Jasus frontalis (Milne-Edwards, 1837)
Juan Fernandez rock lobster
photo by FAO

Family:  Palinuridae (spiny lobsters)
Max. size:  48 cm TL (male/unsexed); 46 cm TL (female)
Environment:  benthic; marine; depth range 2 - 200 m
Distribution:  Southeast Pacific: Juan Fernandez, Chile.
Biology:  It has a maximum body length of 48 cm (male) and 46 cm (female); and carapace lengths of 22 cm (male) and 19 cm (female); Reports of total body lengths of 60 to 70 cm have to be considered with much reserve (Ref. 4). Occurs at depths of 2 to 200 m and inhabits a rocky partly sandy environment. Feeds on algae, smaller and larger molluscs, crustaceans and dead animal matter of any kind. There is some migration to deeper waters from the end of September onwards, the species never disappears completely from the coast. In January, the migration back to shallow water starts. Preyed on by various fishes (Ref. 4). Eggs spawned between August and November and carried for about 11 months (Ref. 4).
IUCN Red List Status: Data deficient (DD); Date assessed: 03 December 2009 Ref. (120744)
Threat to humans: 
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