Onykia robusta (Verrill, 1876)
Robust clubhook squid
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Family:  Onychoteuthidae (clubhook squids)
Max. size:  200 cm ML (male/unsexed); max.weight: 50 kg
Environment:  pelagic; marine; depth range 32 - 528 m
Distribution:  Northern Pacific and the Arctic. Subtropical to polar.
Biology:  Maximum mantle length of 200 cm (Ref. 275), 230 cm may be an error (Ref. 97142). Occurs near the seafloor and in pelagic waters (Ref. 102863). Reported to feed on benthic fish, echinoderms and a pleustonic jellyfish (Ref. 98552). Predators include sperm whales, shark and fur seals (Ref. 102863).
IUCN Red List Status: Data deficient (DD); Date assessed: 10 May 2010 Ref. 123251)
Threat to humans: 
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