Species in Puget Sound
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Acanthodoris brunnea Brown spiny doris Onchidorididae demersal 1.500 TL native
Acanthodoris hudsoni Hudson's horned dorid Onchidorididae demersal 2.000 TL native
Acanthodoris lutea Orange-peel doris Onchidorididae demersal 3.000 TL native
Acanthodoris pilosa Hairy spiny doris Onchidorididae benthic 2.000 TL native
Acantholithodes hispidus Fuzzy crab Lithodidae benthic 5.000 CW native
Acila castrensis Divaricate nutclam Nuculidae benthic 1.500 TL native
Acmaea mitra Dunce cap limpet Acmaeidae benthopelagic 3.500 TL 2.0 native
Acrosiphonia coalita Green rope Acrosiphoniaceae sessile native
Acteocina culcitella Pillow barrel-bubble Cylichnidae demersal 2.200 SHL native
Acteocina eximia Intermediate barrel-bubble Cylichnidae demersal native
Adalaria evincta Onchidorididae benthic native
Adalaria jannae Janna's dorid Onchidorididae demersal 1.500 TL native
Adalaria proxima Yellow false doris Onchidorididae benthic 2.000 TL native
Aegires albopunctatus Salt-and-pepper doris Notodorididae benthic 2.300 TL 3.0 native
Aeolidia papillosa Shag-rug aeolis Aeolidiidae benthic 10.000 TL 3.6 native
Aequorea victoria Water jellyfish Aequoreidae pelagic 7.000 WD 3.8 native
Aeropsis fulva Aeropsidae benthic native
Aglaja ocelligera Spotted aglaja Aglajidae demersal 2.000 TL native
Alexandrium catenella Goniodomataceae epiphytic native
Alia carinata Carinate dovesnail Columbellidae benthic 1.000 NG native
Alia gausapata Columbellidae benthic native
Alitta brandti Nereididae benthic native
Allorchestes angusta Hyalellidae benthic native
Alpheus bellimanus Olive snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus clamator Twistclaw pistol shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alvania compacta Rissoidae benthic native
Americorophium salmonis Corophiidae benthic native
Ampelisca agassizi Ampeliscidae demersal native
Ampharete labrops Ampharetidae demersal native
Ampheraster marianus Mariana's Island star Asteriidae benthic native
Amphictene moorei Pectinariidae benthic native
Amphilepis patens Amphilepididae benthic native
Amphiodia occidentalis Long-armed brittle star Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiodia periercta Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiodia urtica Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiophiura pacifica Ophiuridae benthic native
Amphiophiura ponderosa Ophiuridae benthic native
Amphiophiura superba Ophiuridae reef-associated native
Amphioplus euryaspis Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphioplus macraspis Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphioplus strongyloplax Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphipholis pugetana Black and white brittle star Amphiuridae demersal native
Amphipholis squamata Dwarf brittle star Amphiuridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Amphissa columbiana Wrinkled amphissa Columbellidae benthic 2.500 NG native
Amphiura arcystata Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiura carchara Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphiura diomedeae Amphiuridae benthic native
Ampithoe lacertosa Sea lettuce sea flea Ampithoidae benthic native
Ancula gibbosa Atlantic ancula Goniodorididae benthic 2.500 TL native
Anisodoris nobilis Pacific sea-lemon Discodorididae benthic 20.000 TL native
Anisogammarus pugettensis Anisogammaridae benthic native
Anthopleura artemisia Moonglow anemone Actiniidae demersal 7.500 WD native
Anthopleura elegantissima Clonal anemone Actiniidae demersal 8.000 WD native
Aphelochaeta multifilis Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Aplidium solidum Red sea pork Polyclinidae sessile 0.300 TL native
Aplysiopsis enteromorphae Enteromorpha-eating sapsucker Stiligeridae demersal 2.500 TL native
Aporocidaris milleri Ctenocidaridae benthic native
Apostichopus californicus California sea cucumber Stichopodidae benthic 7.500 TL native
Arcuatula senhousia Green mussel Mytilidae benthic 4.000 TL native
Argis alaskensis Alaska argid Crangonidae demersal native
Argis crassa Rough argid Crangonidae demersal native
Argis dentata Arctic argid Crangonidae demersal native
Argis lar Kuro shrimp Crangonidae demersal native
Argis levior Nelson argid Crangonidae demersal native
Argis ovifer Spliteye argid Crangonidae demersal native
Armandia brevis Opheliidae benthic native
Armina californica California armina Arminidae benthic 7.000 TL 3.6 native
Ascidia paratropa Glassy tunicate Ascidiidae sessile 15.000 H native
Astarte elliptica Elliptical astarte Astartidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Astarte esquimalti Wavy-line astarte Astartidae benthic 1.800 SHL native
Asteronyx loveni Asteronychidae benthic native
Asteroschema sublaeve Asteroschematidae benthic native
Astrocles actinodetus Brisingidae benthic native
Astrolirus panamensis Brisingidae benthic native
Astropecten verrilli California sand star Astropectinidae benthic native
Axiothella rubrocincta Maldanidae demersal native
Balaenoptera acutorostrata Northern minke whale Balaenopteridae pelagic 1,070.000 TL 4.2 native
