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Family: Strombidae conchs (See list of species below)

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90 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)
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Canarium erythrinum
[Elegant conch]
No picture found

Canarium fusiforme
No picture found

Canarium hellii

Canarium maculatum
[Spotted stromb]
No picture found

Canarium mutabile
No picture found

Canarium ochroglottis
No picture found

Canarium wilsonorum
No picture found

Conomurex decorus
No picture found

Conomurex fasciatus
No picture found

Dolomena boholensis
No picture found

Dolomena dilatata
No picture found

Dolomena hickeyi
No picture found

Dolomena labiosa
No picture found

Dolomena minima
No picture found

Dolomena pulchella
No picture found

Dolomena septima

Dolomena variabilis
[Variable conch]
No picture found

Doxander entropi
No picture found

Euprotomus aurora
No picture found

Euprotomus chrysostomus
No picture found

Euprotomus kiwi
No picture found

Euprotomus vomer
[Vomer conch]
No picture found

Eustrombus goliath
No picture found

Harpago arthriticus

Harpago chiragra
[Chiragra spider conch]
No picture found

Lambis arachnoides

Lambis crocata
[Orange spider conch]

Lambis lambis
[Common spider conch]

Lambis millepeda
[Milleped spider conch]
No picture found

Lambis pilsbryi
No picture found

Lambis robusta

Lambis scorpius
[Scorpio spider conch]

Lambis truncata
[Giant spider conch]
No picture found

Lambis wheelwrighti

Lentigo pipus
[Butterfly conch]

Lobatus costatus
[Milk conch]
No picture found

Lobatus galeatus
[Giant Eastern Pacific conch]

Lobatus gallus
[Roostertail conch]

Lobatus gigas
[Pink conch]
No picture found

Lobatus magolecciai
No picture found

Lobatus peruvianus
[Cock's comb conch]
No picture found

Lobatus raninus
No picture found

Ophioglossolambis violacea
No picture found

Persististrombus granulatus
[Granulated conch]
No picture found

Rostellariella martinii
No picture found

Sinustrombus taurus
[Bull conch]

Strombus alatus
[Florida fighting conch]

Strombus aratrum
[Dark diana conch]

Strombus aurisdianae
[Diana conch]

Strombus bulla
[Bubble conch]
No picture found

Strombus campbelli

Strombus canarium
[Dog conch]

Strombus dentatus
[Samar conch]
No picture found

Strombus dilatatus

Strombus epidromis
[Swan conch]

Strombus fragilis

Strombus gibberulus
[Gibbose conch]
No picture found

Strombus gracilior
[Eastern Pacific fighting conch]
No picture found

Strombus haemastoma
[Lavender-mouth conch]

Strombus labiatus
[Plicate conch]

Strombus labiosus
[Lip conch]

Strombus latissimus
[Widest Pacific conch]

Strombus latus
[West African stromb]

Strombus lentiginosus
[Silver conch]

Strombus luhuanus
[Strawberry conch]

Strombus marginatus
[Marginate conch]

Strombus microurceus
No picture found

Strombus minimus

Strombus mutabilis
[Mutable conch]
No picture found

Strombus persicus
[Persian conch]

Strombus plicatus
[Pigeon conch]

Strombus pugilis
[Fighting conch]

Strombus raninus
[Hawkwing conch]

Strombus sinuatus
[Laciniate conch]

Strombus terebellatus

Strombus urceus
[Little pitcher conch]

Strombus wilsoni

Terebellum terebellum
[Terebellum conch]
No picture found

Thersistrombus thersites
No picture found

Tibia cancellata
No picture found

Tibia crispata
No picture found

Tibia curta
No picture found

Tibia fucus

Tibia fusus
[Shinbone tibia]
No picture found

Tibia insulaechorab
[Arabian tibia]
No picture found

Tibia martini
[Martini's tibia]

