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Scientific Names where Genus Equals Fromia
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Scientific Name n = 8 Author Valid Name Family English Name
Fromia elegans Clark, 1921 Fromia elegans Ophidiasteridae blocked starfish
Fromia eusticha Fisher, 1913 Fromia eusticha Ophidiasteridae
Fromia hadracantha Clark, 1921 Fromia hadracantha Ophidiasteridae
Fromia indica (Perrier, 1869) Fromia indica Ophidiasteridae Indian sea star
Fromia millepora (Lamarck, 1816) Fromia millepora Ophidiasteridae red seastar
Fromia milleporella (Lamarck, 1816) Fromia milleporella Ophidiasteridae
Fromia monilis Perrier, 1869 Fromia monilis Ophidiasteridae peppermint sea star
Fromia pacifica Clark, 1921 Fromia pacifica Ophidiasteridae Pacific sea star
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