Balanus glandula Common acorn barnacle Balanidae demersal native
Balanus nubilus Balanidae sessile native
Bathycrinus pacificus Bathycrinidae benthic native
Batillaria attramentaria Japanese false cerith Batillariidae benthic 3.000 SHL introduced
Bentheogennema borealis Northern blunt-tail shrimp Benthesicymidae pelagic native
Bentheogennema burkenroadi Burkenroad blunt-tail shrimp Benthesicymidae pelagic native
Benthopecten claviger Benthopectinidae benthic native
Benthopecten mutabilis Benthopectinidae benthic native
Berthella californica California sidegill slug Pleurobranchidae demersal 5.000 TL native
Betaeus harrimani Northern hooded shrimp Alpheidae demersal native
Betaeus longidactylus Visored shrimp Alpheidae demersal native
Betaeus macginitieae Urchin visored shrimp Alpheidae demersal native
Betaeus setosus Fuzzy hooded shrimp Alpheidae demersal native
Bittium eschrichtii Threaded bittium Cerithiidae benthic 2.000 NG native
Blepharipoda occidentalis Spiny mole crab Albuneidae demersal native
Boccardia columbiana Spionidae benthic native
Boccardiella hamata Spionidae benthic native
Bolinopsis infundibulum Northern comb jelly Bolinopsidae pelagic 15.000 H 4.0 native
Boltenia villosa Spiny-headed sea squirt Pyuridae sessile 2.500 WD native
Bouvieraxius longipes Axiidae demersal native
Brachyramphus marmoratus Marbled murrelet Alcidae others 25.000 TL 4.2 native
Brisaster latifrons Northern heart urchin Schizasteridae benthic native
Buccinum plectrum Sinuous whelk Buccinidae benthic 6.000 NG native
Bugula californica Moss animal Bugulidae benthic 10.000 COLD native
Cadlina luteomarginata Yellow-edge cadlina Chromodorididae benthic 4.500 TL 3.0 native
Cadlina modesta Modest cadlina Chromodorididae demersal 3.300 TL native
Calcigorgia spiculifera Pink gorgonian Acanthogorgiidae benthic 25.000 H native
Callinectes sapidus Blue crab Portunidae benthopelagic 22.700 WD 4.0 native
Calliostoma annulatum Purple-ringed topsnail Calliostomatidae benthic 3.000 SHD 3.2 native
Calliostoma ligatum Blue topsnail Calliostomatidae benthic 2.500 SHD 3.5 native
Callithaca tenerrima Veneridae benthic native
Calocarides spinulicauda Axiidae demersal native
Cancer amphioetus Japanese rock crab Cancridae benthic native
Cancer antennarius California red rock crab Cancridae benthic 15.000 CW native
Cancer anthonyi Yellow rock crab Cancridae benthic 17.500 CW native
Cancer branneri Furrowed rock crab Cancridae benthic 7.500 CW native
Cancer gracilis Graceful rock crab Cancridae benthic 10.000 CW 4.5 native
Cancer jordani Hairy rock crab Cancridae benthic 3.300 CW native
Cancer productus Red rock crab Cancridae benthic 20.000 CW 3.3 native
Capitella capitata Capitellidae benthic 8.000 TL 2.0 native
Carcinus maenas Green crab Portunidae benthic 6.000 CL 3.5 introduced
Catablema nodulosa Pandeidae pelagic 2.000 WD native
Cepphus columba Pigeon guillemot Alcidae others 35.000 TL 4.2 native
Ceramaster clarki Deep-sea cookie star Goniasteridae benthic native
Ceratophysa valvaecristata Pourtalesiidae benthic native
Ceratostoma foliatum Leafy hornmouth Muricidae benthic 9.000 SHL 3.2 native
Cerorhinca monocerata Rhinoceros auklet Alcidae others 38.000 TL 4.3 native
Chionoecetes bairdi Tanner crab Oregoniidae benthic 15.000 CW 3.1 native
Chionoecetes tanneri Grooved tanner crab Oregoniidae demersal native
Chlamys hastata Spiny scallop Pectinidae benthic 8.300 SHH native
Chlamys rubida Reddish scallop Pectinidae benthic 7.000 SHD native
Chondrus crispus Irish moss Gigartinaceae sessile native
Chorilia longipes Longhorn decorator crab Epialtidae benthic native
Ciona savignyi Yellow-spotted sea squirt Cionidae sessile 15.000 TL native
Cirratulus cingulatus Cirratulidae demersal native
Cirratulus robustus Cirratulidae demersal native
Clinocardium nuttallii Nuttall cockle Cardiidae benthic 14.000 SHL 2.0 native
Cliona californiana Clionaidae sessile native
Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis Shiny red sea squirt Styelidae sessile 5.000 WD native
Compsomyax subdiaphana Milky venus Veneridae benthic 8.500 SHL native
Corella willmeriana Solitary tunicate Corellidae sessile 7.500 H native
Crangon alaskensis Alaska shrimp Crangonidae benthic native
Crangon alba Stout crangon Crangonidae demersal native
Crangon franciscorum California bay shrimp Crangonidae benthic 6.000 TL 3.3 native
Cranopsis cucullata Hood puncturella Fissurellidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Crassadoma gigantea Giant rock-scallop Pectinidae benthic 25.000 SHH 2.0 native
Crassostrea gigas Giant cupped oyster Ostreidae benthic 45.000 SHH 2.0 native
Craterobrisingia synaptoma Brisingidae benthic native
Crepidula fornicata Slipper limpet Calyptraeidae benthic 5.000 DL native
Crepidula nummaria Western white slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic 4.000 NG native
Crepidula onyx Onyx slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic native
Crepidula perforans White slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic 3.800 NG native
Crepipatella dorsata Pacific half-slippersnail Calyptraeidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Crepipatella lingulata Calyptraeidae benthic native
