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82127 Zafar, M., M.G. Mustafa, S.M.N. Amin and S. Akhter 1997 Studies of population dynamics of Acetes indicus from Bangladesh coast. J. Nat. Ocea. Mar. Inst. 14(1&2):1-15. 1997 Acetes indicus -->
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85487 Amin, S.M.N., A. Arshad, J.S. Bujang and S.S. Siraj 2009 Age structure, growth, mortality and yield-per-recruit of sergestid shrimp, Acetes indicus (Decapoda: Sergestidae) from the coastal waters of Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia. Journal of Applied Sciences 9(5):801-814. 2009 Acetes indicus 801-814
94895 Amin, S.M.N., A. Arshad, S.S. Siraj and J. Sidik 2009 Population structure, growth and length-weight relationship of sergestid shrimps (Acetes spp.) from coastal waters of Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia. Sains Malaysiana 38(2):159-169. 2009 Acetes indicus -->
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115061 Kolhe, S.S. and H.S. Mogalekar 2017 Decapod crustacean diversity of Ratnagiri coastal waters, Maharashtra, India. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies 5(3):370-372. 2017 Acetes indicus 3
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