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Scientific Names where Genus Equals Uca
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Scientific Name n = 48 Author Valid Name Family English Name
Uca annulipes (Milne-Edwards, 1837) Uca annulipes Ocypodidae porcelain fiddler crab
Uca arcuata (De Haan, 1835) Uca arcuata Ocypodidae
Uca burgersi Holthuis, 1967 Uca burgersi Ocypodidae saltpan fiddler
Uca chlorophthalmus (Milne-Edwards, 1837) Uca chlorophthalmus Ocypodidae
Uca coarctata (Milne-Edwards, 1852) Uca coarctata Ocypodidae
Uca crassipes (White, 1847) Uca crassipes Ocypodidae
Uca crenulata (Lockington, 1877) Uca crenulata Ocypodidae Mexican fiddler
Uca cumulanta Crane, 1943 Uca cumulanta Ocypodidae heaping fiddler crab
Uca dussumieri (Milne-Edwards, 1852) Uca dussumieri Ocypodidae purple fiddler crab
Uca dussumieri spinata Crane, 1975 Uca paradussumieri Ocypodidae purple fiddler
Uca forcipata (Adams & White, 1849) Uca forcipata Ocypodidae
Uca gaimardi Milne-Edwards, 1852 Uca chlorophthalmus Ocypodidae
Uca hesperiae Crane, 1975 Uca hesperiae Ocypodidae
Uca inversa (Hoffman, 1874) Uca inversa Ocypodidae
Uca iranica Pretzmann, 1971 Austruca iranica Ocypodidae
Uca lactea (De Haan, 1835) Uca lactea Ocypodidae
Uca leptodactyla Rathbun, 1898 Uca leptodactyla Ocypodidae marbled fiddler
Uca longisignalis Salmon & Atsaides, 1968 Uca longisignalis Ocypodidae Gulf marsh fiddler
Uca major Herbst, 1782 Uca major Ocypodidae
Uca maracoani (Latreille, 1802) Uca maracoani Ocypodidae Brazilian fiddler crab
Uca marguerita Thurman, 1981 Uca marguerita Ocypodidae Olmec fiddler
Uca marionis (Desmarest, 1823) Uca vocans Ocypodidae orange fiddler crab
Uca minax (Le Conte, 1855) Uca minax Ocypodidae redjointed fiddler
Uca mordax (Smith, 1870) Uca mordax Ocypodidae
Uca neocultrimana Bott, 1973 Uca neocultrimana Ocypodidae
Uca panacea Novak & Salmon, 1974 Uca panacea Ocypodidae Gulf sand fiddler
Uca paradussumieri Bott, 1973 Uca paradussumieri Ocypodidae purple fiddler
Uca perplexa (Milne-Edwards, 1837) Uca perplexa Ocypodidae lemon clawed fiddler crab
Uca pugilator (Bosc, 1802) Uca pugilator Ocypodidae Atlantic sand fiddler
Uca pugnax (Smith, 1870) Uca pugnax Ocypodidae Atlantic marsh fiddler
Uca rapax (Smith, 1870) Uca rapax Ocypodidae mudflat fiddler
Uca rhizophorae Tweedie, 1950 Uca rhizophorae Ocypodidae
Uca rosea (Tweedie, 1937) Uca rosea Ocypodidae rosy fiddler crab
Uca sindensis (Alcock, 1900) Uca sindensis Ocypodidae Indus fiddler crab
Uca speciosa (Ives, 1891) Uca speciosa Ocypodidae longfinger fiddler
Uca spinata Crane, 1975 Uca paradussumieri Ocypodidae purple fiddler
Uca spinicarpa Rathbun, 1900 Uca spinicarpa Ocypodidae spined fiddler
Uca subcylindrica (Stimpson, 1851) Uca subcylindrica Ocypodidae Laguna Madre fiddler
Uca tangeri (Eydoux, 1835) Uca tangeri Ocypodidae West African fiddler crab
Uca tetragonon (Herbst, 1790) Uca tetragonon Ocypodidae fiddler crab
Uca thayeri Rathbun, 1900 Uca thayeri Ocypodidae mangrove fiddler
Uca triangularis (Milne-Edwards, 1873) Uca triangularis Ocypodidae
Uca uruguayensis Nobili, 1901 Uca uruguayensis Ocypodidae
Uca urvillei (Milne Edwards, 1852) Uca urvillei Ocypodidae
Uca virens Salmon & Atsaides, 1968 Uca virens Ocypodidae
Uca vocans (Linnaeus, 1758) Uca vocans Ocypodidae orange fiddler crab
Uca vocator (Herbst, 1804) Uca vocator Ocypodidae hairback fiddler
Uca vomeris McNeill, 1920 Uca vomeris Ocypodidae
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