Crossaster papposus Rose seastar Solasteridae benthic 30.000 WD 3.4 native
Cryptobranchia concentrica Ringed blind limpet Lepetidae benthic native
Cryptochiton stelleri Giant Pacific chiton Acanthochitonidae demersal 32.500 TL native
Cryptomya californica California softshell Myidae benthic 2.800 SHL native
Cryptonatica aleutica Aleutian moonsnail Naticidae benthic native
Cryptopeltaster lepidonotus Pebbly star Goniasteridae benthic native
Cucumaria miniata Orange sea cucumber Cucumariidae demersal 25.000 TL native
Cuthona albocrusta White-crust cuthona Tergipedidae benthic 1.200 TL 4.4 native
Cuthona cocoachroma Brown cuthona Tergipedidae demersal 1.500 TL native
Cuthona concinna Neat aeolid Tergipedidae benthic 1.500 TL native
Cuthona divae Rose-pink cuthona Tergipedidae demersal 1.800 TL native
Cuthona flavovulta Yellowish cuthona Tergipedidae demersal 1.000 TL native
Cuthona pustulata Pimpled aeolid Tergipedidae demersal 2.000 TL native
Cuthona viridis Viridis aeolid Tergipedidae benthic 1.100 TL 4.0 native
Cystechinus loveni Urechinidae benthic native
Cystocrepis setigera Pourtalesiidae benthic native
Decamastus gracilis Capitellidae benthic native
Delectopecten vancouverensis Vancouver scallop Pectinidae sessile 0.600 SHL native
Dendraster excentricus Eccentric sand dollar Dendrasteridae benthic 100.000 WD native
Dendronotus albus White frond-aeolis Dendronotidae demersal 3.500 TL native
Dendronotus iris Giant frond-aeolis Dendronotidae pelagic 20.000 TL 3.6 native
Dendronotus subramosus Stubby frond-aeolis Dendronotidae demersal 3.300 TL native
Dermasterias imbricata Leather star Poraniidae benthic 30.000 WD 3.9 native
Desmarestia viridis Stringy acid weed Desmarestiaceae benthic native
Diaphana californica California diaphana Diaphanidae demersal 0.500 SHL native
Diaulula sandiegensis Ringed doris Discodorididae benthic 8.000 TL 3.0 native
Diodora aspera Keyhole limpet Fissurellidae benthic 7.500 TL 2.7 native
Diopatra ornata Ornate tube worm Onuphidae demersal 1.800 WD native
Diplodonta impolita Rough diplodon Ungulinidae benthic 3.600 SHL native
Diplopteraster multipes Pincushion star Pterasteridae benthic 20.000 WD 4.1 native
Dipolydora caulleryi Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Dipsacaster anoplus Astropectinidae benthic native
Dipsacaster borealis Northern sand star Astropectinidae benthic native
Dirona albolineata White-line dirona Dironidae demersal 18.000 TL native
Distaplia occidentalis Mushroom tunicate Holozoidae sessile 10.000 COLD native
Dodecaceria fewkesi Colonial tube worm Cirratulidae benthic 3.800 TL native
Doris montereyensis Monterey dorid Dorididae benthic 15.000 TL 3.0 native
Dorvillea annulata Dorvilleidae benthic native
Doryteuthis opalescens Opalescent inshore squid Loliginidae pelagic 19.000 ML 3.7 native
Doto amyra Hammerhead doto Dotoidae demersal 1.400 TL native
Doto kya Dark doto Dotoidae benthic 1.000 TL 4.4 native
Dreissena polymorpha Zebra mussel Dreissenidae benthic 2.0 native
Echinarachnius parma Purple sand dollar Echinarachniidae benthic native
Echinocrepis rostrata Pourtalesiidae benthic native
Edwardsia sipunculoides Sipunculid anemone Edwardsiidae benthic native
Endocladia muricata Nail brush seaweed Endocladiaceae benthic native
Enteroctopus dofleini North Pacific giant octopus Octopodidae benthic 300.000 TL 3.3 native
Enteroxenos parastichopoli Eulimidae benthic native
Entodesma navicula Rock entodesma Lyonsiidae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Eogammarus oclairi Anisogammaridae benthic native
Epiactis prolifera Brooding anemone Actiniidae demersal 5.000 WD native
Epitonium indianorum Epitoniidae benthic 3.500 NG native
Eremicaster crassus Porcellanasteridae benthic native
Eremicaster pacificus Porcellanasteridae bathydemersal native
Eschrichtius robustus Gray whale Eschrichtiidae pelagic 1,500.000 TL 3.3 native
Eteone pacifica Phyllodocidae demersal native
Eubranchus olivaceus Green balloon aeolis Eubranchidae demersal 0.900 TL native
Eubranchus rustyus Rustic aeolid Eubranchidae demersal 2.500 TL native
Eudistylia vancouveri Northern feather-duster worm Sabellidae benthic 45.000 TL native
Eumetopias jubatus Steller's sea lion Otariidae bathydemersal 330.000 TL 4.3 native
Eupentacta quinquesemita Stiff-footed sea cucumber Sclerodactylidae demersal 10.000 TL native
Evasterias troscheli Mottled star Asteriidae benthic 30.000 WD native
Exosphaeroma inornata Sphaeromatidae benthic native
Fabia subquadrata Grooved mussel crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Flabellina pricei Smooth-tooth aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 2.500 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina trilineata Threeline aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 3.600 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina trophina Predaceous aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 5.000 TL 4.0 native
Flabellina verrucosa Red-finger aeolis Flabellinidae benthic 6.000 TL 4.0 native
Florometra asperrima Rough feather star Antedonidae demersal native
