Species in the Persian Gulf
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Abra alba White furrow shell Semelidae benthic 2.500 SHL 2.0 native
Abra cistula Semelidae benthic native
Acanthastrea echinata Purple bullseye Mussidae reef-associated native
Acanthastrea hemprichii Hemprich' brain coral Mussidae reef-associated native
Acanthastrea hillae Mussidae reef-associated native
Acanthastrea maxima Mussidae reef-associated native
Acanthocheilus rotundatus Anisakidae host native
Acanthochitona woodwardi Acanthochitonidae sessile native
Acanthogorgia spinosa Acanthogorgiidae sessile native
Acanthonyx limbatus Epialtidae benthic native
Acanthophora muscoides Purple spiny sea moss Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Acanthophora nayadiformis Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Acanthophora spicifera Erect sea moss Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Acanthosquilla acanthocarpus Nannosquillidae benthic native
Acar abdita Arcidae benthic native
Acar plicata Arcidae benthic 0.380 TL native
Acar requiescens Arcidae benthic native
Acartia erythraea Acartiidae pelagic native
Acartia pacifica Acartiidae pelagic 2.0 native
Acartiella faoensis Acartiidae pelagic native
Acasta spongites Archaeobalanidae host native
Acasta sulcata Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Acetabularia calyculus Polyphysaceae sessile native
Achaeus lacertosus Inachidae benthic native
Achelia parvula Ammotheidae benthic native
Acoetes flagelliformis Acoetidae benthic endemic
Acoetes melanota Acoetidae benthic native
Acoetes mohammadi Acoetidae benthic endemic
Acrilla acuminata Epitoniidae benthic native
Acrocalanus gibber Paracalanidae pelagic 2.0 native
Acrochaetium bahreinii Acrochaetiaceae epiphytic native
Acrochaetium robustum Acrochaetiaceae epiphytic native
Acrochaetium savianum Acrochaetiaceae epiphytic native
Acropora arabensis Acroporidae reef-associated endemic
Acropora aspera Green staghorn coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora clathrata Table coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora divaricata Small polyp stone coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora downingi Acroporidae reef-associated endemic
Acropora florida Branch coral Acroporidae reef-associated 25.000 BRW native
Acropora horrida Blue staghorn Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora mossambica Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora muricata Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora nasuta Branching staghorn coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora pharaonis Acropora coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora tenuis Acroporidae reef-associated questionable
Acropora tortuosa Cali tort Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora valenciennesi Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acropora valida Acroporidae reef-associated native
Acrosterigma maculosum Cardiidae benthic native
Actaea jacquelinae Xanthidae benthic native
Actaea savignii Xanthidae benthic native
Acteocina involuta Cylichnidae benthic native
Actinia equina Beadlet anemone Actiniidae sessile 8.000 H 3.2 native
Actitis hypoleucos Common sandpiper Scolopacidae others 3.5 native
Actumnus asper Pilumnidae benthic native
Actumnus tesselatus Pilumnidae benthic endemic
Adelosina laevigata Cribrolinoididae benthic native
Afsharius asmenus Tellinidae benthic native
Aglaiocypris pellucida Candonidae benthic native
Aglaophamus dibranchis Nephtyidae benthic native
Aglaophamus lyrochaetus Nephtyidae benthic native
Aglaothamnion cordatum Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Aglaura hemistoma Rhopalonematidae pelagic 0.400 WD native
Ahnfeltia plicata Landlady's wig Ahnfeltiaceae sessile native
Aidanosagitta bedfordii Sagittidae pelagic 0.400 BL 3.4 native
Aidanosagitta neglecta Sagittidae pelagic 1.000 BL native
Aidanosagitta septata Sagittidae pelagic 0.600 BL 3.4 native
Alectryonella plicatula Fingerprint oyster Ostreidae benthic 8.400 SHL native
Aliaporcellana pygmaea Porcellanidae benthic native
Allotanais hirsutus Tanaidae benthic 2.0 native
Alluaudella longicirrata Syllidae benthic endemic
Alocopocythere reticulata Trachyleberididae benthic native
Alona affinis Chydoridae benthic 2.0 native
Alpheus alcyone Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus bisincisus Flathead snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus bucephaloides Alpheidae reef-associated native
Alpheus djeddensis Djeddah snapping shrimp Alpheidae reef-associated native
Alpheus edamensis Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus edwardsii Alpheidae reef-associated native
Alpheus euphrosyne Nymph snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus lobidens Brownbar snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus lottini Coral snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic 2.700 TL 2.0 native
Alpheus lutosus Alpheidae benthic endemic
Alpheus malabaricus Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus malleodigitus Hammer-finger shrimp Alpheidae reef-associated native
Alpheus nobili Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus ochrostriatus Fine-striped shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus paracrinitus Smoothclaw snapping shrimp Alpheidae reef-associated native
Alpheus parvirostris Alpheidae reef-associated native
Alpheus perezi Alpheidae benthic native
Alpheus rapax Marbled snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic native
Alveopora tizardi Poritidae reef-associated native
Ammonia beccarii Rotaliidae reef-associated native
Ammonia tepida Rotaliidae benthic native
Ammothella indica Ammotheidae reef-associated native
Ammotrypane aulogaster Opheliidae benthic 2.0 native
Amphibalanus amphitrite Purple acorn barnacle Balanidae sessile 3.000 WD 2.0 native
Amphibalanus subalbidus Balanidae sessile native
Amphibalanus venustus Balanidae sessile native
Amphibetaeus jousseaumei Alpheidae benthic native
Amphiglena mediterranea Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Amphioctopus marginatus Veined octopus Octopodidae benthic 30.000 TL 3.4 native
Amphioplus hastatus Amphiuridae benthic native
Amphipholis squamata Dwarf brittle star Amphiuridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Amphiroa fragilissima Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Amphistegina lessonii Amphisteginidae benthic native
Amphiura crispa Amphiuridae reef-associated native
Ampithoe ramondi Ampithoidae benthic 2.0 native
Amygdalum peasei Mytilidae benthic native
Anachis fauroti Columbellidae benthic native
Anacropora forbesi False flower coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Anadara antiquata Antique ark Arcidae benthic 10.500 TL native
Anadara ehrenbergi Arcidae benthic native
Anadara natalensis Natal ark Arcidae benthic native
Anadara rufescens Arcidae benthic native
Anadara uropigimelana Arcidae benthic native
Anadara vellicata The pinched ark Arcidae benthic native
Anapagurus bonnieri Paguridae benthic native
Anas penelope Eurasian wigeon Anatidae others 2.0 native
Anas platyrhynchos Mallard Anatidae others 3.5 native
Anchistrotos tangi Taeniacanthidae host native
Anchistus custos Palaemonidae benthic 2.3 native
Anchistus miersi Giant clam commensal shrimp Palaemonidae benthic native
Ancilla castanea Olividae benthic native
Ancilla djiboutina Olividae benthic native
Ancilla exigua Olividae benthic native
Ancilla farsiana Olividae benthic native
Anelassorhynchus branchiorhynchus Echiuridae benthic 2.0 native
Anilocra monoma Cymothoidae host native
Annina mesopotamica Cirolanidae benthic native
Anodontia edentula Toothless lucine Lucinidae benthic 9.000 SHL native
Anomalinella rostrata Almaenidae epiphytic native
Anomalocardia squamosa Squamose venus Veneridae benthic 4.500 SHL native
Anomastraea irregularis Crisp pillow coral Siderastreidae reef-associated native
Anomia achaeus Anomiidae benthic native
Anomia peruviana Peruvian jingle Anomiidae benthic native
Anoplodactylus tubiferus Phoxichilidiidae reef-associated native
Anotrichium tenue Ceramiaceae sessile native
Anser anser Greylag goose Anatidae others 2.0 native
Antigona lamellaris Lamellate venus Veneridae benthic native
Antithamnion cruciatum Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Antropora minor Hincksinidae sessile native
Anuretes anomalus Caligidae host native
Anuretes branchialis Caligidae host native
Anuretes similis Caligidae host native
Aonidella cirrobranchiata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Aonides oxycephala Spionidae sessile 2.0 native
Apanthura sandalensis Anthuridae benthic native
Aphelochaeta filiformis Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Aphelochaeta marioni Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Aphelochaeta multifilis Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Aphrodora yerburyi Veneridae benthic native
Apionsoma trichocephalus Phascolosomatidae benthic 2.0 native
Aplidium rubripunctum Polyclinidae sessile native
Aplysinella rhax Aplysinellidae sessile native
Apoglossum spathulatum Delesseriaceae epiphytic native
Aquilonastra burtoni Asterinidae benthic native
Aquilonastra iranica Asterinidae benthic native
Aquilonastra samyni Asterinidae benthic native
Arabella iricolor Opal worm Oenonidae benthic native
Arca avellana Hazelnut ark Arcidae benthic 7.000 TL native
Arca ventricosa Ventricose ark Arcidae benthic 9.000 TL 2.0 native
Arcania cornuta Leucosiidae benthic native
Arcania erinacea Leucosiidae benthic native
Arcania gracilis Leucosiidae benthic native
Arcania septemspinosa Leucosiidae benthic native
Arcania tuberculata Leucosiidae benthic native
Architectonica laevigata Architectonicidae benthic native
Architectonica maxima Giant sundial Architectonicidae benthic 7.000 SHD native
Architectonica perspectiva Clear sundial Architectonicidae benthic 7.000 SHL native
Arcopagia isseli Tellinidae benthic native
Arcopsis sculptilis Noetiidae benthic native
Arcotheres placunae Pinnotheridae benthic native
Arcuatula senhousia Green mussel Mytilidae benthic 4.000 TL native
Ardeadoris egretta Heron ardeadoris Chromodorididae reef-associated 11.000 TL 3.0 native
Areopaguristes abbreviatus Diogenidae benthic native
Areopaguristes perspicax Diogenidae benthic native
Arete dorsalis Alpheidae reef-associated 0.060 CL native
Arete indicus Alpheidae benthic native
Argyropeza divina Cerithiidae benthic 2.0 native
Argyrotheca jacksoni Megathyrididae sessile native
Aricidea longobranchiata Paraonidae benthic 2.0 native
Aristaeopsis edwardsiana Scarlet shrimp Aristeidae benthic 19.300 TL 4.0 native
Armandia intermedia Opheliidae benthic 2.0 native
Armandia lanceolata Opheliidae benthic native
Armandia leptocirris Opheliidae benthic 2.0 native
Arossella projectum Pyrgomatidae sessile native
Artemia franciscana San Francisco brine shrimp Artemiidae pelagic-neritic 2.0 native
Arthuria darwinii Clathrinidae sessile native
Articularia sagra Hauerinidae reef-associated native
Asaphis deflorata Gaudy asaphis Psammobiidae benthic 6.700 DL native
Asaphis violascens Pacific asaphis Psammobiidae benthic 11.000 SHL 2.0 native
Asparagopsis taxiformis Red Sea plume Bonnemaisoniaceae sessile native
Assiminea zubairensis Assimineidae benthic native
Asterina cepheus Asterinidae reef-associated native
Asteromenia peltata Rhodymeniaceae epiphytic native
Asteronotus cespitosus Clumpy nudibranch Dorididae benthic 22.000 TL 3.0 native
Asteropsis carinifera Asteropseidae benthic native
Astreopora expansa Acroporidae reef-associated native
Astreopora myriophthalma Porous star coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Astrogorgia fruticosa Plexauridae reef-associated native
Astroides calycularis Dendrophylliidae reef-associated native
Astropecten indicus Astropectinidae benthic 3.8 native
Astropecten monacanthus Astropectinidae benthic native
Astropecten polyacanthus Brown spotted combstar Astropectinidae reef-associated 12.000 WD 3.3 native
Astropecten pugnax Astropectinidae benthic native
Asymmetricythere indoiranica Cytheridae benthic native
Asymmetricythere whatleyi Cytheridae benthic native
Asymmetron lucayanum Branchiostomidae benthic 2.800 TL native
Atactodea striata Striate beach clam Mesodesmatidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Atactodea subobtusa Mesodesmatidae benthic native
Atergatis integerrimus Red egg crab Xanthidae reef-associated 3.2 native
Atergatis laevigatus Xanthidae benthic native
Athanas dimorphus Alpheidae reef-associated 0.100 CL native
Athanas djiboutensis Djibouti snapping shrimp Alpheidae benthic 0.030 CL native
Athanas indicus Alpheidae reef-associated 0.070 CL native
Athanas iranicus Alpheidae benthic endemic
Athanas parvus Alpheidae benthic 0.060 CL native
Athanas rhothionastes Alpheidae benthic native
Athanopsis tarahomii Alpheidae benthic native
Atlanta peronii Peron's sea butterfly Atlantidae pelagic 1.100 DL 3.4 native
Atrina vexillum Flag pen shell Pinnidae benthic 48.000 SL native
Atys cylindricus Cylindrical atys Haminoeidae benthic native
Australaugeneria rutilans Polynoidae benthic native
Austruca iranica Ocypodidae benthic 1.900 CW 2.3 endemic
Autolytus zonatus Syllidae benthic endemic
Automate dolichognatha Alpheidae benthic 0.070 CL native
Avicennia marina White mangrove Acanthaceae sessile native
Avrainvillea amadelpha Udoteaceae epiphytic native
Avrainvillea calathina Udoteaceae epiphytic native
Avrainvillea riukiuensis Udoteaceae epiphytic native
Axiothella obockensis Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Azorinus coarctatus Small short razor Solecurtidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Azumapecten ruschenbergerii Pectinidae benthic 9.000 SHL native
Babylonia spirata Spiral babylon Buccinidae benthic 2.0 native
Bachelotia antillarum Pylaiellaceae epiphytic native
Bactrochondria formosana Chondracanthidae host native
Baharilana kiabii Cirolanidae benthic native
Balaenoptera brydei Bryde's whale Balaenopteridae pelagic-oceanic 1,460.000 TL 4.2 native
Balaenoptera edeni Eden's whale Balaenopteridae pelagic 1,550.000 TL 4.1 native
Balaenoptera physalus Fin whale Balaenopteridae pelagic 2,700.000 TL 4.3 native
Balanetta amydrozona Marginellidae benthic native
Balanus trigonus Triangle barnacle Balanidae sessile 2.2 native
Baltraella minor Bythocytheridae benthic native
Bangia fuscopurpurea Bangiaceae epiphytic native
Barbatia candida White-beard ark Arcidae benthic native
Barbatia decussata Arcidae reef-associated 7.000 SHL native
Barbatia foliata Decussate ark Arcidae benthic 7.500 TL native
