Long-term Objectives

Create an online information system on marine species with the following priorities:

  • Complete 200,000 marine species.
  • Enter the Metazoa first
  • Enter the plants last.

Short-term objectives (2012)

  1. Complete information on all important species
    (commercially important/exploited, threatened, invasive, charismatic species).
  2. Increase the number of pictures for species in objective 1.
  3. Continue filling gaps for mandatory information for Large groups (33.3% completed, 7 groups with 4,000 - 15,000 spp.): about 70,000 spp. and
    Very large groups (54.3% completed, 2 groups with 20,000 - 90,000 spp.): about 100,000 spp.
  4. Provide life history data at least for species in objective 1.
  5. Complete marine biodiversity list for island ecosystems, e.g., those prioritized by Global Ocean Legacy.
  6. Integration of trophic ecology suite of tables with FishBase.

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