Florometra serratissima Common feather star Antedonidae demersal 25.000 H native
Freemania litoricola Leptoplanidae benthic native
Freyella microplax Brisingidae benthic native
Freyellaster fecundus Brisingidae benthic native
Fucus distichus Rockweed Fucaceae benthic native
Fusitriton oregonensis Oregon triton Ranellidae benthic 15.000 SHH native
Gari californica California sunsetclam Psammobiidae benthic 14.900 SHL native
Gastropteron pacificum Pacific stomach wing Gastropteridae pelagic 4.000 TL native
Geitodoris heathi Gritty doris Discodorididae benthic 4.300 TL 3.0 native
Glebocarcinus oregonensis Pygmy rock crab Cancridae benthic 4.000 CW native
Glycera americana American bloodworm Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera siphonostoma Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera tenuis Glyceridae demersal native
Glycinde picta Goniadidae benthic native
Glycinde polygnatha Goniadidae demersal native
Glycymeris septentrionalis Northern bittersweet Glycymerididae benthic 4.500 TL native
Gnorimosphaeroma oregonense Sphaeromatidae benthic native
Goniada annulata Goniadidae demersal native
Gorgonocephalus eucnemis Common basket star Gorgonocephalidae benthic 76.000 WD native
Gracilaria pacifica Gracilariaceae epiphytic native
Haliotis kamtschatkana Pinto abalone Haliotidae benthic 17.500 SHL native
Hallaxa chani Chan's dorid Actinocyclidae benthic 3.000 TL 3.0 native
Halocynthia aurantium Pacific sea peach Pyuridae sessile 15.000 H native
Halocynthia igaboja Bristly tunicate Pyuridae sessile 0.100 TL native
Haminoea vesicula Blister glassy-bubble Haminoeidae demersal 2.400 TL native
Harmothoe imbricata Fifteen-scaled worm Polynoidae benthic 3.3 native
Hediste limnicola Nereididae benthic native
Hemigrapsus nudus Purple shore crab Varunidae benthic native
Hemigrapsus oregonensis Yellow shore crab Varunidae benthic native
Hemipodus borealis Glyceridae demersal native
Henricia aspera Sandpaper henricia Echinasteridae benthic native
Henricia leviuscula Pacific blood star Echinasteridae benthic 20.000 WD native
Heptacarpus sitchensis Sitka coastal shrimp Hippolytidae demersal native
Hermaea oliviae Olivia's sapsucker Stiligeridae demersal 1.000 TL native
Hermissenda crassicornis Hermissenda Facelinidae benthic 7.000 TL 3.6 native
Hesperonoe complanata Polynoidae benthic native
Hiatella arctica Arctic hiatella Hiatellidae benthic 4.500 DL native
Hippasteria californica California spiny star Goniasteridae benthic native
Hippodiplosia insculpta Fluted bryozoan Schizoporellidae sessile 12.500 H native
Hippolyte clarki Kelp humpback shrimp Hippolytidae demersal native
Humilaria kennerleyi Kennerley venus Veneridae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Hyale frequens Hyalidae benthic native
Hydroprogne caspia Caspian tern Laridae others 59.000 TL 4.4 native
Hymenaster perissonatus Pterasteridae benthic native
Hymenaster quadrispinosus Pterasteridae benthic native
Iselica obtusa Amathinidae benthic native
Janolus fuscus White-and-orange-tipped nudibranch Janolidae demersal 2.500 TL native
Katharina tunicata Black katy Mopaliidae benthic 13.000 TL 2.0 native
Keenocardium blandum Cardiidae benthic native
Kellia suborbicularis Suborbicular kellyclam Lasaeidae benthic 1.300 SHL native
Lacuna variegata Variegate lacuna Littorinidae benthic 1.600 SHH native
Lacuna vincta Northern lacuna Littorinidae benthic 1.300 DL native
Larus argentatus Herring gull Laridae others 66.000 TL 4.4 native
Larus californicus California gull Laridae others 58.000 TL 3.9 native
Larus glaucescens Glaucous-winged gull Laridae others 70.000 TL 4.5 native
Larus occidentalis Western gull Laridae others 68.000 TL 4.3 native
Larus philadelphia Bonaparte's gull Laridae others 36.000 TL 3.9 native
Larus thayeri Laridae others 4.5 native
Lebbeus grandimanus Candy-striped shrimp Hippolytidae demersal 5.000 TL native
Lebbeus groenlandicus Spiny lebbeid Hippolytidae benthic native
Leitoscoloplos pugettensis Orbiniidae demersal native
Lepidochitona dentiens Gould's baby chiton Callochitonidae demersal native
Lepidonotus squamatus Twelve scaled worm Polynoidae benthic 3.3 native
Lepidozona mertensii Merton's chiton Callochitonidae demersal 5.100 TL native
Lepidozona radians Ischnochitonidae benthic native
Lepidozona retiporosa Ischnochitonidae benthic native
Leptasterias hexactis Delicate six-rayed star Asteriidae benthic 7.500 WD 3.4 native
Leptochelia dubia Leptocheliidae benthic native
Leptosynapta clarki Burrowing sea cucumber Synaptidae demersal native
Leptychaster inermis Astropectinidae benthic native
Leukoma restorationensis Veneridae benthic native
Leukoma staminea Pacific littleneck Veneridae benthic 7.500 SHL 2.0 native
Ligia occidentalis Ligiidae benthic native
Limacia cockerelli Cockerell's dorid Polyceridae demersal 2.600 TL native
Limneria prolongata Elongate lamellaria Velutinidae benthic 2.000 SHL native
Lirabuccinum dirum Dire whelk Buccinidae benthic 5.000 SHH native
Lirularia lirulata Lirulate margarite Trochidae demersal native
Lirularia succincta Girdled lirularia Trochidae benthic native