Barbatia fusca Almond ark Arcidae benthic 6.000 TL native
Barbatia obliquata Oblique ark shell Arcidae benthic native
Barbatia parva Arcidae benthic 1.590 TL native
Barbatia setigera Arcidae benthic native
Baseodiscus hemprichii Ribbon worm Valenciniidae benthic native
Baseodiscus unistriatus Valenciniidae benthic native
Bassia bassensis Sphaeronectidae pelagic 3.0 native
Bathyangulus claudia Tellinidae benthic native
Bathyarca anaclima Arcidae benthic native
Bathydrilus adriaticus Tubificidae reef-associated 1.120 TL native
Bathytormus jousseaumei Crassatellidae benthic native
Bathytormus radiatus Crassatellidae benthic native
Beguina gubernaculum Rudder cardita Carditidae benthic native
Bentharca avellanaria Arcidae benthic native
Beroe ovata Brown comb jelly Beroidae pelagic 11.500 H 3.7 native
Bestiolina arabica Paracalanidae pelagic native
Bhawania cryptocephala Chrysopetalidae benthic native
Bhawania goodei Chrysopetalidae benthic native
Bishopina guhai Cytherideidae benthic native
Blastomussa merleti Plerogyridae reef-associated native
Blidingia minima Lesser grass-kelp Ulvaceae epiphytic native
Bolivina spathulata Bolivinidae benthic native
Bolivina spissa Bolivinidae benthic native
Boodlea composita Boodleaceae epiphytic native
Booneostrea subucula Ostreidae benthic native
Botryllus gregalis Styelidae sessile native
Botryllus niger Styelidae sessile native
Botryocladia leptopoda Rhodymeniaceae epiphytic native
Botula cinnamomea Mytilidae benthic native
Bouchiria vesiculosa Polynoidae benthic endemic
Brachidontes ustulatus Mytilidae benthic native
Brachidontes variabilis Variable mussel Mytilidae benthic native
Brada mammillata Flabelligeridae benthic 2.0 native
Branchiomma cingulata Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Branchiostoma arabiae Branchiostomidae benthic 4.050 TL native
Branchiosyllis exilis Syllidae benthic native
Brechites attrahens Furbellowed watering pot Clavagellidae benthic native
Bryopsis corymbosa Bryopsidaceae epiphytic native
Bryopsis hypnoides Bryopsidaceae sessile native
Bryopsis pennata Bryopsidaceae epiphytic native
Bryopsis plumosa Green sea fern Bryopsidaceae epiphytic native
Bugula neritina Branching moss worm Bugulidae sessile 10.000 H 2.6 native
Bulla ampulla Pacific blue snail Bullidae benthic 5.000 TL 2.0 native
Bulla arabica Bullidae benthic native
Bullia mauritiana Mauritius Bullia Nassariidae benthic native
Bullia persica Nassariidae benthic native
Bullia tranquebarica Nassariidae benthic native
Bullina lineata Red-lined bubble shell Bullinidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Bursatella leachii Ragged seahare Notarchidae benthic 25.000 TL 2.0 native
Bythoceratina mandviensis Bythocytheridae benthic native
Bythoceratina paiki Bythocytheridae benthic native
Cadella semen Tellinidae benthic native
Cadulus euloides Gadilidae benthic native
Calanopia elliptica Pontellidae pelagic native
Calantica kampeni Calanticidae sessile native
Calappa hepatica Reef box crab Calappidae benthic 8.000 CW 4.4 native
Calcinus latens Hidden hermit Diogenidae benthic 3.2 native
Calidris alba Sanderling Scolopacidae others 22.000 TL 3.5 native
Calidris alpina Dunlin Scolopacidae others 23.000 TL 3.3 native
Calidris canutus Red knot Scolopacidae others 3.5 native
Calidris ferruginea Curlew sandpiper Scolopacidae others 3.2 native
Calidris minuta Little stint Scolopacidae others 3.2 native
Caligus cordyla Caligidae host native
Caligus epinepheli Caligidae host native
Caligus longicaudus Caligidae host native
Caligus orientalis Caligidae host native
Calliactis polypus Outer-hermit sea anemone Hormathiidae sessile native
Callianidea typa Ghost shrimp Callianideidae benthic native
Callichirus masoomi Callianassidae benthic 4.830 TL native
Callista erycina Reddish venus Veneridae benthic native
Callista florida Veneridae benthic native
Callista multiradiata Veneridae benthic native
Callista umbonella Veneridae benthic native
Callistoctopus ornatus White-striped octopus Octopodidae reef-associated 120.000 TL 4.0 native
Callistocythere arcana Leptocytheridae benthic native
Calloarca cibotina Arcidae benthic native
Callomysia revimentalis Lasaeidae benthic native
Calothrix crustacea Rivulariaceae reef-associated native
Calyptraea edgariana Calyptraeidae benthic native
Calyptraea pellucida Calyptraeidae benthic native
Canarium fusiforme Strombidae benthic native
Candacia bradyi Candaciidae pelagic native
Canistrocarpus cervicornis Dictyotaceae sessile native
Cantharus spiralis Buccinidae benthic native
Cantharus wagneri Wagner's goblet Buccinidae benthic 3.000 TL native
Canthocalanus pauper Calanidae pelagic native
Canthocamptus staphylinus Canthocamptidae benthic native
Capitella capitata Capitellidae benthic 8.000 TL 2.0 native
Carcinus maenas Green crab Portunidae benthic 6.000 CL 3.5 questionable
Cardilia semisulcata Cardiliidae benthic native
Cardiolucina semperiana Lucinidae benthic native
Cardiomya alcocki Cuspidariidae benthic native
Cardita crassicosta Large-ribbed Cardita Carditidae benthic native
Cardita ffinchi Carditidae benthic native
Cardita variegata Rectangular false cockle Carditidae benthic 3.000 TL native
Cardites bicolor Twotoned cardita Carditidae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Carditopsis majeeda Condylocardiidae benthic native
Caretta caretta Loggerhead turtle Cheloniidae benthopelagic 125.000 CL 3.5 native
Carpilius convexus Marbled stone crab Carpiliidae reef-associated 15.000 CW 3.2 native
Carterina spiculotesta Carterinidae epiphytic native
Casmaria ponderosa Atlantic casmaria Cassidae benthic native
Cassidula labrella Ellobiidae benthic native
Cassiopea andromeda Upside-down jellyfish Cassiopeidae benthopelagic 30.000 WD native
Catoessa gruneri Cymothoidae host native
Catostylus perezi Banana jellyfish Catostylidae pelagic-neritic 35.000 WD native
Caulacanthus ustulatus Caulacanthaceae epiphytic native
Caulerpa fastigiata Caulerpaceae epiphytic native
Caulerpa manorensis Caulerpaceae epiphytic native
Caulerpa mexicana Mexican seaweed Caulerpaceae sessile native
Caulerpa nummularia Caulerpaceae sessile native
Caulerpa peltata Flattop seagrape Caulerpaceae sessile native
Caulerpa racemosa Coarse seagrape Caulerpaceae sessile native
Caulerpa racemosa var. macrophysa Caulerpaceae epiphytic native
Caulerpa sertularioides Green sea feather Caulerpaceae sessile native
Caulerpa taxifolia Green sea palm Caulerpaceae sessile native
Cellana karachiensis Nacellidae benthic native
Cellana rota Rayed limpet Nacellidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Centroceras clavulatum Ceramiaceae sessile native
Centropages furcatus Centropagidae pelagic native
Centropages orsinii Centropagidae pelagic native
Centropages tenuiremis Calanidae pelagic native
Centropages yamadai Centropagidae pelagic native
Cepolacanthus kimi Taeniacanthidae host native
Ceramium cimbricum Ceramiaceae sessile native
Ceramium codii Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Ceramium cruciatum Ceramiaceae sessile native
Ceramium deslongchampsii Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Ceramium floridanum Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Ceramium luetzelburgii Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Ceramium manorense Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Ceramium maryae Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Ceramium subverticillatum Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Cerastoderma edule Common edible cockle Cardiidae benthic 5.600 SHL 2.0 questionable
Ceratium furca Ceratiaceae pelagic 3.4 native
Ceratonereis erythraeensis Estuarine nereid Nereididae benthic native
Ceratonereis tripartita Nereididae benthic native
Ceratosoma trilobatum Trilobate ceratosoma Chromodorididae benthic 10.000 TL 3.0 native
Cerberilla incola Aeolidiidae benthic native
Ceriodaphnia cornuta Daphniidae pelagic 2.0 native
Cerithidea cingulata Girdled horn shell Potamididae benthic 4.500 SHL 2.0 native
Cerithidium cerithinum Cerithiidae benthic native
Cerithium caeruleum Cerithium snail Cerithiidae benthic 2.0 native
Cerithium columna Cerithiidae benthic native
Cerithium rueppelli Cerithiidae benthic native
Cerithium scabridum Cerithiidae benthic native
Chaenostoma sinuspersici Macrophthalmidae benthic native
Chaetomorpha aerea Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Chaetomorpha antennina Cladophoraceae sessile native
Chaetomorpha brachygona Cladophoraceae sessile native
Chaetomorpha californica Cladophoraceae sessile native
Chaetomorpha gracilis Cladophoraceae sessile native
Chaetomorpha indica Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Chaetomorpha linum Floating chaetomorpha Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Chaetopterus variopedatus Fairy tubeworm Chaetopteridae benthic 2.0 native
Chama asperella Jewel boxes Chamidae benthic 2.240 TL native
Chama aspersa Chamidae benthic native
Chama brassica Chamidae benthic native
Chama pacifica Reflexed jewel box Chamidae benthic 8.000 SHL native
Champia compressa Champiaceae epiphytic native
Champia globulifera Champiaceae epiphytic native
Champia indica Champiaceae epiphytic native
Champia kotschyana Champiaceae epiphytic native
Champia parvula Barrel weed Champiaceae epiphytic native
Charybdis feriatus Crucifix crab Portunidae benthic 20.000 CW native
Charybdis hellerii Spiny hands Portunidae benthopelagic 4.700 CW 3.3 native
Charybdis natator Ridged swimming crab Portunidae benthic 17.000 CW native
Chelidonura livida Aglajidae benthic 5.000 TL 3.1 native
Chelonaplysilla violacea Darwinellidae sessile native
Chelonia mydas Green sea turtle Cheloniidae pelagic 105.000 CL 2.0 native
Chelonibia caretta Chelonibiidae sessile native
Chelonibia patula Chelonibiidae sessile native
Chelonibia testudinaria Chelonibiidae sessile native
Chelophyes contorta Diphyidae pelagic 0.460 H native
Chicoreus ramosus Ramose murex Muricidae benthic 33.000 SHL 3.6 native
Chirona tenuis Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Chiton affinis Chitonidae sessile native
Chiton peregrinus Chitonidae benthic 2.0 native
Chiton salihafui Chitonidae benthic native
Chlidonias hybrida Whiskered tern Laridae others 26.000 TL 3.7 native
Chlidonias leucopterus White-winged tern Laridae others 24.000 TL 3.9 native
Chloeia parva Fireworm Amphinomidae benthic native
Chloeia rosea Amphinomidae benthic native
Chlorodiella nigra Xanthidae benthic 2.0 native
Chondracanthus acicularis Gigartinaceae epiphytic native
Chondria arcuata Not assigned epiphytic native
Chondria bernardii Not assigned sessile native
Chondria capillaris Not assigned epiphytic native
Chondria collinsiana Not assigned epiphytic native
Chondria cornuta Not assigned epiphytic native
Chondria dasyphylla Not assigned sessile native
Chondria nidifica Not assigned epiphytic native
Chondria oppositiclada Not assigned epiphytic native
Chondria seticulosa Not assigned epiphytic native
Chone collaris Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Chromodoris annulata Polka-dot chromodorid Chromodorididae benthic 10.000 TL 3.0 native
Chromodoris obsoleta Obsolete Chromodoris Chromodorididae benthic 1.500 TL 3.0 native
Chroodactylon ornatum Goniotrichaceae epiphytic native
Chrysopetalum debile Chrysopetalidae benthic native
Chthamalus barnesi Chthamalidae sessile native
Chthamalus malayensis Chthamalidae sessile 1.700 WD native
Ciocalypta colorata Halichondriidae reef-associated native
Circe intermedia Veneridae benthic native
Circe rugifera Veneridae benthic native
Circe scripta Script venus Veneridae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Circenita callipyga Venus clam Veneridae benthic native
Cirolana tarahomii Cirolanidae benthic native
Cirratulus cirratus Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Cirriformia dasylophia Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Cirriformia semicincta Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Cirrophorus branchiatus Paraonidae benthic 2.0 native
Cladophora albida Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora coelothrix Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora colabensis Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora dalmatica Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora echinus Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora flexuosa Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora herpestica Cladophoraceae sessile native
Cladophora koeiei Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora laetevirens Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora nitellopsis Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora radiosa Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora sericioides Cladophoraceae epiphytic native
Cladophora socialis Cladophoraceae sessile native
Cladophora vagabunda Cladophoraceae sessile native
Cladophoropsis fasciculata Siphonocladaceae sessile native
Cladophoropsis membranacea Siphonocladaceae epiphytic native
Cladosiphon occidentalis Chordariaceae sessile native
Clanculus pharaonius Strawberry topshell Trochidae benthic native
Clanculus tonnerrei Trochidae benthic native
Clathrodrillia flavidula Turridae benthic native
Clausocalanus minor Clausocalanidae pelagic 2.0 native
Clavella adunca Lernaeopodidae host native
Clavellopsis appendiculata Lernaeopodidae host native
Clavellotis bilobata Lernaeopodidae host native
Clavulina angularis Valvulinidae benthic native
Clibanarius longitarsus Diogenidae benthic 2.7 native
Clibanarius padavensis Diogenidae reef-associated native
Clibanarius signatus Tropical hermit crab Diogenidae benthic native
Clibanarius striolatus Danas hermit crab Diogenidae benthic native
Cloridina microphthalma Squillidae benthic native
Clymenura annulata Maldanidae sessile 2.0 endemic
Clypeaster humilis Clypeasteridae benthic native
Clypeomorus bifasciata Morus cerith Cerithiidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Clytemnestra scutellata Clytemnestridae pelagic native
Clytia linearis Campanulariidae benthic native
Codakia tigerina Pacific tiger lucine Lucinidae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Codium fragile Sponge seaweed Codiaceae sessile native
Codium papillatum Codiaceae epiphytic native
Codium simulans Codiaceae epiphytic native
Coenobita scaevola Coenobitidae benthic 2.0 native
Colpomenia sinuosa Scytosiphonaceae epiphytic native
Conocyathus zelandiae Turbinoliidae sessile native
Conomurex decorus Strombidae benthic native
Conomurex fasciatus Strombidae benthic native
