1. Current scientific accepted names, and synonyms in the sources used
  2. Distribution by country (i.e., in their EEZ);
  3. Distribution by FAO area;
  4. Published references used (both hard copy and online).
Actively searched for:
  1. Common names in English and other languages;
  2. Distribution by province/state for large countries;
  3. Distribution by ecosystem;
  4. Distribution by depth;
  5. Maximum length and weight (unit of measure depends on the taxonomic group);
  6. IUCN and CITES status;
  7. Habitats;
  8. Drawings and/or photos (some deep-linked).
Oppotunistically encoded:
  1. Trophic ecology: food items, diet, trophic level;
  2. Growth parameters, length-weight relationships;
  3. Reproduction: age at first maturity, fecundity.

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