Littorina scutulata Checkered periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 1.500 SHH native
Littorina sitkana Sitka periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 2.200 NG native
Lophaster furcilliger Pink crested star Solasteridae benthic 16.400 WD 3.4 native
Lophopanopeus bellus Blackclaw crestleg crab Panopeidae benthic native
Lottia digitalis Ribbed Limpet Lottiidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Lottia instabilis Unstable limpet Lottiidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Lottia paradigitalis Lottiidae benthic native
Lottia pelta Shield limpet Lottiidae benthic 5.400 SHL native
Lottia persona Lottiidae demersal native
Lottia scutum Pacific Plate limpet Lottiidae demersal native
Lottia strigatella Checkered limpet Lottiidae benthic native
Lucinoma annulata Ringed lucine Lucinidae benthic 8.200 SHL native
Luidia foliolata Gray sand star Luidiidae benthic 60.000 WD 3.4 native
Lumbricillus annulatus Enchytraeidae benthic native
Lumbrineris pallida Lumbrineridae demersal native
Lumbrineris zonata Lumbrineridae demersal native
Macoma balthica Baltic macoma Tellinidae benthic 3.800 SHL native
Macoma brota Heavy macoma Tellinidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Macoma inquinata Pointed macoma Tellinidae benthic 6.300 SHL native
Macoma nasuta Bent-nose macoma Tellinidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Macoma obliqua Oval macoma Tellinidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Macoma secta White-sand macoma Tellinidae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Macoma yoldiformis Yoldia macoma Tellinidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Macrocystis integrifolia Small giant kelp Lessoniaceae benthic native
Magelona hobsonae Magelonidae benthic native
Maldane sarsi Bambooworm Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Malmgreniella bansei Polynoidae benthic native
Malmgreniella nigralba Polynoidae benthic native
Manania handi Depastridae sessile 4.000 TL native
Margarites pupillus Little margarite Trochidae benthic 1.700 NG native
Marsenina stearnsii Stearn's ear shell Lamellariidae benthic native
Mastocarpus papillatus Turkish washcloth Phyllophoraceae benthic native
Mazzaella splendens Iridescent seaweed Gigartinaceae benthic native
Mediaster aequalis Red sea star Goniasteridae benthic 20.000 WD 3.2 native
Mediomastus californiensis Capitellidae benthic native
Megalorchestia pugettensis Talitridae benthic native
Megaptera novaeangliae Humpback whale Balaenopteridae pelagic 1,889.760 TL 3.6 native
Melanella micans Shining balcis Eulimidae benthic native
Melanitta fusca Velvet scoter Anatidae others 59.000 TL 3.3 native
Melanitta perspicillata Surf scoter Anatidae others 54.000 TL 3.5 native
Melanochlamys diomedea Albatross aglaja Aglajidae demersal native
Membranipora villosa Kelp-encrusting bryozoan Membraniporidae benthic native
Mesocentrotus franciscanus Red sea urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic native
Metacarcinus magister Dungeness crab Cancridae benthic 22.500 CW 3.5 native
Metandrocarpa taylori Taylor's social tunicate Styelidae sessile 20.000 COLD native
Metridium farcimen Gigantic anemone Metridiidae demersal 10.000 WD native
Metridium senile Clonal plumose anemone Metridiidae benthic 5.000 WD native
Microcladia borealis Coarse sea lace Ceramiaceae benthic native
Micropodarke dubia Hesionidae demersal native
Modiolus modiolus Northern horsemussel Mytilidae benthic 18.000 TL native
Modiolus rectus Straight horsemussel Mytilidae sessile 23.000 TL native
Monocorophium acherusicum Corophiidae benthic 2.0 native
Montereina nobilis Sea lemon Discodorididae benthic 20.000 TL 3.0 native
Mopalia ferreirai Mopaliidae demersal 5.100 TL native
Mopalia hindsii Hind's mopalia Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia imporcata Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia kennerleyi Northern hairy chiton Mopaliidae benthic native
Mopalia lignosa Woody chiton Mopaliidae benthic 7.600 TL 2.0 native
Mopalia muscosa Mossy chiton Mopaliidae demersal 8.900 TL native
Mopalia spectabilis Red-flecked mopalia Mopaliidae demersal 5.700 TL native
Mopalia swanii Swan's mopalia Mopaliidae demersal 5.100 TL native
Mopalia vespertina Smooth mopalia Mopaliidae benthic native
Mya arenaria Softshell clam Myidae benthic 10.000 TL 2.3 native
Mya truncata Truncate softshell Myidae benthic 8.000 SHL native
Mysella tumida Lasaeidae benthic native
Mytilus californianus California mussel Mytilidae benthic 25.500 TL 2.0 native
Mytilus edulis Blue mussel Mytilidae benthic 11.000 TL 2.0 native
Mytilus trossulus Foolish mussel Mytilidae benthic 9.000 TL native
Myxilla lacunosa Myxillidae reef-associated 12.500 H native
Myxoderma sacculatum Giant slimy star Zoroasteridae benthic native
Nassarius mendicus Lean western nassa Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius perpinguis Fat western nassa Nassariidae benthic native
Neaeromya rugifera Wrinkled montacutid Lasaeidae demersal native
Nearchaster aciculosus Needle-spined fragile star Benthopectinidae demersal native