Conopea calceolus Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Conopea navicula Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Conus ardisiaceus Conidae benthic 3.580 SHL native
Conus boschi Conidae benthic native
Conus coronatus Crowned cone Conidae benthic 4.830 SHL 3.1 native
Conus dictator Conidae benthic 4.600 SHL native
Conus flavidus Yellow Pacific cone Conidae benthic 7.500 SHL 3.1 native
Conus milesi Conidae benthic 2.700 SHL native
Conus pennaceus Feathered cone Conidae benthic 3.460 SHL 4.4 native
Conus quercinus Oak cone Conidae benthic 14.000 SHL 3.1 native
Conus rattus Rat cone Conidae benthic 9.650 SHL 3.1 native
Conus saecularis Conidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Conus striatus Striated cone Conidae benthic 12.900 SHL 4.5 native
Conus vexillum Vexillum cone Conidae benthic 18.300 SHL 3.1 native
Copilia mirabilis Sapphirinidae pelagic native
Corallianassa coutierei Callianassidae benthic 2.0 native
Corallophila bella Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Corallophila kleiwegii Ceramiaceae epiphytic native
Corbula erythraeensis Corbulidae benthic native
Corbula subquadrata Corbulidae benthic native
Corbula sulculosa Corbulidae benthic native
Corbula taitensis Corbulidae benthic native
Corculum cardissum True heart cockle Cardiidae benthic 8.000 SHH native
Corycaeus andrewsi Corycaeidae pelagic native
Corycaeus dahli Corycaeidae pelagic native
Corycaeus lubbocki Corycaeidae pelagic native
Corycaeus ovalis Corycaeidae pelagic native
Corynomorpha prismatica Corynomorphaceae epiphytic native
Coscinaraea columna Siderastreidae reef-associated native
Coscinaraea monile Siderastreidae reef-associated native
Coscinospira arietina Peneroplidae reef-associated native
Cossura laeviseta Cossuridae benthic 2.0 native
Crambionella orsini Catostylidae pelagic 20.000 WD native
Crassispira sinensis Turridae benthic native
Crepidula walshi Walsh's slippery shell Calyptraeidae benthic native
Creseis acicula Straight needle-pteropod Cavoliniidae pelagic 3.300 DL 2.0 native
Cribrarula cribraria Sieve cowrie Cypraeidae benthic native
Cribroelphidium excavatum Elphidiidae benthic native
Crouania attenuata Ceramiaceae sessile native
Cryptodromia fallax Dromiidae benthic CW native
Ctena divergens Lucinidae benthic native
Cuapetes elegans Palaemonidae benthic native
Cuapetes grandis Black and silver cuapetes shrimp Palaemonidae reef-associated native
Cucullaea labiata Hooked ark Cucullaeidae benthic 10.000 TL native
Cucullanus armatus Cucullanidae host native
Cucullanus cyprini Cucullanidae host native
Cucurbitula cymbium Gastrochaenidae benthic native
Culicia tenella Rhizangiidae sessile native
Cunina octonaria Cuninidae pelagic 0.700 WD native
Cuthona albocrusta White-crust Cuthona Tergipedidae benthic 1.200 TL 4.4 native
Cyathura carinata Anthuridae benthic native
Cyclaspis adiastolos Bodotriidae benthic native
Cyclodius drachi Xanthidae benthic native
Cycloforina sidebottomi Hauerinidae benthic native
Cycloseris curvata Fungiidae reef-associated native
Cyclostrema archeri Turbinidae benthic native
Cyclostrema ocrinium Turbinidae benthic native
Cyclostrema supremum Turbinidae benthic native
Cylichna cylindracea Cylichnidae benthic DL native
Cymadusa filosa Ampithoidae benthic 2.0 native
Cymo andreossyi Hairy coral crab Xanthidae reef-associated native
Cymodoce fuscina Sphaeromatidae benthic native
Cymodoce richardsoniae Sphaeromatidae benthic native
Cyphastrea chalcidicum Faviidae reef-associated native
Cyphastrea microphthalma Faviidae reef-associated native
Cyphastrea serailia Faviidae reef-associated native
Cyphocarcinus alcocki Mithracidae reef-associated native
Cyphocarcinus capreolus Mithracidae benthic native
Cypraea arabica Arabian cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 10.500 SHL native
Cypraea caputserpentis Serpent's head cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 4.500 SHL native
Cypraea carneola Carnelian cowrie Cypraeidae reef-associated 9.500 SHL native
Cypraea caurica Dragon cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 7.000 SHL native
Cypraea isabella Isabelle cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 5.500 SHL native
Cypraea moneta Money cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 4.500 SHL native
Cypraea onyx Onyx cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 5.700 SHL native
Cyprideis torosa Cytherideidae benthic native
Cystoseira rayssiae Cystoseiraceae sessile native
Cytherella bigemina Cytherellidae benthic native
Cytherella retroflexa Cytherellidae benthic native
Cytherella sericea Cytherellidae benthic native
Cytheroma dimorpha Cytheromatidae benthic native
Cytheropteron pulcinella Cytheruridae benthic native
Daphnella hedya Turridae benthic native
Dardanus lagopodes Diogenidae reef-associated native
Dardanus pedunculatus Anemone hermit crab Diogenidae benthic 4.4 native
Dardanus tinctor Anemone carrier Diogenidae benthic native
Dardanus vulnerans Diogenidae benthic native
Dasya anastomosans Dasyaceae epiphytic native
Dasya baillouviana Dasyaceae sessile native
Dasya ocellata Dasyaceae epiphytic native
Dasybranchus caducus Capitellidae benthic 2.0 native
Decametra mollis Colobometridae benthic native
Decatopecten plica Plica scallop Pectinidae benthic native
Dendritina arbuscula Peneroplidae epiphytic native
Dendrodoris fumata Black dorid Dendrodorididae benthic 3.0 native
Dendrodoris nigra Black Dendrodoris Dendrodorididae benthic 8.000 TL 3.0 native
Dendronereides heteropoda Nereididae benthic native
Dentalium octangulatum Octangular tusk shell Dentaliidae benthic native
Dentalium tomlini Dentaliidae benthic native
Derbesia marina Derbesiaceae sessile native
Dermochelys coriacea Leatherback turtle Dermochelyidae benthopelagic 256.500 CL 4.2 native
Dermoergasilus varicoleus Ergasilidae host native
Diacavolinia flexipes Cavoliniidae pelagic 0.800 DL native
Diacavolinia longirostris Shelled pteropod Cavoliniidae pelagic 0.730 DL 2.0 native
Diadema setosum Porcupine sea urchin Diadematidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Diala semistriata Dialidae benthic 2.0 native
Dictyopteris polypodioides Dictyotaceae sessile native
Dictyosphaeria cavernosa Green bubble weed Valoniaceae epiphytic native
Dictyota ciliolata Dictyotaceae epiphytic 8.000 TL native
Dictyota dichotoma Forked ribbons Dictyotaceae epiphytic native
Dictyota friabilis Dictyotaceae sessile native
Dictyota implexa Dictyotaceae epiphytic native
Didemnum candidum White didemnid Didemnidae sessile 0.500 COLD native
Didemnum obscurum Orange lattice ascidian Didemnidae sessile native
Didemnum perlucidum White crust tunicate Didemnidae sessile native
Didemnum yolky Didemnidae reef-associated native
Didimacar tenebrica Noetiidae benthic native
Digenea simplex Red seabroom Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Dinophysis acuminata Dinophysiaceae pelagic 2.0 native
Dinophysis caudata Dinophysiaceae pelagic 3.4 native
Dinophysis miles Dinophysiaceae epiphytic native
Diodora funiculata Fissurellidae benthic native
Diodora ruppellii Ruppell's keyhole limpet Fissurellidae benthic native
Diogenes alias Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes avarus Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes costatus Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes custos Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes dubius Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes fasciatus Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes gardineri Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes jousseaumei Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes karwarensis Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes klaasi Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes pallescens Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes persicus Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes planimanus Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes rectimanus Diogenidae benthic native
Diogenes tirmiziae Diogenidae benthic native
Diopatra neapolitana Solitary tube worm Onuphidae benthic native
Diphyes chamissonis Diphyidae pelagic native
Diplocirrus glaucus Flabelligeridae benthic 2.0 native
Diplodonta subrotunda Ungulinidae benthic native
Diplosoma listerianum Gray encrusting compound tunicate Didemnidae sessile 0.080 TL native
Dipolydora armata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Dipsastraea pallida Merulinidae reef-associated native
Discradisca indica Discinidae sessile native
Disporella novaehollandiae Lichenoporidae reef-associated native
Distorsio reticularis Reticulate Distorsio Personidae reef-associated 9.500 SHL native
Ditrupa gracillima Serpulidae sessile native
Divaricella ornatissima Lucinidae benthic native
Dodecaceria joubini Cirratulidae benthic 2.0 native
Dolioletta gegenbaueri Doliolidae pelagic 1.000 TL native
Doliolum denticulatum Doliolidae pelagic native
Domiporta granatina Flecked miter Mitridae benthic native
Donax bipartitus Donacidae benthic native
Donax cuneatus Cuneate Donax Donacidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Donax nitidus Donacidae benthic native
Donax scalpellum Donacidae benthic native
Dorvillea gardineri Dorvilleidae benthic native
Dosinia alta Veneridae benthic native
Dosinia contracta Veneridae benthic native
Dosinia erythraea Veneridae benthic native
Dosinia tumida Veneridae benthic native
Dotilla blanfordi Dotillidae benthic native
Dotilla sulcata Dotillidae benthic native
Doto kya Dark doto Dotidae benthic 1.000 TL 4.4 native
Drepanophora indica Lepraliellidae sessile native
Drilonereis filum Oenonidae benthic native
Drilonereis logani Oenonidae benthic native
Dufoichaena dentifera Gastrochaenidae benthic native
Dugong dugon Dugong Dugongidae benthopelagic 406.000 TL 2.0 native
Dulichiella appendiculata Melitidae benthic 0.975 TL 2.0 native
Dunaliella salina Saltpool whip-alga Polyblepharidaceae pelagic 0.001 WD native
Duplicaria duplicata Duplicate auger Terebridae benthic native
Ebala venusta Ebalidae benthic native
Ebalia abdominalis Leucosiidae benthic native
Echinodiscus auritus Astriclypeidae benthic native
Echinodiscus bisperforatus Pansy shell Astriclypeidae benthic native
Echinolittorina arabica Littorinidae benthic native
Echinolittorina millegrana Granular prickly-winkle Littorinidae benthic native
Echinometra mathaei Rock-boring urchin Echinometridae benthic 8.000 WD 3.3 native
Echinophyllia aspera Flat lettuce coral Pectiniidae reef-associated native
Echinopora gemmacea Faviidae reef-associated native
Echinopora grandicula Faviidae sessile native
Echinopora hirsutissima Prickly-pored coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Echinopora irregularis Faviidae reef-associated native
Echinopora lamellosa Blue chalice Faviidae reef-associated native
Ecteinascidia thurstoni Perophoridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Ectocarpus cryptophilus Ectocarpaceae epiphytic native
Ectocarpus rallsiae Ectocarpaceae epiphytic native
Ectocarpus siliculosus Ectocarpaceae epiphytic native
Ectopleura crocea Pink-mouth hydroid Tubulariidae sessile 15.000 H native
Edwardsianthus pudica Edwardsiidae sessile native
Eglisia tricarinata Epitoniidae benthic native
Elamena sindensis Hymenosomatidae benthic native
Elasmopus alkahiranensis Maeridae pelagic native
Elasmopus menurte Maeridae pelagic native
Elasmopus pectenicrus Maeridae benthic 2.0 native
Electroma zebra Pteriidae benthic native
Elphidium advenum Elphidiidae benthic native
Elphidium articulatum Elphidiidae benthic native
Elphidium crispum Elphidiidae benthic native
Elphidium frigidum Elphidiidae benthic native
Elysia ornata Ornate Elysia Elysiidae benthic 4.000 TL 2.0 native
Emerita holthuisi Hippidae benthic native
Endosiphonia horrida Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Engina mendicaria Bumble bee snail Buccinidae benthic 2.200 TL native
Enhydrina schistosa Beaked sea snake Hydrophiidae reef-associated 140.000 TL 4.5 native
Entacmaea quadricolor Bulb-tentacle sea anemone Actiniidae reef-associated 40.000 WD native
Eoacmaea profunda Eoacmaeidae benthic native
Eocuma affine Bodotriidae benthic native
Eocuma carinocurvum Bodotriidae benthic native
Eocuma longicorne Bodotriidae benthic native
Eocuma rosae Bodotriidae benthic native
Eocuma travancoricum Bodotriidae benthic native
Epitonium aculeatum Epitoniidae benthic native
Epitonium angulatum Angulate wentletrap Epitoniidae benthic 2.500 DL native
Epitonium pallasii Palla's wentletrap Epitoniidae benthic 3.000 TL native
Epitonium townsendi Epitoniidae benthic native
Epixanthus frontalis Oziidae benthic native
Eponides repandus Eponididae epiphytic native
Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill turtle Cheloniidae reef-associated 90.000 CL 3.0 native
Ergalatax junionae Muricidae benthic native
Ergasilus ogawai Ergasilidae host native
Ergasilus pararostralis Ergasilidae host native
Ergasilus rostralis Ergasilidae host native
Ergasilus sieboldi Ergasilidae host native
Ergasilus synanceiensis Ergasilidae host native
Eriphia smithii Rough redeyed crab Eriphiidae reef-associated 6.000 CL 3.4 native
Erosaria lamarckii Cypraeidae benthic native
Erosaria nebrites Nebrite cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 3.500 ShL native
Erosaria ocellata Cypraeidae benthic 3.000 ShL native
Erosaria turdus Thrush cowry Cypraeidae benthic native
Ervilia scaliola Semelidae benthic native
Erythrops minuta Mysidae pelagic native
Erythrotrichia carnea Erythrotrichiaceae epiphytic native
Eteone ornata Phyllodocidae benthic native
Ethalia carneolata Trochidae benthic native
Ethminolia degregorii Trochidae benthic native
Ethminolia iridifulgens Trochidae benthic native
Etisus anaglyptus Xanthidae benthic native
Etisus electra Xanthidae benthic native
Etisus frontalis Xanthidae benthic native
Etisus laevimanus Smooth spooner Xanthidae reef-associated 8.000 CW native
Etrema spurca Turridae benthic native
Etremopsis albata Turridae benthic native
Eubranchus misakiensis Misaki balloon aeolis Eubranchidae benthic 2.000 TL native
Eucalanus subcrassus Eucalanidae pelagic 2.0 native
Euchaeta concinna Euchaetidae pelagic 3.1 native
Euchaeta marina Euchaetidae pelagic native
Euchelus asper Four-keeled margarite Chilodontaidae benthic native
Eucheuma denticulatum Spiny eucheuma Areschougiaceae sessile native
Eucithara striatella Turridae benthic native
Euclymene annandalei Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Euclymene insecta Maldanidae benthic 2.0 native
Eudactylina rhinobati Eudactylinidae host native
