed Beania Pacific, Southwest Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Antarctic
Beania maxilla
(Jullien, 1888)
Southeast Pacific and Southwest Atlantic
Beania mirabilis
Johnston, 1840
Western Central Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Beania plurispinosa
Uttley & Bullivant, 1972
Southwest Pacific
Beania robusta
(Hincks, 1881)
Mediterranean Sea
Beania unicornis
Hastings, 1943
Southwest Atlantic
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