Nemocardium centifilosum Hundred-line cockle Cardiidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Neoamphitrite robusta Terebellidae demersal native
Neocrangon abyssorum Abyssal crangon Crangonidae demersal native
Neocrangon communis Twospine crangon Crangonidae demersal native
Neorhodomela larix Black pine Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Neotrypaea californiensis Bay ghost shrimp Callianassidae benthic 11.500 TL 2.4 native
Nephtys caeca Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys caecoides Nephtyidae benthic native
Nephtys ferruginea Nephtyidae demersal native
Nephtys longosetosa Nephtyidae benthic 3.8 native
Neptunea lyrata Lyre whelk Buccinidae benthic 16.500 SHH native
Neptunea phoenicea Phoenician whelk Buccinidae benthic 11.000 SHH native
Neptunea smirnia Smirnia whelk Buccinidae benthic 11.000 NG native
Nereis procera Little pileworm sea-nymph Nereididae demersal native
Nereis vexillosa Pile worm Nereididae demersal native
Nereis zonata Nereididae benthic native
Nereocystis luetkeana Lessoniaceae benthic native
Neverita lewisii Lewis's moonsnail Naticidae benthic 14.000 SHH native
Noctiluca scintillans Noctilucaceae pelagic-neritic 2.0 native
Nothria conchylega Onuphidae benthic 10.000 TL native
Notomastus lineatus Capitellidae benthic native
Notomastus tenuis Capitellidae benthic native
Nucella canaliculata Channeled dogwinkle Muricidae benthic 4.000 NG native
Nucella lamellosa Frilled dogwinkle Muricidae benthic 8.000 SHH native
Nucella ostrina Northern striped dogwinkle Muricidae benthic native
Nutricola lordi Lord dwarf-venus Veneridae benthic 1.000 SHL native
Nuttallia obscurata Purple mahogany-clam Psammobiidae benthic 5.500 native
Ocenebra inornata Muricidae benthic native
Ocinebrina interfossa Sculptured rocksnail Muricidae benthic 2.000 SHH native
Odonthalia floccosa Sea brush Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Olea hansineensis Hansine seaslug Stiligeridae demersal 1.300 TL native
Onchidella borealis Northwest onchidella Onchidiidae demersal native
Onchidoris bilamellata Barnacle-eating onchidoris Onchidorididae benthic 3.800 TL native
Onchidoris muricata Fuzzy onchidoris Onchidorididae benthic 1.400 TL native
Onuphis holobranchiata Onuphidae demersal native
Onuphis iridiscens Onuphidae demersal native
Opalia borealis Boreal wentletrap Epitoniidae benthic 33.000 DL native
Ophiacantha abyssa Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiacantha bathybia Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiacantha rhachophora Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiacantha trachybactra Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiacanthella acontophora Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiocten hastatum Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiodermella inermis Gray snakeskin-snail Conidae benthic native
Ophiodromus pugettensis Bat star commensal worm Hesionidae demersal native
Ophioleuce oxycraspedon Ophioleucidae benthic native
Ophiolimna bairdi Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiomusium glabrum Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiomusium lymani Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiopholis aculeata Daisy brittle star Ophiactidae benthic native
Ophiopholis bakeri Roughspine brittlestar Ophiactidae benthic native
Ophiopholis japonica Ophiactidae benthic native
Ophiopholis kennerlyi Ophiactidae benthic native
Ophiopholis longispina Ophiactidae benthic native
Ophioplocus esmarki Ophiuridae benthic 15.000 WD native
Ophiopteris papillosa Flatspine brittlestar Ophiocomidae demersal 17.500 WD native
Ophiopthalmus cataleimmoidus Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiopthalmus diplasia Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiopthalmus eurypoma Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiopthalmus normani Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophioscolex corynetes Ophiomyxidae benthic native
Ophiosemnotes paucispina Ophiacanthidae benthic native
Ophiosphalma jolliensis Ophiolepididae benthic native
Ophiothrix spiculata Pacific spiny brittlestar Ophiothrichidae benthic 38.000 WD native
Ophiura bathybia Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura cryptolepis Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura flagellata Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura irrorata Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura leptoctenia Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura luetkenii Gray brittle star Ophiuridae benthic native
Ophiura sarsi Notched brittle star Ophiuridae demersal native
Ophlitaspongia pennata Red encrusting sponge Microcionidae sessile 1.200 H native
Orcinus orca Killer whale Delphinidae pelagic 980.000 TL 4.5 native
Oregonia gracilis Graceful decorator crab Oregoniidae benthic 7.500 CW native
Orthasterias koehleri Rainbow star Asteriidae benthic 38.000 WD 4.4 native
Ostrea conchaphila Olympia oyster Ostreidae benthic 9.000 SHD 2.0 error
Ostrea edulis Edible oyster Ostreidae benthic 12.000 SHH 2.0 native
Ostrea lurida Yaquina oyster Ostreidae benthic 9.000 SHL 2.0 native
Ostreola conchaphila Ostreidae benthic native