Eudactylina turgipes Eudactylinidae host native
Eulalia magalaensis Phyllodocidae benthic native
Eulalia viridis Greenleaf worm Phyllodocidae benthic 3.2 native
Eumida sanguinea Blood-colored phyllodocid worm Phyllodocidae benthic 6.000 TL 3.1 native
Eunice afra Eunicidae benthic native
Eunice antennata Eunicidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Eunice australis Eunicidae benthic native
Eunice indica Eunicidae benthic native
Eunice investigatoris Eunicidae benthic native
Eunice laticeps Eunicidae benthic native
Eunice marenzelleri Eunicidae benthic native
Eunice savignyi Eunicidae benthic native
Euniphysa aculeata Eunicidae benthic native
Eunoe pallida Polynoidae benthic native
Euphrosine foliosa Euphrosinidae benthic 3.0 native
Euphrosine myrtosa Euphrosinidae benthic 3.0 native
Euphyllia glabrescens Brain trumpet coral Euphylliidae reef-associated 3.000 COLD native
Euplexaura plana Plexauridae reef-associated native
Eupolymnia nebulosa Strawberry worm Terebellidae sessile 2.0 native
Eupolymnia trigonostoma Terebellidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Euretaster cribrosus Pterasteridae benthic 3.3 native
Eurycarcinus integrifrons Pilumnidae benthic native
Eurycarcinus orientalis Pilumnidae benthic native
Eurydice paxilli Cirolanidae benthic native
Eurydice peraticis Cirolanidae benthic native
Eurythoe complanata Iridescent fireworm Amphinomidae benthic 3.7 native
Euspira catena Chained moon-shell Naticidae benthic native
Eusynstyela hartmeyeri Styelidae sessile native
Euterpina acutifrons Euterpinidae benthopelagic 2.0 native
Euthalanessa digitata Sigalionidae benthic native
Euthalenessa digitata Sigalionidae benthic native
Euthalenessa festiva Sigalionidae benthic native
Euxanthus huonii Xanthidae benthic native
Evadne tergestina Polyphemidae pelagic native
Exogone clavator Syllidae benthic native
Favia favus Head coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Favia matthaii Faviidae reef-associated native
Favia rotumana Faviidae reef-associated native
Favia speciosa Larger knob coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites abdita Large star coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites acuticollis Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites chinensis Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites complanata Larger star coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites micropentagona Golden war coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites pentagona Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites peresi Faviidae reef-associated native
Favites spinosa Faviidae reef-associated native
Feldmannia columellaris Acinetosporaceae epiphytic native
Feldmannia indica Acinetosporaceae epiphytic native
Feldmannia irregularis Acinetosporaceae sessile native
Feldmannia mitchelliae Acinetosporaceae epiphytic native
Ferosagitta ferox Sagittidae pelagic 1.800 BL 3.4 native
Ferosagitta robusta Sagittidae pelagic 2.200 BL 3.4 native
Ficus subintermedia Underlined fig shell Ficidae benthic 13.000 SHL native
Flabelligera diplochaitos Flabelligeridae benthic 2.0 native
Flabellina amabilis Charming aeolid Flabellinidae benthic 2.400 TL 4.4 native
Flabellina rubrolineata Red-lined flabellina Flabellinidae benthic 4.000 TL 4.4 native
Flaccisagitta enflata Sagittidae pelagic 2.500 BL 2.8 native
Flaccisagitta hexaptera Chaetognaths Sagittidae pelagic 7.000 BL 4.2 native
Fragum sueziense Cardiidae benthic native
Frigidocardium centumliratum Cardiidae benthic native
Frigidocardium torresi Cardiidae benthic native
Fromia milleporella Goniasteridae benthic native
Fryeria rueppelli Phyllidiidae benthic 4.000 TL 3.0 native
Fulvia aperta Cardiidae benthic native
Fulvia australis Cardiidae benthic native
Fulvia fragilis Fragile cockle Cardiidae benthic native
Fulvia papyracea Paper cockle Cardiidae benthic 6.000 SHL native
Funa tayloriana Turridae benthic native
Furcellaria lumbricalis Furcellariaceae sessile native
Fusinus arabicus Fasciolariidae benthic native
Fusinus forceps Forceps spindle Fasciolariidae benthic native
Fusinus townsendi Fasciolariidae benthic native
Gafrarium pectinatum Comb venus Veneridae benthic 4.800 SHL native
Gaillardiellus rueppelli Xanthidae benthic native
Galathea ternatensis Galatheidae benthic native
Galaxaura rugosa Galaxauraceae epiphytic native
Galaxea fascicularis Galaxy coral Oculinidae reef-associated 500.000 COLD native
Galeolaria caespitosa Serpulidae sessile native
Galeomma ambigua Galeommatidae benthic 1.720 SHL native
Galeomma pulchra Galeommatidae benthic native
Gardineroseris planulata Honeycomb coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Gari maculosa Psammobiidae benthic native
Gari pallida Psammobiidae benthic native
Gastrochaena gigantea Flask shell Gastrochaenidae benthic native
Gastrosaccus kempi Mysidae benthic native
Gayliella flaccida Ceramiaceae sessile native
Gelasimus hesperiae Ocypodidae benthic 2.0 native
Gelastocaris paronae Paron shrimp Hippolytidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Gelidiella acerosa Chaffweed Gelidiellaceae sessile native
Gelidiella myrioclada Gelidiellaceae epiphytic native
Gelidium chilense Gelidiaceae epiphytic native
Gelidium crinale Gelidiaceae epiphytic native
Gelidium pusillum Gelidiaceae sessile 10.000 native
Gelochelidon nilotica Gull-billed tern Laridae others 43.000 TL 3.9 native
Gemmula hastula Turridae benthic native
Genetyllis castanea Phyllodocidae benthic native
Gennadas bouvieri Benthesicymidae bathypelagic 3.6 native
Gibberula bensoni Cystiscidae benthic native
Gibberula mazagonica Cystiscidae benthic native
Glossodoris cincta Girdled Glossodoris Chromodorididae benthic 6.000 TL 3.0 native
Glossodoris pallida Pallid Glossodoris Chromodorididae benthic 3.500 TL 3.0 native
Glycera alba Glyceridae benthic 7.500 TL native
Glycera americana American bloodworm Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera cinnamomea Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera convoluta Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera lancadivae Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera longipinnis Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera oxycephala Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera rouxi Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera sphyrabrancha Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera tesselata Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera tridactyla Glycerine worm Glyceridae benthic native
Glycera unicornis Glyceridae benthic native
Glycymeris livida Glycymerididae benthic endemic
Glycymeris striatularis Glycymerididae benthic native
Gnathia firingae Gnathiidae reef-associated native
Golfingia margaritacea Peanut worm Golfingiidae benthic 2.0 native
Goniada congoensis Goniadidae benthic native
Goniada maculata Spotted chevron worm Goniadidae benthic native
Goniadopsis maskallensis Goniadidae benthic native
Goniastrea edwardsi Faviidae reef-associated native
Goniastrea retiformis Faviidae reef-associated native
Gonimyrtea pamela Lucinidae benthic native
Goniobranchus cazae Chromodorididae benthic 3.0 native
Gonioinfradens paucidentatus Portunidae benthic native
Goniopora columna Anemone coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Goniopora djiboutiensis Flowerpot coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Goniopora lobata Flower pot true red coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Goniopora planulata Poritidae reef-associated native
Goniopora somaliensis Poritidae reef-associated native
Goniopora tenuidens Blue purple goniopora Poritidae reef-associated native
Gonodactylellus demanii Gonodactylidae benthic native
Gonodactylellus lanchesteri Gonodactylidae reef-associated native
Gonodactylus acutirostris Gonodactylidae reef-associated native
Gonodactylus botti Gonodactylidae reef-associated native
Gonodactylus chiragra Gonodactylidae benthic 10.500 TL native
Gonodactylus smithii Gonodactylidae benthic TL native
Gourretia coolibah Ctenochelidae benthic native
Gracilaria arcuata Arcuate gracilaria Gracilariaceae sessile native
Gracilaria canaliculata Gracilariaceae epiphytic native
Gracilaria corticata Gracilariaceae epiphytic native
Gracilaria foliifera Graceful red weed Gracilariaceae sessile native
Gracilaria salicornia Segmented gracilaria Gracilariaceae sessile 10.000 TL native
Gracilariopsis longissima Gracilariaceae sessile native
Gracilariopsis persica Gracilariaceae sessile native
Granuliterebra bathyrhaphe Terebridae benthic native
Grapsus albolineatus Mottled crab Grapsidae benthic 5.027 CL 2.0 native
Grapsus granulosus Grapsidae benthic 1.971 CL native
Grapsus grapsus Lightfoot crab Grapsidae benthic 7.700 CL 4.0 native
Grateloupia comorinii Dasyaceae epiphytic native
Gregariella petagnae Half-hairy mussel Mytilidae benthic DL native
Griffithsia globulifera Pink bead Ceramiaceae sessile native
Guynia annulata Guyniidae reef-associated native
Gymnodoris impudica Gymnodorididae benthic native
Gyrineum natator Tuberculara gyre triton Ranellidae benthic native
Halocynthia spinosa Pyuridae sessile native
Halodule uninervis Needle seagrass Cymodoceaceae sessile native
Halophila ovalis Spoon seagrass Hydrocharitaceae sessile native
Halophila stipulacea Broadleaf seagrass Hydrocharitaceae sessile native
Hamarilla amoebaea Pyramidellidae host native
Haplostylus bengalensis Mysidae benthic native
Haplostylus parerythraeus Mysidae benthic native
Haplosyllis djiboutiensis Syllidae host native
Haplosyllis spongicola Sponge worm Syllidae host native
Harmothoe dictyophora Polynoidae benthic native
Harmothoe minuta Polynoidae benthic native
Hatschekia conifera Hatschekiidae host native
Hatschekia insolita Hatschekiidae host native
Heinzmalzina ocellata Cytheruridae benthic native
Heliacus variegatus Variegated sundial shell Architectonicidae benthic 2.000 WD native
Hemicytheridea paiki Hemicytheridae benthic native
Hemikrithe peterseni Trachyleberididae benthic native
Hemithyone semperi Phyllophoridae benthic 1.400 native
Herdmania momus Herdman's sea squirt Pyuridae sessile 8.000 TL native
Hermilius ariodi Caligidae host native
Hermilius longicaudus Caligidae host native
Hermilius longicornis Caligidae host native
Hesione pantherina Leopard worm Hesionidae benthic native
Hesione splendida Hesionidae benthic native
Heteractis crispa Leathery sea anemone Stichodactylidae reef-associated native
Heterocarpoides levicarina Dorodotes shrimp Pandalidae benthic native
Heterocuma inerme Bodotriidae benthic native
Heterocyathus aequicostatus Striped bum coral Caryophylliidae reef-associated native
Heterodina mccaini Sphaeromatidae benthic native
Heteromastus filiformis Capitellidae benthic 10.000 TL 2.0 native
Heteromastus similis Capitellidae benthic 2.0 native
Heterometra africana Himerometridae benthic native
Heterometra savignii Himerometridae benthic native
Heteromysis proxima Mysidae benthic native
Heteropanope glabra Pilumnidae benthic native
Heteropilumnus lanuginosus Pilumnidae reef-associated native
Heteropilumnus trichophoroides Pilumnidae benthic native
Heteropsammia cochlea Walking dendro Dendrophylliidae reef-associated native
Heterosiphonia crispella Dasyaceae sessile native
Hexaplex kusterianus Muricidae benthic native
Hiatula rosea Psammobiidae benthic native
Himerometra persica Himerometridae benthic native
Hiplyra sagitta Leucosiidae benthic native
Hiplyra variegata Leucosiidae benthic native
Hippolyte ventricosa Hippolytidae benthic native
Holothuria arenicola Sand sea cucumber Holothuriidae benthic 30.000 TL native
Holothuria atra Lollyfish Holothuriidae benthic 60.000 TL 2.0 native
Holothuria bacilla Holothuriidae benthic native
Holothuria edulis Pinkfish Holothuriidae reef-associated 35.000 TL 2.0 native
Holothuria hilla Tiger tail Holothuriidae reef-associated 25.000 TL 2.0 native
Holothuria impatiens Impatient sea cucumber Holothuriidae reef-associated 30.000 TL 2.0 native
Holothuria insignis Holothuriidae benthic native
Holothuria leucospilota White threads fish Holothuriidae reef-associated 55.000 TL 2.0 native
Holothuria pardalis Holothuriidae benthic 25.000 BL 2.0 native
Holothuria parva Holothuriidae benthic 2.0 native
Holothuria pervicax Stubborn sea cucumber Holothuriidae benthic 35.000 TL native
Holothuria rigida Rigid sea cucumber Holothuriidae benthic 18.000 TL native
Holothuria scabra Sand fish Holothuriidae reef-associated 40.000 TL 2.9 native
Holothuria spinifera Brownfish Holothuriidae benthic 30.000 native
Hormophysa cuneiformis Wedgeshaped chain-weed Cystoseiraceae sessile 25.000 native
Hormosinella gracilis Hormosinidae benthic native
Hyastenus diacanthus Horn decorator crab Majidae benthic native
Hyastenus hilgendorfi Epialtidae benthic native
Hyastenus inermis Epialtidae benthic native
Hyattella intestinalis Spongiidae sessile native
Hydnophora exesa Merulinidae reef-associated native
Hydnophora microconos Small-coned coral Merulinidae reef-associated native
Hydnophora pilosa Merulinidae reef-associated native
Hydrobia ulvae Laver spire shell Hydrobiidae benthic native
Hydroclathrus clathratus Hydroclathrus Chordariaceae sessile native
Hydrocoloeus minutus Little gull Laridae others 30.000 TL 4.1 native
Hydroides bulbosus Serpulidae sessile native
Hydroides elegans Calcareous tube worm Serpulidae sessile 2.0 native
Hydroides exaltatus Serpulidae sessile native
Hydroides heterocerus Serpulidae sessile native
Hydroides homoceros Serpulidae sessile native
Hydroides norvegicus Serpulidae sessile native
Hydroides perezi Serpulidae reef-associated native
Hydrolithon boreale Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Hydrolithon farinosum Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Hydrolithon improcerum Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Hydrophis cyanocinctus Annulated sea snake Hydrophiidae reef-associated 190.000 TL 4.5 native
Hydroprogne caspia Caspian tern Laridae others 59.000 TL 4.4 native
Hyotissa hyotis Honeycomb oyster Gryphaeidae benthic 30.000 SHH native
Hyperhalosydna striata Polynoidae benthic native
Hypermastus boschorum Eulimidae benthic native
Hypermastus epiphanes Eulimidae benthic native
Hypnea cornuta Hypneaceae sessile native
Hypnea flagelliformis Hypneaceae epiphytic native
Hypnea hamulosa Hypneaceae epiphytic native
Hypnea musciformis Crozier weed Hypneaceae epiphytic native
Hypnea pannosa Tattered sea moss Hypneaceae epiphytic native
Hypnea spinella Hypneaceae sessile native
Hypnea valentiae Hypneaceae sessile native
Hypselodoris dollfusi Dollfu's Hypselodoris Chromodorididae benthic 3.0 native
