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buttress and valley, and valley, valley contrefort et vallée contrafuerte y valle vertente de coral
barrier reef area, reef area, area secteur de récif barrière área de arrecife de coral área da barreira de coral
barrier reef coast, reef coast, coast côte de récif barrière costa de arrecife de barrera costa da barreira de coral
Coral Sea
coralline algae, algae algue coralligène algas coralinas alga coralina
corals corail coral coral
deep pass, pass passe profonde paso profundo passagem na barreira de coral
lagoon fringing reef area, fringing reef area, reef area récif frangeant d'un lagon laguna franjeante de área recifal barreira limítrofe de coral
moat and depression, and depression, depression dépression topo de recife de coral
noncoral reef coast, reef coast, coast côte non récifale costa não coralina
reef-associated associé aux récifs coralliens associado ao recife
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