Tibia powisi
[Powis tibia]
No picture found

Tricornis tricornis
[Three-knobbed conch]
No picture found

Tridentarius dentatus
No picture found

Varicospira crispata
[Network beak shell]
90 Species of Family Strombidae
Sort by: Species Length
Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Canarium erythrinum Elegant conch Indo-Pacific.
Canarium fusiforme Western Indian Ocean
Canarium hellii Eastern Central Pacific
Canarium maculatum Spotted stromb Pacific Ocean
Canarium mutabile Indo-West Pacific
Canarium ochroglottis Western Indian Ocean
Canarium wilsonorum Western Central Pacific
Conomurex decorus Western Indian Ocean
Conomurex fasciatus Western Indian Ocean
Dolomena boholensis Western Central Pacific
Dolomena dilatata Western Central Pacific
Dolomena hickeyi Western Central Pacific
Dolomena labiosa Western Central Pacific
Dolomena minima Western Central Pacific
Dolomena pulchella Western Central Pacific
Dolomena septima Western Central Pacific
Dolomena variabilis Variable conch Indo-Pacific 6 SHL
Doxander entropi Western Central Pacific
Euprotomus aurora Western Central Pacific
Euprotomus chrysostomus Western Central Pacific
Euprotomus kiwi Southwest Pacific
Euprotomus vomer Vomer conch Indo-Pacific.
Eustrombus goliath Western Atlantic. 38 DL
Harpago arthriticus Indo-West Pacific
Harpago chiragra Chiragra spider conch Indo-Pacific. 32 SHL
Lambis arachnoides Western Central Pacific
Lambis crocata Orange spider conch Indo-Pacific. 24 SHL
Lambis lambis Common spider conch Indo-Pacific 29 SHL
Lambis millepeda Milleped spider conch Indo-West Pacific. 16 SHL
Lambis pilsbryi Central Pacific
Lambis robusta Eastern Central Pacific
Lambis scorpius Scorpio spider conch Indo-Pacific 20 SHL
Lambis truncata Giant spider conch Indo-Pacific 43 SHL
Lambis wheelwrighti Western Central Pacific
Lentigo pipus Butterfly conch Central Pacific 7 TL
Lobatus costatus Milk conch Western Atlantic. 23.1 DL
Lobatus galeatus Giant Eastern Pacific conch Eastern Pacific and South
Lobatus gallus Roostertail conch Western Atlantic. 19.7 DL
Lobatus gigas Pink conch Western Atlantic 30 SHL
Lobatus magolecciai Western Atlantic. 9.3 DL
Lobatus peruvianus Cock's comb conch Eastern Pacific
Lobatus raninus Western Atlantic. 12.1 DL
Ophioglossolambis violacea Western Indian Ocean
Persististrombus granulatus Granulated conch Pacific Ocean and Western
Rostellariella martinii Western Central Pacific
Sinustrombus taurus Bull conch Western Central Pacific 12 SHL
Strombus alatus Florida fighting conch Western Central Atlantic 11.2 DL
Strombus aratrum Dark diana conch Western Pacific
Strombus aurisdianae Diana conch Indo-Pacific 9 SHL
Strombus bulla Bubble conch Indo-Pacific. 7.5 SHL
Strombus campbelli Indo-West Pacific
Strombus canarium Dog conch Indo-West Pacific 10 SHL
Strombus dentatus Samar conch Indo-Pacific. 6 SHL
Strombus dilatatus Western Central Pacific 6 TL
Strombus epidromis Swan conch Indo-West Pacific 9 SHL
Strombus fragilis Central Pacific
Strombus gibberulus Gibbose conch Indo-Pacific. 7 SHL
Strombus gracilior Eastern Pacific fighting conch Eastern Pacific
Strombus haemastoma Lavender-mouth conch Western Pacific.
Strombus labiatus Plicate conch Indo-West Pacific 5 SHL
Strombus labiosus Lip conch Western Central Pacific 5 TL
Strombus latissimus Widest Pacific conch Indo-West Pacific 20 SHL
Strombus latus West African stromb Eastern Atlantic and the
Strombus lentiginosus Silver conch Indo-Pacific. 10.5 SHL
Strombus luhuanus Strawberry conch Indo-West Pacific. 8 SHL
Strombus marginatus Marginate conch Indo-West Pacific 7 SHL
Strombus microurceus Western Central Pacific.
Strombus minimus Western Central Pacific 4 TL
Strombus mutabilis Mutable conch Indo-Pacific and the Medi 4 SHL
Strombus persicus Persian conch Western Indian Ocean
Strombus plicatus Pigeon conch Western Central Pacific
Strombus pugilis Fighting conch Western Atlantic. 11 DL
Strombus raninus Hawkwing conch Western Central Atlantic 12.1 DL
Strombus sinuatus Laciniate conch Indo-West Pacific 13 SHL
Strombus terebellatus Indo-West Pacific
Strombus urceus Little pitcher conch Indo-West Pacific 6.5 SHL
Strombus wilsoni Central Pacific
Terebellum terebellum Terebellum conch Indo-Pacific. 7 SHL
Thersistrombus thersites Western Pacific. Tropica
Tibia cancellata Western Central Pacific 3.5 TL
Tibia crispata Western Central Pacific 3 TL
Tibia curta Western Indian Ocean
Tibia fucus Western Central Pacific 30 TL
Tibia fusus Shinbone tibia Indo-West Pacific 30 SHL
Tibia insulaechorab Arabian tibia Western Indian Ocean
Tibia martini Martini's tibia Western Central Pacific 18 TL
Tibia powisi Powis tibia Western Central Pacific
Tricornis tricornis Three-knobbed conch Southwest Atlantic, Weste
Tridentarius dentatus Western Central Pacific
Varicospira crispata Network beak shell Western Central Pacific

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