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37 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)

Apostichopus californicus
[California sea cucumber]

Apostichopus japonicus
[Japanese sea cucumber]
No picture found

Apostichopus johnsoni
No picture found

Apostichopus leukothele
[Giant orange sea cucumber]
No picture found

Apostichopus multidentis
No picture found

Apostichopus nigripunctatus
No picture found

Apostichopus nipponensis

Apostichopus parvimensis
[Warty sea cucumber]

Astichopus multifidus
[Furry sea cucumber]

Australostichopus mollis
[Brown mottled sea cucumber]
No picture found

Eostichopus arnesoni

Isostichopus badionotus
[Chocolate chip sea cucumber]

Isostichopus fuscus
[Brown sea cucumber]
No picture found

Isostichopus macroparentheses
No picture found

Neostichopus grammatus
No picture found

Parastichopus nigripunctatus

Parastichopus regalis
[Royale cucumber]
No picture found

Parastichopus tremulus
No picture found

Stichopus anapinusus

Stichopus chloronotus
No picture found

Stichopus ellipes
No picture found

Stichopus flaccus

Stichopus herrmanni
[Curryfish herrmanni]

Stichopus horrens
[Selenka's sea cucumber]
No picture found

Stichopus ludwigi

Stichopus monotuberculatus

Stichopus naso
No picture found

Stichopus noctivagus
[Night-wandering sea cucumber]

Stichopus ocellatus
[Ocellated sea cucumber]

Stichopus pseudohorrens
No picture found

Stichopus quadrifasciatus
No picture found

Stichopus rubermaculosus

Stichopus variegatus

Stichopus vastus

Thelenota ananas
[Prickly redfish]

Thelenota anax
[Amber fish]

Thelenota rubralineata
[Red-striped sea cucumber]
37 Species of Family Stichopodidae
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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Apostichopus californicus California sea cucumber Eastern Pacific. 7.5 TL
Apostichopus japonicus Japanese sea cucumber Northwest Pacific 30 TL
Apostichopus johnsoni Eastern Central Pacific
Apostichopus leukothele Giant orange sea cucumber Eastern Pacific
Apostichopus multidentis Northwest Pacific
Apostichopus nigripunctatus Northwest Pacific
Apostichopus nipponensis Northwest Pacific
Apostichopus parvimensis Warty sea cucumber Eastern Central Pacific 25 TL
Astichopus multifidus Furry sea cucumber Western Central Atlantic 50 TL
Australostichopus mollis Brown mottled sea cucumber Southwest Pacific and Wes 36 TL
Eostichopus arnesoni Western Central Atlantic. 45 TL
Isostichopus badionotus Chocolate chip sea cucumber Western Atlantic 20 TL
Isostichopus fuscus Brown sea cucumber Eastern Pacific 31 TL
Isostichopus macroparentheses Western Central Atlantic 12 TL
Neostichopus grammatus Western Indian Ocean
Parastichopus nigripunctatus Northwest Pacific
Parastichopus regalis Royale cucumber Atlantic and the Mediterr 35 TL
Parastichopus tremulus Arctic and Northeast Atla
Stichopus anapinusus Indo-West Pacific.
Stichopus chloronotus Greenfish Indo-Pacific, excluding P 40 TL
Stichopus ellipes Indo-West Pacific
Stichopus flaccus Northwest Pacific
Stichopus herrmanni Curryfish herrmanni Indo-West Pacific. 55 TL
Stichopus horrens Selenka's sea cucumber Indo-Pacific. 50 TL
Stichopus ludwigi Eastern Indian Ocean
Stichopus monotuberculatus Indo-Pacific. Tropical a
Stichopus naso Indo-West Pacific.
Stichopus noctivagus Night-wandering sea cucumber Western Central Pacific 20 TL
Stichopus ocellatus Ocellated sea cucumber Indo-West Pacific. 33 TL
Stichopus pseudohorrens Western Indian Ocean. Pa
Stichopus quadrifasciatus Western Central Pacific
Stichopus rubermaculosus Western Central Pacific
Stichopus variegatus Curryfish Indo-Pacific, excluding H 90 TL
Stichopus vastus Zebrafish Indo-West Pacific. 31 TL
Thelenota ananas Prickly redfish Indo-Pacific excluding Ha 80 TL
Thelenota anax Amber fish Indo-West Pacific 100 TL
Thelenota rubralineata Red-striped sea cucumber Indo-West Pacific 50 TL

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