Species under Acesta
n= 12
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Acesta angolensis
Adam & Knudsen, 1955
Eastern Atlantic
Acesta bullisi
(Vokes, 1963)
Western Atlantic
Acesta colombiana
(Vokes, 1970)
Western Atlantic
Acesta excavata
(Fabricius, 1779)
excavated fileclam Europe & Northern Asia (excluding China) and the Mediterranean Sea 11.25
Acesta marissinica
Yamashita & Habe, 1969
Western Pacific
Acesta maui
Marshall, 2001
giant file shell Southwest Pacific
Acesta oophaga
(Järnegren, Schander & Young, 2007)
Western Atlantic
Acesta patagonica
(Dall, 1902)
deep-water coral clam Southwest Atlantic and Southeast Pacific
Acesta philippinensis
(Bartsch, 1913)
Western Pacific
Acesta rathbuni
(Bartsch, 1913)
Rathbun's giant file shell Indo-West Pacific 21
Acesta saginata
Marshall, 2001
Southwest Pacific
Acesta smithi
(Sowerby, 1880)
Northwest Pacific
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