Hypselodoris infucata Painted nudibranch Chromodorididae benthic 4.000 TL 3.0 native
Hypselodoris nigrostriata Black stripped Hypselodoris Chromodorididae benthic 4.000 TL 3.0 native
Hypselodoris whitei White's Hypselodoris Chromodorididae benthic 3.0 native
Hypsicomus phaeotenia Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Hysterothylacium reliquens Raphidascarididae host native
Iacra seychellarum Semelidae benthic native
Iasis cylindrica Salpidae pelagic native
Ibla cumingi Iblidae sessile native
Ichthyoxenos asymmetrica Cymothoidae host native
Idiellana pristis Sertulariidae sessile native
Ikeda pirotansis Echiuridae benthic 2.0 native
Ilyograpsus paludicola Macrophthalmidae benthic native
Ilyograpsus rhizophorae Macrophthalmidae benthic native
Ilyoplax frater Dotillidae benthic native
Ilyoplax stevensi Dotillidae benthic native
Indischnopus herdmani Platyischnopidae benthic native
Indomysis annandalei Mysidae pelagic native
Indomysis nybini Mysidae pelagic native
Indothais lacera Carinate rock shell Muricidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Inioteuthis maculosa Bobtail squid Sepiolidae demersal 1.300 ML native
Iphiculus spongiosus Iphiculidae benthic native
Iphinoe calmani Bodotriidae benthic native
Iphinoe maeotica Bodotriidae benthic native
Iravadia quadrasi Iravadiidae benthic 2.0 native
Irus irus Irus clam Veneridae benthic native
Irus macrophyllus Long leaf irus Veneridae benthic 0.950 TL native
Ischnochiton yerburyi Ischnochitonidae benthic native
Isognomon legumen Pod tree oyster Isognomonidae benthic native
Isolda albula Ampharetidae sessile 2.0 native
Iyengaria stellata Scytosiphonaceae epiphytic native
Jactellina clathrata Tellinidae benthic 1.660 TL native
Jania adhaerens Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Jania pumila Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Jania rubens Corallinaceae sessile native
Janua foraminosa Serpulidae sessile native
Janua kayi Serpulidae sessile native
Jasmineira elegans Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Jellyella tuberculata Calcareous membranipora Membraniporidae sessile native
Jitlada arsinoensis Tellinidae benthic native
Jolya rhomboidea Rhomboid mussel Mytilidae benthic native
Jorunna funebris Polka-dot nudibranch Discodorididae benthic 5.000 TL 3.0 native
Joryma sawayah Cymothoidae host native
Junceella juncea Ellisellidae reef-associated native
Kainomatomysis foxi Mysidae demersal native
Katelysia marmorata Marbled venus Veneridae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Keijella karwarensis Trachyleberididae benthic native
Keijella nealei Trachyleberididae benthic native
Kellia leucedra Lasaeidae benthic native
Keratella quadrata Brachionidae pelagic 2.0 native
Kermia aglaia Conidae benthic native
Kermia albicaudata Conidae benthic native
Kinbergonuphis investigatoris Onuphidae benthic native
Krithe kroemmelbeini Krithidae benthic native
Krohnitta pacifica Krohnittidae pelagic 0.800 BL native
Kuwaita magna Lumbrineridae benthic endemic
Kyrina kyrina Veneridae benthic native
Labidocera acuta Pontellidae pelagic native
Labidocera kroyeri Pontellidae pelagic native
Labidocera minuta Pontellidae pelagic native
Labidocera pavo Pontellidae pelagic native
Labidocera wollastoni Pontellidae pelagic native
Labidodemas semperianum Holothuriidae benthic 2.0 native
Labioleanira yhleni Sigalionidae benthic native
Lagena semistriata Lagenidae benthic native
Lagena sulcata Lagenidae benthic native
Lagis koreni Trumpet worm Pectinariidae sessile 5.000 TL 2.0 native
Lagisca flaccida Polynoidae benthic native
Lambis lambis Common spider conch Strombidae benthic 29.000 SHL 2.9 native
Lambis truncata Giant spider conch Strombidae reef-associated 43.000 SHL 2.0 native
Lamellodysidea chlorea Dysideidae sessile native
Lamellolucina dentifera Toothed lucine Lucinidae benthic native
Lamprometra palmata Mariametridae benthic native
Lanice conchilega Sand mason worm Terebellidae sessile 30.000 TL 2.0 native
Lankacythere elaborata Trachyleberididae benthic native
Laonice cirrata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Lapemis curtus Hardwicke's spine-bellied seasnake Hydrophiidae reef-associated 128.000 SVL 4.5 native
Larus argentatus Herring gull Laridae others 66.000 TL 4.4 native
Larus armenicus Armenian gull Laridae others 4.6 native
Larus cachinnans Yellow-legged gull Laridae others 4.5 native
Larus genei Slender-billed gull Laridae others 46.000 TL 3.4 native
Larus hemprichii Sooty gull Laridae others 47.000 TL 4.0 native
Larus ichthyaetus Great black-headed gull Laridae others 69.000 TL 4.2 native
Larus ridibundus Common black-headed gull Laridae others 43.000 TL 4.2 native
Laternula navicula Laternulidae benthic native
Latreutes anoplonyx Medusa shrimp Hippolytidae host native
Latreutes mucronatus Seagrass shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Laurencia elata Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Laurencia intricata Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Laurencia majuscula Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Laurencia microcladia Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Laurencia minuta Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Laurencia obtusa Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Laurencia snyderae Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Leiaster leachi Ophidiasteridae benthic 3.5 native
Leiosolenus obesus Mytilidae benthic 7.750 TL native
Leiosolenus tripartitus Mytilidae benthic native
Lensia subtiloides Diphyidae pelagic 0.370 H native
Leocrates claparedii Hesionidae benthic native
Leonnates decipiens Nereididae benthic native
Leonnates indicus Nereididae benthic native
Leonnates persicus Nereididae benthic native
Lepas anatifera Duck barnacle Lepadidae pelagic 2.6 native
Lepas anserifera Goose barnacle Lepadidae sessile 4.5 native
Lepidasthenia stylolepis Polynoidae benthic native
Lepidochelys olivacea Olive ridley turtle Cheloniidae benthopelagic 76.000 CL 3.4 native
Lepidonotus carinulatus Polynoidae benthic native
Lepidonotus tenuisetosus Fine-setose scaleworm Polynoidae benthic 3.6 native
Leptastrea inaequalis Faviidae reef-associated native
Leptastrea pruinosa Faviidae reef-associated native
Leptastrea purpurea Faviidae reef-associated native
Leptastrea transversa Crust coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Leptochela aculeocaudata Pasiphaeidae benthic native
Leptochela irrobusta Pasiphaeidae benthic native
Leptochryseus kuwaitense Camptandriidae benthic 2.0 endemic
Leptodius exaratus Fan round crab Xanthidae benthic native
Leptomya cochlearis Semelidae benthic native
Leptoria irregularis Least Valley coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Leptoria phrygia Faviidae reef-associated native
Leptoseris foliosa Foliose coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Leptoseris mycetoseroides Slender lettuce coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Leptoseris solida Agariciidae reef-associated native
Leptosquilla schmeltzii Squillidae benthic native
Leptosynapta chela Synaptidae benthic 2.0 native
Lernanthropinus temminckii Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus corniger Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus cornutus Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus ilishae Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus indicus Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus nemipteri Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus polynemi Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus sarbae Lernanthropidae host native
Lernanthropus sillaginis Lernanthropidae host native
Leucisca rubifera Leucosiidae benthic native
Leucosia anatum Leucosiidae benthic native
Leucosia signata Leucosiidae benthic native
Leucothoe hyhelia Leucothoidae reef-associated native
Leucothoella bannwarthi Leucothoidae host native
Leucotina gratiosa Amathinidae benthic native
Leveillea jungermannioides Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Levinsenia gracilis Paraonidae benthic 2.0 native
Lewindromia unidentata Dromiidae benthic native
Liagora ceranoides Liagoraceae sessile native
Liagora distenta Liagoraceae epiphytic native
Lienardia comideleuca Turridae benthic native
Lienardia crebrilirata Turridae benthic native
Lienardia pulchripicta Turridae benthic native
Ligia persica Ligiidae benthic native
Ligia pigmentata Ligiidae benthic native
Lima vulgaris Common file shell Limidae benthic 9.000 SHH native
Limaria fragilis Limidae benthic native
Linatella caudata Ringed triton Ranellidae benthic native
Linckia guildingi Comet starfish Ophidiasteridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Linckia laevigata Blue linckia Ophidiasteridae reef-associated 40.000 WD 3.2 native
Linckia multifora Spotted linckia Ophidiasteridae benthic 2.0 native
Lingula anatina Common oriental lamp shell Lingulidae benthic native
Linopherus hirsutus Amphinomidae benthic native
Linopherus paucibranchiata Amphinomidae benthic native
Linopherus spiralis Amphinomidae benthic endemic
Lioberus ligneus Mytilidae benthic native
Lioconcha ornata Ornate pitar venus Veneridae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Liriope tetraphylla Jewel jellyfish Geryoniidae pelagic 3.000 WD native
Lissoclinum fragile Didemnidae sessile native
Lissoporcellana quadrilobata Porcellanidae benthic native
Listriolobus brevirostris Echiuridae benthic 2.0 native
Lithophaga robusta Rock eater Mytilidae reef-associated 3.150 TL native
Lithophyllum kotschyanum Corallinaceae sessile native
Lithophyllum prototypum Corallinaceae sessile native
Lithothamnion muelleri Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Lithotrya valentiana Lithotryidae sessile native
Littoraria intermedia Littorinidae benthic native
Littoraria undulata Undulate periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 2.000 SHL native
Littorina littorea Common periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 4.200 DL 2.0 native
Littorina scabra Scabra periwinkle Littorinidae benthic 4.400 SHL native
Lobatula lobatula Cibicididae benthic native
Lobophora variegata Leathery lobeweeds Dictyotaceae sessile native
Lodderia novemcarinata Turbinidae benthic native
Loimia medusa Medusa worm Terebellidae reef-associated 25.000 BL 2.0 native
Lomentaria baileyana Lomentariaceae sessile native
Lomentaria corallicola Lomentariaceae epiphytic native
Lopha cristagalli Cock's comb oyster Ostreidae benthic 20.500 SHL native
Lophocladia lallemandii Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Lophosiphonia obscura Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Lophozozymus anaglyptus Xanthidae benthic native
Loripes lucinalis Lucinidae benthic native
Loxoconcha amygdalanux Loxoconchidae benthic native
Loxoconcha multiornata Loxoconchidae benthic native
Lucifer hanseni Luciferidae pelagic native
Lucilina sueziensis Chitonidae benthic native
Luidia hardwicki Luidiidae benthic native
Luidia maculata Luidiidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Luidia prionota Luidiidae benthic native
Lumbrineris bifurcata Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris heteropoda Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris impatiens Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris japonica Lumbrineridae benthic native
Lumbrineris latreilli Lumbrineridae benthic native
Luria pulchra Lamarck's cowrie Cypraeidae benthic native
Lutraria australis Mactridae benthic native
Lutraria philippinarum Mactridae benthic native
Lycomysis platycauda Mysidae pelagic native
Lydia tenax Oziidae benthic native
Lyncina lynx Lynx cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 9.000 SHL native
Lyncina vitellus Pacific deer cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 10.000 SHL native
Lysidice collaris Polychaetes Eunicidae benthic 9.500 BL native
Lysidice ninetta Eunicidae benthic native
Lysidice unicornis Eunicidae benthic native
Lysilla pambanensis Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Lysmata vittata Indian lined shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Macomangulus tenuis Thin-shelled tellina Tellinidae benthic 3.000 SHL 2.0 native
Macromedaeus voeltzkowi Xanthidae benthic native
Macrophiothrix elongata Ophiodermatidae reef-associated native
Macrophthalmus depressus Mud crab Macrophthalmidae benthic 2.0 native
Macrophthalmus graeffei Macrophthalmidae benthic 2.0 native
Macrophthalmus grandidieri Macrophthalmidae benthic 2.0 native
Macrophthalmus laevis Macrophthalmidae benthic 2.0 native
Macrophthalmus serenei Macrophthalmidae benthic 2.0 native
Macrophthalmus sulcatus Macrophthalmidae benthic 2.0 native
Macrorhynchia philippina White stinger Aglaopheniidae sessile native
Macrosetella gracilis Miraciidae pelagic 2.0 native
Mactra lilacea Mactridae benthic native
Mactra luzonica Luzon troughshell Mactridae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Mactrotoma ovalina Mactridae benthic native
Madracis kirbyi Ten coral Pocilloporidae reef-associated native
Magelona cornuta Magelonidae benthic 2.0 native
Magelona crenulifrons Magelonidae benthic native
Magelona heteropoda Magelonidae benthic endemic
Magelona pulchella Magelonidae benthic endemic
Malacoceros indicus Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Malagazzia carolinae Malagazziidae pelagic native
Malagazzia taeniogonia Malagazziidae pelagic native
Maldane cristata Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Maldane glebifex Maldanidae sessile native
Maldane sarsi Bambooworm Maldanidae benthic 2.0 native
Maldane theodori Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Malleus anatinus Malleidae benthic native
Malleus malleus Black hammer oyster Malleidae benthic native
Malleus regula Straight hammer oyster Malleidae benthic 12.000 native
Manipontonia persiana Palaemonidae benthic native
Manningia arabica Eurysquillidae benthic native
Manningis arabicum Camptandriidae benthic endemic
Marcia cordata Ovate clam Veneridae benthic native
Marcia hiantina Hiant venus Veneridae benthic 6.000 SHL native
Marcia opima Fertile venus Veneridae benthic 6.500 SHL 2.0 native
Marphysa gemmata Eunicidae benthic endemic
Marphysa gravelyi Eunicidae benthic native
Marphysa sanguinea Red-gilled marphysa Eunicidae benthic native
Marphysa stragulum Eunicidae benthic native
Marsupenaeus japonicus Kuruma prawn Penaeidae benthic 19.000 TL native
Mathilda carystia Architectonicidae benthic native
Matuta planipes Flower moon crab Calappidae benthic 11.500 CW native
