Organisms Preying on Chelonia mydas
n = 29
Country Functional Groups Family Name
Mexico other n.a./other Mephitidae skunks
crustaceans crabs Ocypodidae ghost crab
Mexico insects insects Sarcophagidae scavenger fly
Galapagos Is. insects insects Scarabaeoideae Trox suberosus
Galapagos Is. mammals other mammals Suidae boars
Mexico mammals other mammals Canidae dogs
birds sea birds Aves seabirds
Mexico finfish bony fish Belonidae Thylosurus
finfish bony fish Carangidae Carangidae
Revillagigedo herps snakes Colubridae Masticophis anthonyi
finfish bony fish Scombridae scombrids
insects insects Formicidae ants
crustaceans crabs Ocypopidae ghost crab
other n.a./other Varanidae Varanus sp.
Hawaii finfish sharks/rays Carcharhinidae Galeocerdo cuvier
finfish sharks/rays Elasmobranchii sharks
other n.a./other Ozobranchinae Ozobranchius branchiatus
other n.a./other Ozobranchinae Ozobranchius marggoi
birds sea birds Aves sea birds
mammals other mammals Canidae dogs
finfish bony fish Coryphaenidae Coryphaena hippurus
mammals other mammals Didelphidae opossum
mammals other mammals Felidae jaguars
mammals other mammals Herpestidae mongoose
mammals other mammals Mephitidae skunk
mammals other mammals Procyonidae raccoon
finfish bony fish Serranidae Epinephelus lanceolatus
mammals other mammals Suidae domestic pigs
insects insects Diptera fly maggots
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