Owenia fusiformis Tubeworm Oweniidae benthic 10.000 TL 2.0 native
Pachycerianthus fimbriatus Tube-dwelling anemone Cerianthidae demersal 30.000 H native
Pagurus armatus Armed hermit Paguridae demersal 1.900 CL native
Pagurus beringanus Bering hermit Paguridae demersal native
Palio dubia Dubious dorid Polyceratidae benthic 1.200 TL native
Pandalus danae Dock shrimp Pandalidae demersal native
Pandalus goniurus Humpy shrimp Pandalidae demersal 14.200 TL native
Pandalus hypsinotus Coonstriped shrimp Pandalidae benthic 20.900 TL native
Pandora filosa Threaded pandora Pandoridae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Panopea abrupta Pacific geoduck clam Hiatellidae benthic 2.0 native
Panopea generosa Pacific geoduck Hiatellidae benthic 17.500 SHL 2.0 native
Paranemertes peregrina Emplectonematidae demersal 40.000 TL native
Paraprionospio pinnata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Parvilucina tenuisculpta Fine-line lucine Lucinidae benthic 1.500 SHL native
Patinopecten caurinus Giant Pacific sea scallop Pectinidae benthic 28.000 SHL 2.5 native
Pectinaria californiensis Pectinariidae benthic native
Pectinaria granulata Tusk coneworm Pectinariidae demersal native
Penitella penita Flap-tip piddock Pholadidae benthic 7.200 SHL native
Penitella richardsoni Monterey piddock Pholadidae benthic native
Petalonia fascia Scytosiphonaceae benthic native
Petricola carditoides Hearty petricola Petricolidae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 90.000 TL 4.4 native
Phalacrocorax pelagicus Pelagic cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 68.000 TL 4.2 native
Phalacrocorax penicillatus Brandt's cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 89.000 TL 4.5 native
Phascolosoma agassizii Agassiz'z peanut worm Phascolosomatidae demersal 4.000 TRKL native
Pherusa plumosa Flabelligeridae benthic 5.000 TL native
Phoca vitulina Harbour seal Phocidae bathydemersal 190.000 TL 4.5 native
Phocoena phocoena Harbour porpoise Phocoenidae pelagic 200.000 TL 4.5 native
Phocoenoides dalli Dall's porpoise Phocoenidae pelagic 240.000 TL 4.5 native
Phoronopsis harmeri Large green phoronid Phoronidae sessile native
Pinnixa eburna Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa faba Mantle pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa schmitti Schmitt pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pinnixa tubicola Tube-dwelling pea crab Pinnotheridae benthic native
Pisaster brevispinus Short spined sea star Asteriidae benthic 60.000 WD 3.8 native
Pisaster ochraceus Purple star Asteriidae benthic 35.000 WD 3.4 native
Placida dendritica Dendritic placida Limapontiidae demersal DL native
Platynereis bicanaliculata Nereididae demersal native
Podarkeopsis glabrus Hesionidae benthic native
Pododesmus macrochisma Green falsejingle Anomiidae benthic 9.000 SHD native
Polydora cardalia Spionidae demersal native
Polydora socialis Spionidae benthic native
Pomaulax gibberosus Turbinidae benthic native
Pontogeneia ivanovi Eusiridae benthic native
Pourtalesia tanneri Pourtalesiidae benthic native
Pourtalesia thomsoni Pourtalesiidae benthic native
Prionospio multibranchiata Spionidae benthic native
Prionospio steenstrupi Spionidae benthic native
Proboscidactyla flavicirrata Proboscidactylidae pelagic 1.200 WD 3.3 native
Protula pacifica White-crowned calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Psathyrometra fragilis Antedonidae benthic native
Pseudarchaster alascensis Aleutian scarlet star Goniasteridae benthic 20.000 WD 3.6 native
Pseudarchaster dissonus Giant brown pseudarchaster Goniasteridae benthic native
Pseudopythina rugifera Lasaeidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Psilaster pectinatus Astropectinidae benthic native
Psolus chitinoides Slipper sea cucumber Psolidae demersal 12.500 TL native
Pteraster jordani Jordan's cushion star Pterasteridae benthic native
Pteraster militaris Wrinkled sea star Pterasteridae benthic 15.000 WD 3.2 native
Pteraster tesselatus Tesselated slime star Pterasteridae benthic 24.000 WD 3.0 native
Pterocirrus parvoseta Phyllodocidae benthic native
Pterygophora californica Old growth kelp Alariaceae benthic native
Ptilosarcus gurneyi Orange sea pen Pennatulidae demersal 46.000 H native
Pugettia gracilis Graceful kelp crab Epialtidae benthic native
Pugettia producta Northern kelp crab Epialtidae benthic 9.300 CW native
Punctaria expansa Chordariaceae epiphytic native
Puncturella galeata Helmet puncturella Fissurellidae benthic native
Pycnopodia helianthoides Sunflower star Asteriidae benthic 90.000 WD native
Pyura haustor Warty tunicate Pyuridae sessile 7.500 WD native
Rathbunaster californicus California sun star Asteriidae benthic native
Retiometra alascana Antedonidae benthic native
Rictaxis punctocaelatus Spotted rictaxis Acteonidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Rossia pacifica North Pacific bobtail Sepiolidae benthic 8.000 ML 3.8 native
Rostanga pulchra Red sponge nudibranch Rostangidae benthic 0.900 DL 3.0 native
Ruditapes philippinarum Japanese carpet shell Veneridae benthic 8.000 SHL 2.0 native