Matuta victor Common moon crab Calappidae benthic 5.000 CW 3.6 native
Mauritia grayana Cypraeidae benthic native
Maxacteon fabreanus Acteonidae benthic 3.1 native
Medaeops granulosus Xanthidae benthic native
Medaeops neglectus Xanthidae benthic native
Megabalanus coccopoma Titan acorn barnacle Balanidae sessile native
Megabalanus tintinnabulum Balanidae sessile 7.500 WD native
Megaptera novaeangliae Humpback whale Balaenopteridae pelagic 1,889.760 TL 3.6 native
Megerlia truncata Kraussinidae sessile 2.000 SL native
Megokris akademik Penaeidae benthic native
Megokris ghamrawyi Penaeidae benthic native
Megokris granulosus Coarse shrimp Penaeidae benthic 5.100 TL native
Melanella alba Eulimidae benthic native
Melanella cumingii Eulimidae benthic native
Melarhaphe neritoides Small periwinkle Littorinidae benthic native
Melicerona felina Cat cowrie Cypraeidae benthic native
Melicertus hathor Penaeidae benthic native
Melicertus latisulcatus Western king prawn Penaeidae benthic 13.700 TL native
Melinna cristata Ampharetidae benthic 2.0 native
Melinna palmata Ampharetidae sessile 2.0 native
Melita persia Melitidae pelagic native
Menaethiops abumusa Epialtidae benthic native
Menaethiops nodulosus Epialtidae benthic native
Menaethius monoceros One-horned spider crab Epialtidae benthic native
Menella bahrelfarsi Plexauridae sessile native
Menella indica Plexauridae reef-associated native
Menippe rumphii Maroon stone crab Menippidae benthic 9.000 CW native
Meretrix meretrix Asiatic hard clam Veneridae benthic 7.000 SHL 2.0 native
Mesacturoides fimbriatus Takuidae reef-associated native
Mesochaetopterus sagittarius Chaetopteridae sessile 2.0 native
Metalia persica Brissidae benthic native
Metalia sternalis Brissidae benthic 2.0 native
Metapenaeopsis barbata Whiskered velvet shrimp Penaeidae benthic 10.800 TL native
Metapenaeopsis mogiensis Mogi velvet shrimp Penaeidae benthic 6.900 TL native
Metapenaeopsis persica Penaeidae benthic native
Metapenaeopsis stridulans Fiddler shrimp Penaeidae benthic 10.000 TL native
Metapenaeus affinis Jinga shrimp Penaeidae benthic 22.200 TL 3.9 native
Metapenaeus dobsoni Kadal shrimp Penaeidae benthic 11.800 TL 3.5 native
Metapenaeus monoceros Speckled shrimp Penaeidae benthic 15.000 TL 3.4 native
Metapenaeus stebbingi Peregrine shrimp Penaeidae benthic 13.900 TL native
Metaplax indica Varunidae benthic 1.670 CL native
Metaprotella macoranicus Protellidae pelagic native
Metopograpsus messor Grapsidae benthic 2.545 CL 2.0 native
Metopograpsus thukuhar Grapsidae reef-associated 1.996 CL 3.0 native
Michaelcallianassa indica Callianassidae benthic native
Micippa philyra Majidae benthic native
Micippa platipes Majidae benthic native
Micracanthorhynchina kuwaitensis Rhadinorhynchidae host native
Microcystis sanguinea Microcystaceae benthic native
Microeuraphia permitini Chthamalidae sessile native
Microeuraphia withersi Chthamalidae sessile native
Micromelo undata Polka-dot bubble shell Aplustridae benthic 3.1 native
Micronephthys sphaerocirrata Nephtyidae benthic 2.0 native
Microphotis blachei Photidae benthic native
Microprosthema validum Robust boxer shrimp Spongicolidae benthic 2.500 TL native
Microsetella rosea Ectinosomatidae pelagic 2.0 native
Mimachlamys sanguinea Senatorial scallop Pectinidae benthic 8.000 SHH 2.0 native
Miralda scopulorum Pyramidellidae host native
Mitra bovei Bove's mitre Mitridae benthic native
Mitra litterata Mitridae benthic native
Mitrella agatha Columbellidae benthic native
Mitrella blanda Columbellidae benthic native
Mitrella cartwrighti Columbellidae benthic native
Modiolus auriculatus Eared horse mussel Mytilidae benthic 7.500 SL native
Monetaria annulus Gold ring cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Monilea chiliarches Trochidae benthic native
Monodonta nebulosa Top shell Trochidae benthic native
Monodonta vermiculata Trochidae benthic native
Monoliropus kazemii Caprellidae pelagic native
Monophorus perversus Triphoridae benthic native
Monoplex aquatilis Aquatile hairy triton Ranellidae benthic 12.000 SHL 3.2 native
Montipora aequituberculata Encrusting pore coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora circumvallata Porous leaf coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora danae Poker star montipora Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora efflorescens Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora foliosa Cabbage coral Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora incrassata Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora informis Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora mollis Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora monasteriata Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora spongiosa Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora tuberculosa Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora venosa Acroporidae reef-associated native
Montipora verrucosa Acroporidae reef-associated native
Morula anaxeres Muricidae benthic native
Morula granulata Granular drupe Muricidae benthic 3.4 native
Morula squamosa Muricidae benthic native
Mosambicarca erythraeonensis Arcidae benthic native
Mugilicola kabatai Ergasilidae host native
Murex scolopax Scalloped murex Muricidae benthic native
Murrayella periclados Oxytoxaceae benthic native
Musculus calceatus Mytilidae benthic native
Myra pernix Leucosiidae benthic native
Myra subgranulata Leucosiidae benthic native
Myriactula arabica Chordariaceae epiphytic native
Myriogramme okhaensis Delesseriaceae epiphytic native
Mysella bidentata Lasaeidae benthic 2.0 native
Mysidopsis kempi Mysidae benthic native
Mytilus galloprovincialis Mediterranean mussel Mytilidae benthic 15.000 SHL 2.7 native
Namalycastis abiuma Nereididae benthic 2.0 native
Nanosesarma jousseaumei Sesarmidae benthic native
Nanosesarma minutum Sesarmidae benthic 2.0 native
Nanosesarma sarii Sesarmidae benthic 0.877 CL native
Nasima dotilliformis Camptandriidae benthic 2.0 native
Nassarius albescens Whitish nassa Nassariidae benthic DL native
Nassarius arcularia Cake nassa Nassariidae reef-associated 4.000 SHL native
Nassarius castus Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius concinnus Neat nassa Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius coronatus Coronate nassa Nassariidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Nassarius deshayesianus Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius emilyae Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius frederici Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius gemmuliferus Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius himeroessa Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius jactabundus Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius marmoreus Marbled nassa Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius persicus Nassariidae benthic native
Nassarius splendidulus Nassariidae benthic native
Natica alapapilionis Butterfly moon Naticidae benthic native
Natica cincta Naticidae benthic native
Natica pseustes Naticidae benthic native
Natica vitellus Calf moon snail Naticidae benthic 4.500 SHL 3.7 native
Neanthes succinea Clam worm Nereididae benthic 2.7 native
Neanthes unifasciata Nereididae reef-associated native
Neanthes willeyi Nereididae reef-associated native
Nemacystus decipiens Chordariaceae epiphytic native
Nemacystus erythraeus Chordariaceae epiphytic native
Nematonereis hebes Eunicidae benthic native
Neoacasta glans Archaeobalanidae sessile native
Neocallichirus calmani Callianassidae benthic native
Neocallichirus jousseaumei Callianassidae benthic native
Neocancilla circula Mitridae benthic native
Neocancilla pretiosa Mitridae benthic native
Neodiplodonta genethila Ungulinidae benthic native
Neoechinorhynchus dimorphospinus Neoechinorhynchidae host native
Neoechinorhynchus qatarensis Neoechinorhynchidae host native
Neogoniolithon brassica-florida Corallinaceae sessile native
Neogoniolithon misakiense Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Neoleprea clavata Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Neomonoceratina iniqua Schizocytheridae benthic native
Neophocaena phocaenoides Finless porpoise Phocoenidae pelagic 227.000 TL 4.4 native
Neorhynchoplax kempi Hymenosomatidae benthic native
Neosiphonia ferulacea Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Neotima galeai Eirenidae benthic native
Neotrapezium sublaevigatum Trapezidae benthic native
Nephtys cirrosa White catworm Nephtyidae benthic 10.000 TL 3.9 native
Nephtys tulearensis Nephtyidae benthic native
Nereiphylla castanea Phyllodocidae benthic native
Nereis anomala Nereididae benthic native
Nereis coutieri Nereididae benthic native
Nereis deplanata Nereididae benthic endemic
Nereis jacksoni Nereididae benthic native
Nereis mirabilis Nereididae benthic native
Nereis neogracilis Nereididae benthic endemic
Nereis pelagica Nereididae benthic 20.320 TL 2.6 native
Nereis persica Nereididae benthic native
Nereis trifasciata Nereididae benthic native
Nerita adenensis Neritidae benthic native
Nerita albicilla Oxpalate nerite Neritidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Nerita atramentosa Neritidae benthic native
Nerita longii Neritidae benthic native
Nerita polita Polished nerite Neritidae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Nerita textilis Textile nerite Neritidae benthic native
Nerocila arres Cymothoidae host native
Nerocila heterozota Cymothoidae host native
Nerocila kisra Cymothoidae host native
Nerocila phaiopleura Cymothoidae host native
Nicolea gracilibranchis Terebellidae sessile 2.0 native
Nikoides sibogae Processidae benthic native
Ninoe pulchra Lumbrineridae benthic native
Niso venosa Eulimidae benthic native
Noctiluca scintillans Noctilucaceae pelagic-neritic 2.0 native
Notaulax phaeotaenia Sabellidae sessile 4.500 BL 2.0 native
Nothobomolochus denticulatus Bomolochidae host native
Nothobomolochus gazzae Bomolochidae host native
Nothobomolochus ilhoikimi Bomolochidae host native
Nothobomolochus lizae Bomolochidae host native
Nothobomolochus quadriceros Bomolochidae host native
Notocochlis gualteriana Gualteri's moon snail Naticidae benthic 2.500 SHL 3.2 native
Notomastus latericeus Bristleworms nei Capitellidae benthic 30.000 TL 2.0 native
Notomastus rubrocinctus Capitellidae benthic native
Nucula consentanea Nuculidae benthic 2.0 native
Nucula inconspicua Nuculidae benthic 2.0 native
Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel Scolopacidae others 4.0 native
Nursia persica Leucosiidae benthic native
Nursia plicata Leucosiidae benthic native
Obelia dichotoma Sea thread hydroid Campanulariidae sessile 2.5 native
Obelia geniculata Knotted thread hydroid Campanulariidae epiphytic native
Octolasmis angulata Poecilasmatidae sessile native
Octolasmis clavula Poecilasmatidae sessile native
Octolasmis cor Poecilasmatidae sessile native
Octolasmis nierstraszi Poecilasmatidae sessile native
Octolasmis warwickii Poecilasmatidae sessile native
Octophialucium funerarium Phialuciidae pelagic 4.000 WD native
Octophialucium indicum Phialuciidae pelagic 1.700 WD native
Octopus cyanea Big blue octopus Octopodidae reef-associated 22.000 ML 3.6 native
Ocypode rotundata Rounded ghost crab Ocypodidae benthic 2.0 native
Odontosyllis gravelyi Syllidae benthic native
Odostomia eutropia Pyramidellidae benthic native
Oenone fulgida Oenonidae benthic 12.000 BL native
Ogyrides orientalis Telescope shrimp Ogyrididae benthic native
Ohshimella ehrenbergi Sclerodactylidae benthic native
Oikopleura dioica Oikopleuridae pelagic 0.150 TL native
Oithona attenuata Oithonidae pelagic 2.7 native
Oithona nana Oithonidae pelagic 3.1 native
Oithona plumifera Oithonidae pelagic 2.0 native
Oligometra serripinna Colobometridae benthic native
Oliva bulbosa Swollen olive Olividae benthic native
Oliva oliva Common olive Olividae benthic 4.000 SHL native
Omalogyra japonica Omalogyridae benthic native
Oncaea clevei Oncaeidae pelagic native
Oncaea media Oncaeidae pelagic native
Onuphis eremita Onuphidae benthic native
Onychoprion anaethetus Bridled tern Laridae others 38.000 TL 4.3 native
Onychoteuthis banksii Hooked squid Onychoteuthidae pelagic 37.000 ML 3.8 native
Onykia carriboea Tropical clubhook squid Onychoteuthidae pelagic 10.000 ML 3.6 native
Operculina complanata Nummulitidae benthic native
Ophelina acuminata Opheliidae benthic 6.000 TL 2.0 native
Ophiocoma erinaceus Ophiocomidae reef-associated 2.500 WD 2.0 native
Ophiocoma scolopendrina Lagoon brittle star Ophiocomidae reef-associated 2.400 WD 2.0 native
Ophiodromus angustifrons Hesionidae benthic native
Ophionereis dubia Striped brittlestar Ophionereididae reef-associated 2.0 native
Ophiopeza fallax Ophiodermatidae benthic native
Ophiothela danae Ophiothrichidae reef-associated native
Ophiothela venusta Ophiothrichidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Ophiothrix purpurea Purple brittle star Ophiothrichidae benthic native
Ophiothrix savignyi Long spined brittle star Ophiothrichidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Ophiura kinbergi Ophiuridae benthic 0.300 WD native
Opusia indica Camptandriidae benthic 2.0 native
Oratosquillina interrupta Squillidae benthic TL native
Orbitacolax hapalogenyos Bomolochidae host native
Orcinus orca Killer whale Delphinidae pelagic 980.000 TL 4.5 native
Oreophorus horridus Leucosiidae benthic native
Osmundea hybrida Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Osmundea pedicularioides Rhodomelaceae benthic native
Ostrea cucullata Cucullate rock oyster Ostreidae benthic native
Otopleura mitralis Miter pyram Pyramidellidae benthic native
Ovatipsa chinensis Coloba cowrie Cypraeidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Owenia fusiformis Tubeworm Oweniidae benthic 10.000 TL 2.0 native
Owenia persica Oweniidae benthic native
Oxydromus latifrons Hesionidae benthic native
Oxypora lacera Ragged chalice coral Pectiniidae reef-associated native
Pachycheles natalensis Porcellanidae benthic native
Pachycheles tomentosus Porcellanidae benthic native
Padina australis Dictyotaceae epiphytic native
Padina boergesenii Dictyotaceae epiphytic native
Padina boryana Dictyotaceae sessile native
Padina distromatica Dictyotaceae epiphytic native
Padina gymnospora Funnelweed Dictyotaceae sessile 6.500 TL native
Padina minor Brown sea fan Dictyotaceae sessile native
Padina pavonica Peacock's tail Dictyotaceae sessile native
Padina tetrastromatica Dictyotaceae sessile native
Paguristes ciliatus Diogenidae benthic native
Pagurus kulkarnii Paguridae benthic native
