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Scientific Names where Genus Equals Cymakra
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Scientific Name n = 7 Author Valid Name Family English Name
Cymakra aspera (Carpenter, 1864) Cymakra aspera Conidae
Cymakra baileyi McLean & Poorman, 1971 Mitromorpha baileyi Conidae
Cymakra delicata (Ortea, Espinosa & Fernández-Garcés, 2008) Cymakra delicata Turridae
Cymakra dubia (Olsson & McGinty, 1958) Cymakra dubia Turridae
Cymakra gracilior (Tryon, 1884) Cymakra gracilior Conidae
Cymakra granata McLean & Poorman, 1971 Mitromorpha granata Conidae
Cymakra torticula (Dall, 1889) Cymakra torticula Turridae
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