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Family: Aristeidae gamba prawns (See list of species below)

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26 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)

Aristaeomorpha foliacea
[Giant red shrimp]
No picture found

Aristaeomorpha woodmasoni
[Indian red shrimp]

Aristaeopsis edwardsiana
[Scarlet shrimp]
No picture found

Aristeus alcocki
[Arabian red shrimp]

Aristeus antennatus
[Blue and red shrimp]
No picture found

Aristeus antillensis
[Purplehead gamba prawn]
No picture found

Aristeus mabahissae
No picture found

Aristeus pallidicauda
No picture found

Aristeus semidentatus
[Smooth red shrimp]

Aristeus varidens
[Striped red shrimp]

Aristeus virilis
[Stout red shrimp]
No picture found

Austropenaeus nitidus

Cerataspis monstrosus
[Gamba prawns]
No picture found

Hemipenaeus carpenteri
No picture found

Hemipenaeus spinidorsalis
No picture found

Hepomadus glacialis
No picture found

Hepomadus inermis
No picture found

Hepomadus tener
[Delicate gamba prawn]
No picture found

Parahepomadus vaubani
No picture found

Plesiopenaeus coruscans
No picture found

Pseudaristeus crassipes
No picture found

Pseudaristeus gracilis
No picture found

Pseudaristeus kathleenae
No picture found

Pseudaristeus protensus
No picture found

Pseudaristeus sibogae
No picture found

Pseudaristeus speciosus
26 Species of Family Aristeidae
(gamba prawns)
Sort by: Species Length
Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Aristaeomorpha foliacea Giant red shrimp Atlantic, the Mediterrane 22.5 TL
Aristaeomorpha woodmasoni Indian red shrimp Indian Ocean 15.3 TL
Aristaeopsis edwardsiana Scarlet shrimp Circumglobal in tropical 33.4 TL
Aristeus alcocki Arabian red shrimp Indian Ocean. 15 TL
Aristeus antennatus Blue and red shrimp Eastern Atlantic, Mediter 22 TL
Aristeus antillensis Purplehead gamba prawn Western Atlantic 19.3 TL
Aristeus mabahissae Worldwide.
Aristeus pallidicauda Northwest Pacific
Aristeus semidentatus Smooth red shrimp Indo-Pacific 17.7999992370605 TL
Aristeus varidens Striped red shrimp Eastern Atlantic 20 TL
Aristeus virilis Stout red shrimp Indo-West Pacific 22.2 BL
Austropenaeus nitidus Indo-Pacific and Southeas
Cerataspis monstrosus Gamba prawns Worldwide.
Hemipenaeus carpenteri Western Atlantic and Indo
Hemipenaeus spinidorsalis South Atlantic and the In
Hepomadus glacialis Northwest Pacific
Hepomadus inermis South Central Pacific.
Hepomadus tener Delicate gamba prawn Atlantic and Indo-West Pa
Parahepomadus vaubani Indo-West Pacific
Plesiopenaeus coruscans Western Atlantic and Indi
Pseudaristeus crassipes Indian Ocean
Pseudaristeus gracilis Western Central Pacific
Pseudaristeus kathleenae Indo-West Pacific
Pseudaristeus protensus Indian Ocean
Pseudaristeus sibogae Indian Ocean
Pseudaristeus speciosus Southwest Atlantic

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