Saccharina latissima Sea belt Laminariaceae benthic native
Sagenaster evermanni Evermann's star Zoroasteridae benthic native
Sargassum muticum Jap weed Sargassaceae benthic native
Saxidomus gigantea Washington butterclam Veneridae benthic 13.000 SHL native
Schizobranchia insignis Split-branch feather-duster Sabellidae benthic native
Scleroplax granulata Burrow pea crab Pinnotheridae demersal native
Scolelepis squamata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Scoloplos armiger Armed bristleworm Orbiniidae benthic 12.000 TL 2.0 native
Scyra acutifrons Sharpnose crab Epialtidae benthic 3.800 CW native
Scytosiphon lomentaria Beanweed Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Semele rubropicta Rose-painted semele Semelidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Semibalanus cariosus Thatched barnacle Archaeobalanidae demersal native
Serpula columbiana Red trumpet calcareous tubeworm Serpulidae sessile native
Serpula vermicularis Serpulid worm Serpulidae sessile 10.000 TL native
Serripes groenlandicus Greenland smoothcockle Cardiidae benthic 11.000 SHL native
Sigambra tentaculata Pilargidae benthic native
Simomactra falcata Hooked surfclam Mactridae benthic 9.000 SHL native
Smithora naiadum Red fringe Erythrotrichiaceae benthic native
Solaster borealis Deepsea sun star Solasteridae benthic native
Solaster dawsoni Morning sun star Solasteridae benthic 51.000 WD 4.0 native
Solaster endeca Northern sun star Solasteridae benthic 40.000 WD 3.0 native
Solaster paxillatus Orange sunstar Solasteridae benthic 38.000 WD 3.6 native
Solaster stimpsoni Striped sun star Solasteridae benthic 51.000 WD 3.2 native
Solen sicarius Sickle jackknife Solenidae benthic 12.500 SHL native
Solmundaegina nematophora Solmundaeginidae pelagic native
Sperosoma biseriatum Echinothuriidae benthic native
Sperosoma giganteum Echinothuriidae benthic native
Spio filicornis Spionidae benthic 3.000 TL 2.0 native
Spiochaetopterus costarum Glassy tube worm Chaetopteridae sessile native
Spiophanes berkeleyorum Spionidae benthic native
Spiophanes bombyx Bee spionid Spionidae benthic 6.000 TL 2.0 native
Stegophiura carinata Ophiuridae benthic native
Stomotoca atra Hanging stomach jelly Pandeidae pelagic 2.500 WD 4.0 native
Stomphia didemon Cowardly anemone Actinostolidae demersal native
Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis Northern sea urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic 10.000 WD 2.4 native
Strongylocentrotus fragilis Orange-pink sea urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic native
Strongylocentrotus pallidus Strongylocentrotidae demersal native
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus purple urchin Strongylocentrotidae benthic 8.500 WD native
Styela clava Clubbed tunicate Styelidae sessile 12.000 TL native
Stylidium eschrichtii Threaded cerith Cerithiidae benthic native
Tarsaster alaskanus Alaskan star Asteriidae benthic native
Tectura rosacea Pacific rosy limpet Lottiidae benthic native
Tectura scutum Plate limpet Lottiidae benthic 2.0 native
Tellina bodegensis Bodega tellin Tellinidae benthic 6.000 SHL native
Tellina modesta Plain tellin Tellinidae benthic 2.500 SHL native
Tellina nuculoides Salmon tellin Tellinidae benthic 2.000 SHL native
Telmessus cheiragonus Helmet crab Cheiragonidae benthic 10.000 CW native
Terebellides californica Trichobranchidae demersal native
Terebellides stroemii Stroem's trichobranchid worm Trichobranchidae sessile 6.000 TL 2.0 native
Terebratalia transversa Lampshell Laqueidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Tharyx parvus Cirratulidae demersal native
Thrissacanthias penicillatus Astropectinidae benthic native
Thyonicola americana Eulimidae benthic native
Tonicella lineata Lined chiton Callochitonidae benthic 5.080 TL 2.0 native
Tonicella undocaerulea Blue-line chiton Tonicellidae benthic native
Transennella tantilla Purple transennella Veneridae benthic native
Tresus capax Fat gaper Mactridae benthic 18.000 SHL native
Trichotropis cancellata Cancellate hairysnail Capulidae benthic 3.000 SHH native
Triopha catalinae Sea-clown triopha Polyceratidae demersal 7.000 TL native
Tritonia diomedea Rosy tritonia Tritoniidae benthic 21.500 TL native
Tritonia festiva Diamondback tritonia Tritoniidae benthic 2.000 TL 3.6 native
Ulva intestinalis Hollow green nori Ulvaceae sessile 20.000 H native
Ulva lactuca Sea lettuce Ulvaceae sessile 100.000 TL native
Upogebia pugettensis Blue mud shrimp Upogebiidae benthic 15.000 TL 2.0 native
Uria aalge Common murre Alcidae others 43.000 TL 4.1 native
Urticina crassicornis Mottled anemone Actiniidae sessile 20.000 WD 3.6 native
Urticina lofotensis Spotted red anemone Actiniidae demersal 10.000 WD native
Velutina velutina Smooth lamellaria Velutinidae benthic 2.750 DL native
Zalophus californianus California sea lion Otariidae bathydemersal 240.000 TL 4.5 native
Zirfaea pilsbryi Pilsbry piddock Pholadidae benthic native
Zoroaster ophiurus Zoroasteridae benthic native
Zostera japonica Intertidal seagrass Zosteraceae sessile native
Zostera marina Eel-grass Zosteraceae sessile native
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