Species under Actinopyga
n= 19
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Actinopyga agassizi
Selenka, 1867
Five-toothed sea cucumber Western Atlantic 35
Actinopyga albonigra
Cherbonnier & FĂ©ral, 1984
Indo-West Pacific
Actinopyga bacilla
Cherbonnier, 1988
Western Indian Ocean
Actinopyga bannwarthi
Panning, 1944
To be filled
Actinopyga caerulea
Samyn, VandenSpiegel & Massin, 2006
Blue sea cucumber Indo-Pacific 40
Actinopyga capillata
Rowe & Massin, 2006
Indo-West Pacific
Actinopyga caroliniana
Tan Tiu, 1981
Caroline's sea cucumber Western Central Pacific 15
Actinopyga crassa
Panning, 1944
Indo-West Pacific
Actinopyga echinites
(Jaeger, 1833)
Deep-water redfish Indo-Pacific 36
Actinopyga flammea
Cherbonnier, 1979
Western Central Pacific 45
Actinopyga fusca
Cherbonnier, 1980
Western Central Pacific
Actinopyga lecanora
(Jaeger, 1833)
White-bottomed sea cucumber Indo-Pacific 25
Actinopyga mauritiana
(Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
Surf redfish Indo-Pacific 35
Actinopyga miliaris
(Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
Hairy blackfish Indo- Pacific, including the Red Sea, but excluding the Persian Gulf and Hawaii 35
Actinopyga obesa
(Selenka, 1867)
Plump sea cucumber Indo-Pacific
Actinopyga palauensis
Panning, 1944
Panning's blackfish Pacific Ocean 40
Actinopyga serratidens
Pearson, 1903
Western Central Pacific
Actinopyga spinea
Cherbonnier, 1980
New Caledonia blackfish Western Central Pacific 38
Actinopyga varians
(Selenka, 1867)
Holothuroids Central Pacific
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