References Used for Buccinum hasegawai
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Reference no. Description year Name used Page
126039 Paulay, G. 2022 Reproduction of Neogastropoda. Pers. Comm. via email [13/04/2022]. 2022 Buccinum hasegawai -->
126370 Kantor, Y., B. Sirenko, S.S. Zvonareva and A. Fedosov 2022 Taxonomic status of genera of Buccininae (Neogastropoda, Buccinidae) updated based on molecular data with description of new species and corrections of nomenclature of Buccinum.. European Journal of Taxonomy 817:11-34. 2022 Buccinum hasegawai 21
3477 2050 2050 Buccinum hasegawai -->
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