Pagurus macardlei Paguridae benthic native
Paijenborchella calcarina Cytheridae benthic native
Palaemon debilis Feeble shrimp Palaemonidae benthic native
Palaemon khori Palaemonidae benthic native
Palaemon serrifer Carpenter prawn Palaemonidae benthic native
Palaemon styliferus Roshna prawn Palaemonidae benthic 2.4 native
Palaemonella rotumana Palaemonidae benthic native
Palisada intermedia Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Palisada patentiramea Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Palisada perforata Pepper dulse Rhodomelaceae sessile native
Palisada thuyoides Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Palmadusta lentiginosa Cypraeidae benthic 3.000 ShL native
Palolo siciliensis Eunicidae benthic native
Palythoa mutuki Zoanthidae sessile native
Palythoa tuberculosa Rubbery zoanthid Zoanthidae sessile native
Panulirus homarus Scalloped spiny lobster Palinuridae benthic 31.000 TL 3.3 native
Panulirus ornatus Ornate spiny lobster Palinuridae benthic 50.000 TL 3.5 native
Panulirus penicillatus Pronghorn spiny lobster Palinuridae benthic 40.000 TL 3.7 native
Panulirus versicolor Painted spiny lobster Palinuridae benthic 40.000 TL native
Paphia textile Textile venus Veneridae benthic 8.000 SHL native
Paphia undulata Undulate venus Veneridae benthic 6.500 SHL native
Paracalanus aculeatus Paracalanidae pelagic 2.0 native
Paracalanus crassirostris Paracalanidae pelagic 2.0 native
Paracalanus parvus Paracalanidae pelagic native
Paracrocnida persica Amphiuridae benthic native
Paracyathus coronatus Caryophylliidae sessile native
Paracyathus fulvus Caryophylliidae reef-associated native
Paracyathus persicus Caryophylliidae sessile native
Paracyathus stokesii Caryophylliidae sessile native
Paradoneis harpagonea Paraonidae benthic 2.0 native
Paradoris erythraeensis Discodorididae benthic 3.0 native
Paradoxostoma elegans Paradoxostomatidae benthic native
Paradrillia lithoria Turridae benthic native
Paraergasilus inflatus Ergasilidae host native
Paralepidonotus ampulliferus Polynoidae benthic 3.6 native
Paralepidonotus indicus Polynoidae benthic 3.7 native
Paraleptus chiloschyllii Physalopteridae host native
Paranchistus nobilii Palaemonidae host native
Parapenaeopsis acclivirostris Hawknose shrimp Penaeidae benthic 4.700 TL native
Parapenaeopsis stylifera Kiddi shrimp Penaeidae benthic 14.500 TL 2.7 native
Paraprionospio pinnata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Parasclerocheilus branchiatus Scalibregmatidae benthic 2.0 native
Parasesarma persicum Sesarmidae benthic 2.620 CL native
Parasesarma plicatum Sesarmidae benthic 2.0 native
Parasimplastrea sheppardi Faviidae sessile native
Paratrypaea bouvieri Callianassidae benthic native
Paratymolus apeli Inachidae benthic native
Paraxanthodes cumatodes Xanthidae benthic native
Parellisina curvirostris Calloporidae sessile native
Parheteromastus tenuis Capitellidae benthic native
Pariphiculus mariannae Iphiculidae benthic native
Parvamussium formosum Propeamussiidae benthic native
Parvamussium thyrideum Propeamussiidae benthic native
Parviperna nucleus Isognomonidae benthic 1.620 TL native
Parvocalanus crassirostris Paracalanidae pelagic 2.7 native
Parvocaulis clavatus Polyphysaceae sessile native
Pavona cactus Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona decussata Cactus coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona diffluens Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona duerdeni Flat lobe coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona explanulata Peacock coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona frondifera Leaf coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona varians Fungus coral Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pavona venosa Agariciidae reef-associated native
Pecten dorotheae Pectinidae benthic native
Pecten erythraeensis Pectinidae benthic native
Pectinaria antipoda Pectinariidae sessile 3.000 BL 2.0 native
Pelecanus crispus Dalmatian pelican Pelecanidae others 180.000 TL 4.3 native
Pelecanus onocrotalus Great white pelican Pelecanidae others 175.000 TL 4.4 native
Pelecyora ceylonica Veneridae benthic native
Penaeus indicus Indian white prawn Penaeidae benthic 18.400 TL 3.3 native
Penaeus merguiensis Banana prawn Penaeidae benthic 24.000 TL 3.8 native
Penaeus semisulcatus Green tiger prawn Penaeidae benthic 18.000 TL 2.9 native
Peneroplis planatus Peneroplidae benthic native
Penilia avirostris Sididae pelagic 2.0 native
Pennaria disticha Feather hydroid Pennariidae sessile 30.000 H native
Pentaceraster mammillatus Oreasteridae benthic 2.0 native
Periclimenaeus arabicus Palaemonidae host native
Periclimenaeus bidentatus Palaemonidae benthic native
Periclimenes brevicarpalis Glass anemone shrimp Palaemonidae reef-associated native
Periclimenes brevinaris Palaemonidae benthic native
Periclimenes obscurus Palaemonidae benthic native
Periglypta reticulata Reticulated venus Veneridae benthic 9.000 SHL native
Perinereis arabica Nereididae benthic endemic
Perinereis cultrifera Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis floridana Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis kuwaitensis Nereididae benthic endemic
Perinereis nigropunctata Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis nuntia Bar-toothed nereid Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis obfuscata Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis perspicillata Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis striolata Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis suluana Nereididae benthic native
Perinereis vallata Nereididae benthic 9.000 BL native
Perinereis vancaurica Nereididae benthic native
Perioculodes aequimanus Oedicerotidae benthic native
Periploma indicum Periplomatidae benthic native
Perisesarma guttatum Grapsidae benthic 2.0 questionable
Perna viridis Asian brown mussel Mytilidae benthic 16.500 SL 2.0 native
Peronia peronii Onchidiidae benthic native
Perrinia stellata Chilodontaidae benthic native
Petaloproctus terricolus Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Petrolisthes boscii Porcellanidae benthic native
Petrolisthes carinipes Porcellanidae benthic native
Petrolisthes leptocheles Porcellanidae benthic native
Petrolisthes moluccensis Porcellanidae reef-associated native
Petrolisthes ornatus Ornate porcelain crab Porcellanidae benthic native
Petrolisthes rufescens Flat crab Porcellanidae benthic native
Peyssonnelia simulans Burgundy crust alga Peyssonneliaceae sessile native
Phaeophila dendroides Phaeophilaceae epiphytic native
Phaethon aethereus Red-billed tropicbird Phaethontidae others 50.000 TL 4.3 native
Phalacrocorax carbo Great cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 101.000 TL 4.4 native
Phalacrocorax nigrogularis Socotra cormorant Phalacrocoracidae others 80.000 TL 4.1 native
Phalaropus lobatus Red-necked phalarope Scolopacidae others 3.4 native
Phallusia nigra Black sea squirt Ascidiidae sessile 15.000 TL native
Phascolion convestitum Phascoliidae benthic 2.0 native
Phascolosoma meteori Phascolosomatidae benthic 1.300 TRKL 2.0 native
Phasianella solida Solid pheasant Phasianellidae benthic native
Phaxas cultellus Pharidae benthic 8.000 TL native
Pherusa monroi Flabelligeridae benthic 2.0 native
Pherusa plumosa Flabelligeridae benthic 5.000 TL native
Phestilla lugubris Coral-eating aeolid Trinchesiidae benthic 5.000 TL 3.3 native
Phialella quadrata Phialellidae benthic 1.300 WD native
Phidiana militaris Military phidiana Facelinidae benthic 3.000 TL 4.4 native
Philarius gerlachei Palaemonidae reef-associated native
Philocheras lowisi Crangonidae benthic native
Philocheras parvirostris Crangonidae benthic native
Philocheras pilosus Crangonidae benthic native
Philometra otolithi Philometridae host native
Philometra strongylurae Philometridae host native
Philometra tylosuri Philometridae host native
Philyra concinnus Leucosiidae benthic native
Philyra globus Leucosiidae benthic native
Philyra platycheir Leucosiidae benthic native
Philyra sagittifera Leucosiidae benthic native
Phlyctoythere retifera Loxoconchidae benthic native
Phyllidiopsis monacha Phyllidiidae benthic 3.0 native
Phyllidiopsis sinaiensis Phyllidiidae benthic 3.0 native
Phyllochaetopterus socialis Chaetopteridae sessile 2.0 native
Phyllodesmium magnum Great phyllodesmium Facelinidae benthic 13.000 TL 4.4 native
Phyllodoce dissotyla Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce maculata Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce madeirensis Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce sanctijosephi Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phyllodoce tenuissima Phyllodocidae benthic native
Phylo kubbarensis Orbiniidae benthic 2.0 endemic
Phylo kupfferi Orbiniidae benthic 2.0 native
Phylo kuwaitica Orbiniidae benthic 2.0 endemic
Phymodius ungulatus Xanthidae benthic 1.800 TL 2.0 native
Physogyra lichtensteini Pearl bubble coral Plerogyridae reef-associated native
Pillucina vietnamica Lucinidae benthic native
Pilodius spinipes Xanthidae benthic native
Pilumnopeus convexus Pilumnidae benthic native
Pilumnopeus vauquelini Pilumnidae benthic native
Pilumnus incanus Pilumnidae benthic native
Pilumnus longicornis Pilumnidae benthic native
Pilumnus propinquus Pilumnidae benthic native
Pilumnus savignyi Pilumnidae benthic native
Pilumnus vespertilio Bad day hair crab Pilumnidae benthic 2.3 native
Pinctada fucata Japanese pearl oyster Pteriidae benthic 2.8 native
Pinctada inflata Pteriidae benthic native
Pinctada margaritifera Pacific pearl-oyster Pteriidae benthic 9.800 TL 2.0 native
Pinctada nigra Pteriidae benthic native
Pinctada radiata Rayed pearl oyster Pteriidae benthic native
Pinguitellina pinguis Tellinidae benthic native
Pinna bicolor Bicolor pen shell Pinnidae benthic 50.000 TL native
Pinna muricata Prickly pen shell Pinnidae benthic 31.000 SL native
Pinna saccata Baggy pen shell Pinnidae benthic native
Pirenella conica Potamididae benthic 2.0 native
Pisidia dehaanii Porcellanidae benthic native
Pisidia gordoni Porcellanidae benthic native
Pisidia inaequalis Porcellanidae benthic native
Pisione remota Pisionidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista brevibranchiata Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista cristata Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista herpini Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista typha Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Pista unibranchia Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Placamen foliaceum Veneridae benthic native
Placamen lamellata Veneridae benthic native
Placida daguilarensis Limapontiidae benthic native
Plagiocardium pseudolatum Broad cockle Cardiidae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Planaxis savignyi Planaxidae benthic native
Planaxis sulcatus Sulcate planaxis Planaxidae benthic 2.0 native
Platygyra acuta Lesser valley coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Platygyra daedalea Brain coral Faviidae reef-associated 100.000 COLD native
Platygyra lamellina Faviidae reef-associated native
Platygyra pini Faviidae reef-associated native
Platygyra sinensis Faviidae reef-associated native
Platylambrus prensor Parthenopidae benthic native
Platynereis dumerilii Dumeril's clam worm Nereididae benthic 2.0 native
Platynereis fuscorubida Nereididae benthic native
Platynereis insolita Nereididae benthic 2.500 BL native
Platynereis pulchella Nereididae benthic native
Platysiphonia delicata Sarcomeniaceae epiphytic native
Pleistacantha rubida Inachidae benthic native
Plesiastrea devantieri Faviidae reef-associated native
Plesiastrea versipora Small knob coral Faviidae reef-associated native
Pleurobrachia pileus Sea gooseberry Pleurobrachiidae pelagic 2.500 H 4.0 native
Pleuroploca trapezium Trapezium horse conch Fasciolariidae benthic 28.000 SHL native
Pleurotomella evadne Turridae benthic native
Pleurotomella hypermnestra Turridae benthic native
Plicatula australis Plicatulidae benthic native
Plicatula complanata Plicatulidae benthic native
Plicatula plicata Plicate kitten's paw Plicatulidae benthic native
Plocamopherus ocellatus Polyceridae benthic native
Plotohelmis capitata Phyllodocidae pelagic native
Pluvialis fulva Pacific golden-plover Charadriidae others 3.8 native
Pluvialis squatarola Grey plover Charadriidae others 28.000 TL 3.6 native
Pneophyllum fragile Corallinaceae epiphytic native
Pocillopora damicornis Cauliflower coral Pocilloporidae reef-associated 30.000 DL native
Pocillopora verrucosa Rasp coral Pocilloporidae reef-associated 30.000 native
Podiceps cristatus Great crested grebe Podicipedidae others 3.8 native
Poecilochaetus serpens Poecilochaetidae benthic 5.500 TL 2.0 native
Polinices didyma Bladder moon snail Naticidae benthic 8.500 SHL native
Polinices mammilla Pear-shaped moon snail Naticidae benthic 6.000 SHL native
Polycirrus coccineus Terebellidae benthic 2.0 native
Polycladia indica Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Polycladia myrica Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Polyclinum constellatum Polyclinidae sessile native
Polycope regina Polycopidae benthic native
Polycyathus marigondoni Caryophylliidae sessile native
Polycyathus persicus Caryophylliidae sessile native
Polydora hoplura Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Polydora spondylana Spionidae sessile 2.0 endemic
Polydora vulgaris Spionidae sessile 2.0 endemic
Polyonyx loimicola Porcellanidae benthic native
Polyonyx obesulus Porcellanidae benthic native
Polyophthalmus pictus Opheliidae benthic 2.0 native
Polysiphonia brodiei Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia coacta Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia codicola Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia crassicollis Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia denudata Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia kampsaxii Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia opaca Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia platycarpa Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysiphonia tuticorinensis Rhodomelaceae epiphytic native
Polysyncraton thallomorpha Didemnidae sessile native
Pontella karachiensis Pontellidae pelagic native
Pontellopsis herdmani Pontellidae pelagic native
Pontellopsis macronyx Pontellidae pelagic native
Pontophilus orientalis Crangonidae benthic native
Porcellana persica Porcellanidae benthic native
Porcellanella triloba Painted porcelain crab Porcellanidae reef-associated native
Poricella robusta Arachnopusiidae sessile native
