Species under Armina
n= 29
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Armina babai
Tchang, 1934
Indo-West Pacific
Armina bilamella
Lin, 1981
Northwest Pacific
Armina californica
(Cooper, 1863)
California armina Eastern Pacific 7
Armina carneola
Lim & Chou, 1970
Western Central Pacific
Armina comta
(Bergh, 1880)
Armina nudibranch Northwest Pacific
Armina cordellensis
Gosliner & Behrens, 1996
Eastern Pacific
Armina cygnea
(Bergh, 1876)
Swanny armina Indo-West Pacific 20
Armina elongata
Ardila & Valdés, 2004
Western Atlantic 1.6
Armina gilchristi
(Bergh, 1907)
Southeast Atlantic and Western Indian Ocean
Armina japonica
(Eliot, 1913)
Western Pacific 20
Armina juliana
Ardila & Díaz, 2002
Western Atlantic 4.1
Armina longicauda
Lin, 1981
Northwest Pacific
Armina loveni
(Bergh, 1860)
Northeast Atlantic
Armina lubugris
(Bergh, 1874)
Western Central Pacific
Armina maculata
Rafinesque, 1814
Mediterranean Sea
Armina muelleri
(Ihering, 1886)
Western Atlantic 3.9
Armina mulleri
(von Ihering, 1886)
Brazilian armina Western Atlantic
Armina neapolitana
(delle Chiaje, 1824)
Mediterranean Sea
Armina papillata
Baba, 1933
Northwest Pacific
Armina punctilopsis
Lin, 1992
Northwest Pacific
Armina punctilucens
Bergh, 1874
Northwest Pacific
Armina punctulata
Lin, 1990
Northwest Pacific 8
Armina semperi
Bergh, 1860
Western Pacific
Armina sinensis
Lin, 1981
Northwest Pacific
Armina taeniolata
(Bergh, 1860)
Indo-West Pacific
Armina tigrina
Rafinesque, 1814
Striped sea slug Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Armina tricuspidata
Thompson, Cattaneo & Wong, 1990
Mediterranean Sea
Armina variolosa
(Bergh, 1904)
Variable armina Northwest Pacific
Armina wattla
Marcus & Marcus, 1967
Western Atlantic 2.4
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