Species under Abra
n= 16
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Abra aequalis
(Say, 1822)
Atlantic abra Western Atlantic Ocean 1.25
Abra alba
(Wood, 1802)
white furrow shell Western Indian Ocean, Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean 2.5
Abra braziliensis
(Smith, 1885)
Western Atlantic
Abra cistula
(Melvill & Standen, 1907)
Western Indian Ocean
Abra hainanensis
Scarlato, 1965
Western Pacific
Abra japonica
Okutani, 1975
Western Pacific
Abra kurodai
Habe, 1961
Northwest Pacific
Abra lioica
(Dall, 1881)
smooth abra Northwest Atlantic Ocean 0.8
Abra longicallus
Sacchi, 1836
long abra North America and Mediterranean Sea
Abra maxima
(Sowerby, 1894)
Indo-West Pacific
Abra nitida
(Müller, 1776)
Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Abra prismatica
(Montagu, 1808)
Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea
Abra profundorum
Smith, 1885
Indo-West Pacific and Northeast Atlantic
Abra segmentum
(Récluz, 1843)
Mediterranean Sea
Abra tenuis
(Montagu, 1818)
Mediterranean Sea
Abra uruguayensis
(Pilsbry, 1897)
Western Atlantic 0.95
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