Poricellaria ratoniensis Poricellariidae sessile native
Porites compressa Compressed coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Porites harrisoni Hump coral Poritidae reef-associated endemic
Porites lichen Lichen coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Porites lobata Lobe coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Porites lutea Poritidae reef-associated native
Porites nodifera Dome coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Porites solida Boulder coral Poritidae reef-associated native
Portunus pelagicus Blue swimming crab Portunidae reef-associated 20.000 CW 2.5 misidentification
Portunus sanguinolentus Threespot swimming crab Portunidae benthic 20.000 CW 3.6 native
Portunus segnis Portunidae benthic 16.200 CW 3.5 native
Potamilla ceylonica Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Potamilla ehlersi Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Praxillella gracilis Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Prionocidaris baculosa Cidaridae benthic native
Prionospio aucklandica Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Prionospio bocki Spionidae sessile 2.0 native
Prionospio cirrifera Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Prionospio malmgreni Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Prionospio polybranchiata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Prionospio rotalis Spionidae sessile 2.0 endemic
Prionospio saldanha Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Priotrochus kotschyi Trochidae benthic native
Priotrochus obscurus Trochidae benthic native
Pristipagia adamsii Tellinidae benthic native
Procerolagena gracilis Lagenidae benthic native
Processa australiensis Processidae reef-associated native
Processa compacta Processidae benthic native
Processa sulcata Processidae benthic native
Propontocypris bengalensis Pontocyprididae benthic native
Prorocentrum micans Prorocentraceae pelagic 2.0 native
Protapes gallus Rooster venus Veneridae benthic 7.500 SHL native
Protelphidium anglicum Elphidiidae benthic native
Protocirrineris chrysoderma Pholoidae benthic native
Protoperidinium depressum Protoperidiniaceae pelagic 2.0 native
Protoperidinium divergens Protoperidiniaceae pelagic 2.0 native
Protoperidinium steinii Protoperidiniaceae pelagic 2.0 native
Protoperidinium subinerme Protoperidiniaceae pelagic 2.0 native
Protula palliata Serpulidae sessile native
Psammocora albopicta Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora contigua Branched sandpaper coral Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora decussata Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora digitata Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora haimeana Encrusting sandpaper coral Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora profundacella Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora stellata Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammocora superficialis Psammocoridae reef-associated native
Psammotreta syndesmyoides Tellinidae benthic native
Pseudaeginella hormozensis Caprellinoididae pelagic native
Pseudoceratina purpurea Pseudoceratinidae sessile native
Pseudodaphnella daedala Raphitomidae benthic native
Pseudodiaptomus ardjuna Pseudodiaptomidae pelagic native
Pseudodiaptomus marinus Pseudodiaptomidae pelagic 2.0 native
Pseudoliomera ruppellioides Xanthidae benthic native
Pseudominolia climacota Trochidae benthic native
Pseudominolia gradata Trochidae benthic native
Pseudominolia nedyma Trochidae benthic native
Pseudonereis trimaculata Nereididae benthic native
Pseudopolydora antennata Spionidae benthic native
Pseudopolydora kempi Spionidae sessile 2.0 native
Pseudopyrgo milletti Hauerinidae benthic native
Pseudoraphitoma ditylota Turridae benthic native
Pseudoraphitoma phaea Turridae benthic native
Pseudorca crassidens False killer whale Delphinidae pelagic 600.000 TL 4.5 native
Pseudosiderastrea tayamai False pillow coral Siderastreidae reef-associated 16.000 COLD native
Pseudosquilla ciliata Ciliated mantis shrimp Pseudosquillidae benthic 9.000 TL native
Pseudosympodomma persicum Bodotriidae benthic 2.0 native
Pseudotellidora pellyana Tellinidae benthic native
Pseudotriloculina granulocostata Hauerinidae reef-associated native
Pseudotriloculina linneiana Hauerinidae benthic native
Pseudozius caystrus Goneplacidae reef-associated native
Pteria marmorata Pteriidae benthic native
Pterocladia heteroplatos Gelidiaceae epiphytic native
Pterygioteuthis giardi Roundear enope squid Pyroteuthidae pelagic 4.000 ML 3.4 native
Punctacteon eloiseae Acteonidae benthic 3.1 native
Pupa affinis Pupa Acteonidae benthic 3.1 native
Puricythereis exquisita Trachyleberididae benthic native
Purpuradusta gracilis Graceful cowry Cypraeidae benthic native
Pylopaguropsis zebra Paguridae benthic native
Pyrgo inornata Hauerinidae benthic native
Pyroteuthis margaritifera Jewel enope squid Pyroteuthidae bathypelagic 5.000 ML 3.1 native
Quadrella reticulata Trapeziidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina dimidiata Hauerinidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina disparilis Hauerinidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina lamarckiana Hauerinidae reef-associated native
Quinqueloculina lata Hauerinidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina parkeri Hauerinidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina philippinensis Hauerinidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina polygona Hauerinidae reef-associated native
Quinqueloculina rugosa Hauerinidae benthic native
Quinqueloculina seminula Hauerinidae reef-associated native
Ranularia boschi Ranellidae benthic native
Rapana rapiformis Turnish shaped rapa Muricidae benthic 15.000 SHL native
Rapana venosa Purple whelk Muricidae benthic 16.100 DL 3.1 questionable
Raphidopus indicus Porcellanidae benthic native
Raphidopus persicus Porcellanidae benthic native
Raymunida iranica Galatheidae benthic native
Redicirce sulcata Veneridae benthic native
Reophax scorpiurus Hormosinidae benthic native
Retusa tarutana Retusidae benthic native
Rhinoclavis fasciata Banded vertagus Cerithiidae benthic 9.500 SHL native
Rhinoclavis kochi Koch's cerith Cerithiidae benthic 4.000 native
Rhinoclavis sinensis Obelisk vertagus Cerithiidae benthic 7.000 SHL native
Rhinoclavis sordidula Dwarf vertagus Cerithiidae benthic native
Rhizoclonium riparium Cladophoraceae sessile native
Rhizoclonium tortuosum Cladophoraceae sessile native
Rhodine gracilior Maldanidae sessile 2.0 native
Rhomboidella vaillanti Mytilidae benthic native
Ringicula propinquans Ringiculidae benthic native
Risbecia pulchella Beautiful Hypselodoris Chromodorididae benthic 11.000 TL 3.0 native
Rosenvingea floridana Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Rosenvingea intricata Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Ryphila cancellus Leucosiidae benthic native
Sabellaria alcocki Sabellariidae sessile 2.0 native
Sabellastarte spectabilis Indian feather duster worm Sabellidae sessile 2.0 native
Saccella brookei Nuculanidae benthic 2.0 native
Saccostrea cucullata Hooded oyster Ostreidae benthic 20.000 SHH 2.2 native
Sagmatocythere nupta Loxoconchidae benthic native
Sahlingia subintegra Erythrotrichiaceae epiphytic native
Sahulia conica Textulariidae benthic native
Salicornia europaea Glasswort Amaranthaceae sessile native
Salinator fragilis Amphibolidae benthic 2.0 native
Salmoneus gracilipes Alpheidae benthic native
Salvatoria balani Syllidae benthic native
Salvatoria limbata Syllidae benthic native
Samythopsis grubei Ampharetidae benthic 2.0 native
Sanderia malayensis Pelagiidae pelagic 9.000 WD native
Sapphirina nigromaculata Sapphirinidae pelagic native
Sarconema filiforme Areschougiaceae epiphytic native
Sarcophyton minusculum Alcyoniidae reef-associated native
Sargassopsis decurrens Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum acinaciforme Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum agardhianum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum angustifolium Narrowleaf sargassum weed Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum aquifolium Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum asperifolium Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum boveanum Cattle sargassum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum cervicorne Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum crassifolium Common Pacific sargassum Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum dentifolium Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum filipendula Sargassaceae benthopelagic native
Sargassum flavifolium Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum fluitans Gulf weed Sargassaceae pelagic native
Sargassum herbaceum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum ilicifolium Sargassum big leaves Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum latifolium Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum natans Sargasso weed Sargassaceae pelagic native
Sargassum oligocystum Flat-stemmed sargassum Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum palmeri Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum paniculatum Serrate sargassum Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum persicum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum platycarpum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum swartzii Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum tenerrimum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum tenuissimum Sargassaceae sessile native
Sargassum virgatum Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Sargassum vulgare Sargassaceae benthopelagic native
Saron marmoratus Marbled shrimp Hippolytidae benthic native
Savignium crenatum Pyrgomatidae reef-associated native
Savignyella lafontii Savignyellidae sessile 2.0 native
Scabricola desetangsii Desetang's mitre Mitridae benthic native
Scabrilucina victorialis Lucinidae benthic endemic
Scaeochlamys livida Pectinidae benthic native
Scaliola arenosa Cerithiidae benthic native
Scapharca indica Rudder ark Arcidae benthic 5.000 TL native
Schistomeringos incerta Dorvilleidae benthic native
Schistomeringos rudolphi Four-eyed dorvillea Dorvilleidae benthic native
Schizophrys aspera Common decorator crab Majidae reef-associated 6.000 CW native
Schizoporella errata Branching bryozoan Schizoporellidae sessile 2.0 native
Scinaia tsinglanensis Galaxauraceae epiphytic native
Scissileda tropica Yoldiidae benthic 2.0 native
Scissurella rota Scissurellidae benthic native
Scolelepis squamata Spionidae benthic 2.0 native
Scoletoma impatiens Lumbrineridae benthic native
Scoloplos chevalieri Orbiniidae benthic 2.0 native
Scopimera crabicauda Dotillidae benthic native
Scrobicularia plana Peppery furrow Semelidae benthic 5.400 SHL 2.0 native
Scutellastra flexuosa Star-shaped limpet Patellidae benthic 9.500 SHL native
Scylla serrata Indo-Pacific swamp crab Portunidae benthic 28.000 CW 3.2 native
Scyphoproctus aciculatus Capitellidae benthic endemic
Scyphoproctus armatus Capitellidae benthic 2.0 native
Scytosiphon dotyi Scytosiphonaceae epiphytic native
Scytosiphon lomentaria Beanweed Scytosiphonaceae sessile native
Seila bandorensis Cerithiopsidae benthic native
Semele carnicolor Semelidae benthic 3.070 TL native
Semele scabra Semelidae benthic native
Semicassis faurotis Faurot's bonnet Cassidae benthic native
Semicytherura borneoensis Cytheruridae benthic native
Semicytherura favorum Cytheruridae benthic native
Semiricinula konkanensis Muricidae benthic native
Semiricinula tissoti Tissot's rock shell Muricidae benthic native
Sepia arabica Arabian cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 8.800 ML native
Sepia kobiensis Kobi cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 9.000 ML 4.0 native
Sepia latimanus Broadclub cuttlefish Sepiidae reef-associated 50.000 ML 3.6 native
Sepia pharaonis Pharaoh cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 43.000 ML 4.0 native
Sepia prashadi Hooded cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 19.600 ML native
Sepia savignyi Broadback cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 19.000 ML native
Sepia trygonina Trident cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 14.000 ML native
Sepiella inermis Spineless cuttlefish Sepiidae benthic 12.500 ML 3.8 native
Septifer bilocularis Box mussel Mytilidae benthic 5.000 SL native
Serenella leachii Camptandriidae benthic native
Seriatopora caliendrum Birdsnest coral Pocilloporidae reef-associated 30.000 COLD native
Seriatopora hystrix Thin birdsnest coral Pocilloporidae reef-associated 30.000 COLD native
Serpula jukesii Serpulidae sessile native
Serpula vermicularis Serpulid worm Serpulidae benthic 10.000 TL native
Serrasentis sagittifer Rhadinorhynchidae host 7.500 TL native
Sesarma boulengeri Sesarmidae benthic 2.323 CL endemic
Seulocia anahita Leucosiidae benthic native
Seulocia pubescens Leucosiidae benthic native
Siderastrea savignyana African pillow coral Siderastreidae reef-associated native
Sigambra constricta Pilargidae benthic native
Sigambra parva Pilargidae benthic native
Sigambra tentaculata Pilargidae benthic native
Sigmella edwardsi Hauerinidae benthic native
Similipecten eous Propeamussiidae benthic native
Sinoediceros homopalmatus Oedicerotidae benthic native
Sinularia compressa Alcyoniidae reef-associated native
Sinularia erecta Alcyoniidae reef-associated native
Siphonaperta distorqueata Hauerinidae epiphytic native
Siphonaria belcheri Siphonariidae benthic native
Siphonaria carbo Siphonariidae benthic native
Siphonaria denticulata Siphonariidae benthic native
Siphonaria kurracheensis Siphonariidae benthic native
Siphonaria laciniosa Fringed false limpet Siphonariidae benthic 3.500 SHL native
Siphonocladus feldmannii Siphonocladaceae epiphytic native
Siriella brevicaudata Mysidae benthic native
Siriella hanseni Mysidae benthic native
Siriella inornata Mysidae benthic native
Sirophysalis trinodis Sargassaceae epiphytic native
Slendrorhynchus breviclaviproboscis Thorny-headed worm Diplosentidae host native
Solarium cerdaleum Architectonicidae benthic native
Solemya africana Solemyidae benthic native
Solen dactylus Solenidae benthic native
Solen roseomaculatus Pink-apotted razor shell Solenidae benthic 5.000 SHL native
Solenocera choprai Ridgeback shrimp Solenoceridae benthic 9.500 BL 3.8 native
Solenocera crassicornis Udang merah Solenoceridae benthic 8.000 TL 3.3 native
Soletellina diphos Diphos sanguin Psammobiidae benthic 12.000 SHL native