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active reproductive state, reproductive state, state
adductor mandibulae muscles, mandibulae muscles, muscles
asexual reproduction, reproduction reproduction asexuée reproducción asexual reprodução assexuada
batch spawner, spawner reproducteur multiple ponedor parcial fecundo
broadcast spawners, spawners reproducteurs en eau libre reproductores en aguas libres espécies que libertam os gâmetas na água
broodstock stock de reproducteurs stock de cría; stock de cultivo stock reprodutor
dualistic reproductive behavior, reproductive behavior, behavior
duct conduit conducto ducto
ductus endolymphaticus
ductus pneumaticus
endolymphatic duct
inactive reproductive state, reproductive state, state
in-situ production, production production in-situ producción in-situ produção in-situ
maximum sustainable yield, yield MSY production maximum équilibrée captura máxima sustentada
net primary production
output controls, controls contrôles de la production controles por output
oviduct oviducte oviducto
pneumatic duct
primary production, production production primaire produção primária
primary productivity, productivity productivité primaire productividade primária
production pond, pond
reproduction reproduction reprodução
reproduction curve
reproductive guild, guild groupe de même éthologie reproductive guilda reprodutora
reproductive isolation
reproductive load, load charge reproductive índice do comprimento médio Àreprodução
reproductive potential
secondary production, production
Wolffian duct
sib selection, selection sélection de reproducteur selecção pelo fenótipo
surplus production
surplus production model, production model, model modèle de production soutenue modelo de produção
tertiary production
total productivity
transducer transducteur transdutor
urogenital duct, duct
wet reduction
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